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Introduction'I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment' will introduce you to a fascinating toolkit of powerful, effective techniques for creating self-empowerment, enhancing self-respect, and amplifying motivation.
Although there are really no absolute contraindications for the use of this product, people who are severely psychotic or who do not want to at least try to follow the guidance offered will probably benefit little from listening. The Muslim Social Services Agencya€™s (MSSA) mission is to provide care, resources and services to those in need.
It is estimated that there are 3,419 men, women, and children who are homeless in Baltimore on any given night.
Have you ever lost in your thoughts while looking at the snow falling down, even inside a snow globe, where a snowman is smiling at you and it’s Christmas all around?!
A magic that combined the 7 notes and the charm of Christmas in a soothing music that reminds us how we were when we were children.
Surprises aren’t over: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to find out a real world of relaxation.
Your starting point is a felt sense of connection with your deeper Self (such as you may have experienced using the "I AM" or "Inner Child Healing" programs).
Listening is also not a substitute for needed medical care or psychiatric care for serious mental or emotional disturbance. Miller provides even more wise guidance in this Heart-to-Heart talk you can listen to as you drive or engage in other activities.
We will promote self-sufficiency, social well-being and assistance programs to low income, disadvantaged individuals and families.
Four factors are primarily responsible for homelessness: lack of affordable housing, lack of affordable health care, low incomes, and the lack of comprehensive services. I think this is the power of carillon, to help us to find the child that stays deep within ourselves. In any undiagnosed potentially serious condition such as a head injury, again, there will not likely be any harm, but it would be wise to delay their use until an adequate diagnosis has been made. Frequently they use it early in the morning, perhaps even immediately upon awakening, to program the kinds of feelings they want to keep with them all day. Through stories, quotations of wise teachers, affirmations and some of his very personal experiences, Dr. To provide resources, aid and comfort to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. We tend to don’t store or upload audio or video file of Meditation Zen Music in our hosting or our cloud storage.
Miller, and then apply it, through two deep relaxation and guided imagery experiences – one deep and probing, the other shorter, for daily use. Although no such problems have been reported, people with seizures of any kind, or neurological or with severe neurorespiratory disease, should check with their primary care practitioner for suggestions regarding the use of this program. Then, during the course of the day, you can either listen again to track 2, or you can simply close your eyes and go through the entire process, using your memory and the images with which you have been training as your guide.It is also quite common for people to continue to listen to track one at the end of the day, such as immediately upon lying down to sleep. It's perfectly fine if you happen to fall asleep, even most of the time, while listening to track one in this way.

Miller's warm, inspiring voice takes you on a beautiful, soothing journey to your inner safe place, where you will reaffirm your deepest values and sense of Self. The unconscious mind is particularly vulnerable and available during this transition and to sleep, and this is a particularly effective time in which to insert these new, positive ideas. I AM, Awakening Self-Acceptance, is the step just before it.Having a clear and powerful sense of who you really are, being able to contact that deepest part of you (I am), gives you a firm foundation and clear guidance so that you can choose wisely the kinds of successes upon which you wish to build your life. Listen to this long, deeply relaxing, and profoundly inspiring guided meditation daily for the 1st 1–3 weeks, and whenever you feel it will be helpful after that.As you listen you'll discover how Dr. I AM helps you create that inner state of serenity that allows you to discover how to unconditionally accept yourself exactly as you are at this moment – then decide, if you wish, to continue this self-acceptance into your daily life. Miller's warm, inspiring voice can guide you on a beautiful, soothing journey to your inner safe place, where you will reaffirm your deepest values and sense of Self. Features two guided imagery experiences a long one and a short one for regular use, both very soothing and designed to help take you to your deepest sense of yourself. He does this by means of a fairytale about 2 princesses, one named “I Can” and the other named “I Can.” Track 4 - More Ideas for Empowering YourselfDr. Next you will review some of your past successes, no matter how small or big, and extract from them the potential you need to empower yourself in the present.
Miller concerning the nature and value of Self-acceptance and how to achieve it.INNER CHILD HEALINGDeveloping a positive sense of self is one of the most primary of the factors in developing self-esteem (self-respect plus self efficacy). You will learn to use your Self-acceptance to empower you.PurposeI CAN is designed to enable you to learn and apply powerful tools for selecting your attitude—to live, to act, to approach life with greater confidence—and then to stand back and discover what has been the result of living your life with that attitude.
You will adopt the winning attitude of Self-acceptance and Self-love, and gradually discover that your life and your work begin to reflect this attitude. As you relive these positive experiences, you will find correspondingly positive emotions arising inside. Most of us, however could use a little extra support in this area.After all, your deepest sense of Self first develops early in your childhood, and is based upon your environment and how it treats and responds to you. Your positive emotional state, in turn, is a reflection of a different internal chemical state in your brain.At this point your deeper mind will be in touch with your ability to feel confident and competent. Ideally your sense of Self nurtured by the experience of having people around you that see you as good, beautiful, and capable. I Can works by teaching you how to create a new internal biochemical state, one that will support the attitude that can produce success–the attitude of positive empowerment. In other words, as long as you hold these images in mind and feel your emotion, you are creating the desired chemical state in your brain.
If, instead, you have a family, community, or culture that is critical, abusive, demanding, unforgiving, or unable to express love, it is difficult, if not impossible, to develop and sustain throughout your childhood that all-important sense of being a truly beautiful and potent being.
A feeling of empowerment is essential to accomplishing anything you really want to accomplish–whether this is taking better care of yourself, improving your relationships, confronting major issues in your life, or simply reaching for peak performance. Now, even as you focus your mind on something else, this chemical state will tend to remain for several minutes or even for several hours. This program of guided meditation, and a Heart-to-Heart talk is designed to give your deeper Self the support it needs.

In order to create self empowerment, you need to feel a sense of confidence, competence, and respect for your unique gifts, talents, and skills.Empowerment is a state of mind produced by a specific unconscious part of your central nervous system, your limbic system. This deeper, unconscious level of your mind can't tell reality from a fantasy or a clear mental image. Your memory may have been of winning a spelling bee, building a birdhouse, or impressing your girlfriend or boyfriend, and it might be a memory from long ago.
This program is especially useful for those having trouble with the imagery in I AM and I Can; in fact, this is really the most basic of Dr. Miller begins will help you reduce the distractions usually created by a tense body, anxious emotions, and racing mind.You will then learn how to travel back into the past to reexperience positive events. Miller's programs for developing true Self-esteem.PERSONAL EXCELLENCEThis program features 6 of Dr. The deeply relaxed state then enables the positive emotions you experience to re-create the inner biochemical state that matches the positive memories. Once you have practiced with the track 1 frequently enough that it is easy for you to relax, contact your deeper self, visit empowering memories from the past, feel them vividly, and project them to the future, then you can save time while going through the and entire empowerment process listening to track 2.
Finally, through the use of future image projection techniques, you associate this positive inner biochemical state and this empowered state of consciousness with the activities in your life in which you wish to be successful.
It skillfully guides you through the steps of excellence – self-awareness, Self acceptance, Self-respect, Self-confidence, Self-expression, and Self-esteem. It is success oriented, and a very complete program for personal change, personal growth, and the development of true Self-esteem – a profound appreciation of the wisdom, strength, and enthusiasm within, and tools for using them to create peak performance in all arenas of your life. BEGIN YOUR DAY THE OLYMPIAN WAY A positive and empowering way to start out each morning, this program is very much like an advanced course in I Can.
Miller presenting along with Olympian Athlete Marilyn King, and is aimed towards those who desire empowerment and peak performance, and is especially useful for those who are leaders or wish to become leaders.FREEING YOURSELF FROM FEARSometimes we have specific fears that get in the way and prevent us from making progress.
This complete program shows you how to use the psychological technique of desensitization to gradually free you of specific fears and phobias-such as fear of confrontation, spiders, public speaking, driving etc.ABOLISH ANXIETY Sometimes there has been sufficient trauma that it is difficult for the mind to focus within in silence. This program can help clear that up by helping you to understand and deal with the symptoms and the causes of Anxiety and Panic. It can assist you in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, as well as provide ongoing anxiety relief if you have chronic anxiety.
OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE Learn to utilize those tools most used by peak performers in all arenas–from business to art, from performance to athletics, in relationships and in school. Through guided meditation you will open the channels of communication between mind and body. A great way to build upon what you've learned on I Can.DEEP HEALING – THE ESSENCE OF MIND-BODY MEDICINEDr. A better understanding of how mind and body work together should be of great value in modifying your life and your behaviors to promote balance and help you maximize your power and your wellness.

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