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Buddhist Meditation Music for Positive Energy: Buddhist Thai Monks Chanting Healing Mantra. With this program you will overcome limiting, outmoded beliefs that have hindered your ability to create the life you've always wanted. This is the 2nd meditation in my 1 day Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Workshop (1 day - 3 meditations). 105 minutes (!!) of joyfull spiritual journey into the well being of the soul and humanity.
Stories of His early years describe Him as independent and rebellious as a child, questioning all social, religious and philosophical beliefs.
On a regular basis, He begins to address gatherings 20,000 to 50,000 in the open-air maidans of India’s major cities. Four times a year He conducts intense ten-day meditation camps.In 1970, the 14th of April, He introduces His revolutionary meditation technique, dynamic Meditation, which begins with a period of uninhibited movement and catharsis, followed by a period of silence and stillness.

Since then this meditation technique has been used by psychotherapists, medical doctors, teachers and other professionals around the world . Osho’s understanding of ‘Sannyas’is a radical departure from the traditional Eastern viewpoint. For Him it is not the material world that needs to be renounced but our past and the conditionings and belief systems that each generation imposes on the next. He continues to conduct meditation camps at Mount Abu in Rajasthan but stops accepting invitations to speak throughout the country.
Among them are leading psychotherapists from the human potential movement in Europe and America, seeking the next step in their own inner growth.
His discourses offer insights into all the major spiritual paths, including Yoga, Zen, Taoism, Tantra and Sufism.
These discourses have been collected into over 600 volumes and translated into 50 languages.In the evenings, during these years, He answers questions on personal matters such as love, jealousy, meditation.

These ‘darshans’ are compiled in 64 darshan diaries of which 40 are published.The commune that arose around Osho at this time offers a wide variety of therapy groups which combine Eastern meditation techniques with Western psychotherapy.
In March 1981, after giving daily discourses for nearly 15 years, Osho begins a three-year period of self-imposed public silence.
In view of the possible need for emergency surgery, and on the recommendation of His personal doctors, He travels to the U.S. This same year, His American disciples purchase a 64,000-acre ranch in Oregon and invite Him to visit.

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