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Happiness is not something that can be attained from things outside of ourselves – it is a feeling from within.
If you feel like you want to set aside some time in your day to sit quietly and meditate, the following is a guideline for an 11 minute very simple meditation. Sit on a cushion or a mat, fold your right leg and place it under the left knee, then bend the left leg and place it under the right knee.
If you’re not comfortable in this position, you can sit in a straight-backed chair to keep your posture straight. Imagine a string is attached to your head, pulling it up to the ceiling, making sure to tuck your chin in slightly to lengthen your spine.
Allow Yolanda’s gentle, encouraging words and hypnotic voice guide you into your meditation. This lovely and easy to read book with accompanying CD was commissioned by a publisher as a simple guide to introduce people to meditation. About Yolanda…Yolanda Pettinato has been a practitioner of Yoga & Meditation for more than 20 years. Subscribe to NewsletterReceive information about classes, courses and Yolanda's blog straight to your email. Sign Up for PregPrep Newsletters and receive amazing tips on conception, pregnancy and special offers. We’ve all heard about the benefits of meditation—that glowing aura of mindfulness and relaxation that can only be achieved by those with tons of free time or superhuman focus. Whether you steal ten minutes in the morning before work or indulge in a half hour before bed, setting aside time to quiet the mind is a must in this day and age of constant connectivity and chaos.

Although we sometimes feel guilty when disconnected from our cellphones and emails for some “me time,” the Mayo Clinic proves meditation is an effective stress reliever. And just when you thought the benefits of meditation couldn’t get any better, recent studies have shown that increased mindfulness can actually lead to weight loss.
When we notice our thoughts and become more present in the moment, we can choose how we want to think and train the mind to change certain patterns we have come to learn.
When we take control of how we think and what we feel we can really change our lives for the better. If you’re driving to work in the morning or on the bus, simply breathing deeply and focusing on the breath and letting the thoughts pass you by is meditation.
I recommend trying it for 40 days and it’s best to do it in the morning if you can, but any time is great.
The book itself is simple, un-cluttered and easy to read and thereafter you play the CD which is for 20 minutes, and has the feeling of tremendous ‘quiet space’. She is a warm, funny, inspiring teacher and presenter and a passionate and compassionate person. Zafu cushions are also available with a removable, washable cover, sold together or separately.
Much like yoga, meditation tends to have intimidating implications, giving the impression that one must be some sort of kabbalah master to reap its benefits. Its many benefits include increasing self-awareness, focusing on the present moment, and reducing negative emotions.
It can melt away stress and anxiety, reducing the risk of illnesses such as heart disease, asthma, and diabetes.

According to Weight Watchers, when you quiet your brain and hone in on the simple act of eating, you are less likely to overeat. So shut down your computer, quiet your cellphone, grab a distraction-free corner of your house, and experience the manifold benefits of meditation yourself!
Yolanda uses this publication with all of her Group Meditation courses which she has conducted on a regular basis for many years. But what if we told you that even those with the most hectic schedules can experience the bliss and mindfulness that comes with meditating? Luckily, meditation can counteract stress hormones by acting like the parasympathetic nervous system, from which feelings of tranquility emanate. Taking a few deep breaths and reconnecting with your body can allow you to enjoy your food more and eliminate cravings for junk.
Taking the time to meditate and check in with your body may also help you cope with morning sickness and some of the anxiety that comes with bringing a newborn into the world.
While meditating won’t magically melt away those last ten pounds, it will allow you to develop more mindful eating habits that can have a lasting benefit for your waistline. When we notice these thoughts and when we practice meditation and affirmations, we can quickly change this behaviour and therefore change our lives.
If you set aside 11 minutes in the morning, sit on a cushion and do a particular meditation from a particular set of teachings, that is meditation.

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