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The fourth in his "Sacred Traditions" meditation music series, Gerald Jay Markoe's ANCIENT CEREMONIES transports the listener back into another era to experience the healing capabilities of the druids. This music was inspired by the spiritual traditions of ancient Egypt, Japan, India and Greece.
The instruments are harps, flutes, and other wind and stringed instruments from Asia and the Middle East. This music was created by Gerald Jay Markoe, a fully trained classical composer with bachelor and masters degrees, who studied at the Juilliard and Manhattan schools of music. With his last few albums, Gerald Jay Markoe has developed an increasing fascination with the mystical sounds of the East. Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the highly revered book "Autobiography of a Yogi") was largely responsible for introducing the West to the ideas of meditation, Kriya Yoga and spiritual enlightenment.
Theories of healing through the seven energy centers of the human body have existed for thousands of years. BEST OF THE PLEIADES by Gerald Jay Markoe contains selections from many of Astromusic's classic albums. Prepare to be transported to a place where a red sun burns over a desert landscape punctuated by elaborately crafted pyramids. Gerald Jay Markoe was inspired by the Pleides, an extraordinarily beautiful cluster of seven stars in the constellation Taurus, to write this album of atmospherically beautiful pieces. Designed especially to help children fall asleep, this CD is a collection of Wolfgang "Amadeus" Mozart's most beautiful slow music, played on bells, music box and celeste. This soothing music for harp, strings, winds, bells, angel voices, and celestial sounds, relaxes the body, clears the mind and opens the heart. These programs are available in digital downloads of MP3 & Videos which play directly on your computer.
You can also burn them to CDs, or transfer them to your portable mobile media devices (phones, ipods, etc). Season Event Passes are available for Online Healing Retreats in webinars or video broadcasts.
Join Judy Cali for a Session of Activations and Downloads of Information from the 13 Crystal Skulls -- including MAX! For centuries the divine feminine has been suppressed and it is high time that we set it free. Regardless of whether we are male or female, we all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us.
Join Anrita and the Elders as you experience the ET Quantum Healing Pods of the 12 Star Councils. Join Anrita and the Elders in this powerful telewebinar session as we recode the 12 Strand DNA with the "Star Ki" codes working with the Christed ET Councils and the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light. To deepen our connection to our Beloved I Am Presence and multidimensional Selves as we walk the pathway of Divine Love, in a Divine Dispensation given by the Galactic Council of Light, twelve beautiful Star Councils come forward to encode our DNA with new Master Blueprint Templatings and the creation of new synaptic pathways within the brain and through the master glands. The Third Dimensional grid system is filled with fear and a suffering energy and keeps you locked into those energies. This Online Healing Retreat will reveal the Arcturian Healing Method via Gene Ang which is a group session of Arcturian Healing Frequencies of Light.
Activation of the Adam Kadmon image so the Divine Self can physicalize in all dimensions, plus the Arcturian Regeneration of Cells and DNA, And the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge.
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The two systems work together very powerfully to help you create and manifest the life you desire to live.
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The principles will be discussed and then wea€™ll experience going into the DNA to amplify your system. This 90-minute Online Healing Retreat is The Activation of our Crystalline Sun DNA Templates.
A 4-hour Online Video class on how to use the Art of Spiritual Dowsing to affect change in your life.
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Youa€™re invited to join us in this Etheric Healing Temple Series brought forth by the Lemurian Preistess Council of 13 thru SanRa.
Learn how to understand and use Vibrational healing for mind, body and spiritual health of yourself and others. Medical Intuitive Mona Delfino will be sharing 8 hours of Energy Education to Connect to Your True Self. Experience the energies of Mt Shasta and the Telosians (from Lemuria!) as you learn about your intuition and connect to your true self. Join this Online Healing Retreat and learn Healing Techniques you can use in your Healing practice or in the lives of your loved ones. This Two-Hour webinar will show you how to access the high frequencies Theta Energies and anchor them into those who need assistance moving into the 5th Dimension. All time - the past, the present and future a€“ is simultaneous and stacked on top of each other. This will help you correct and prevent any family history of health problems or the worsening of any current issues.
This Online Healing Retreat Attunement to Soul Authenticity is an energetic transmission that will connect you with the wisdom of your heart, so you can tap into the intuition coming from your Higher Self to guide you.
With the Solstice, the Grand Trine, The Grand Sextile, and the Liona€™s Gate (on 8-8) over the summer, the energies are assisting in people aligning with their true soula€™s path.
This healing sound ceremony includes the mana of the Hawaiian Islands, and will open the listeners to higher states of consciousness, including the Theta state of deep awareness. The Sound Healing Music will relax and rejuvenate you while clearing out stuck energies in your body and bio-energetic field.
Plus you'll recieve 3 MP3 downloads of John's original music that takes you on a Shamanic Journey and a download of his first Online Healing Retreat recorded in spring 2013.
This is a 2-hour Healing Retreat that takes you on an inner journey to stillness to connect to a vast space to ignite insight and inspiration within yourself. This is a journey to experience what it actually is to BE in love, to live a life where you are in complete and whole love. Celestial teams are our non-physical guides who are here to assist us acheive our purpose in life.
Alijandra leads this 2- hour introduction to several techniques that will awaken your own innate abilities of bi-location, teleportation, levitation, visibility and shapeshifting.
This 2-hour program will increase your Cosmic Awareness thru the Rainbow Rays, which eminate from Source at the 13th Dimension. Psychic Pamala Oslie leads this 2-hour online retreat where you will learn how to use Aura Colors to affect change in your life. A powerful 2-hour program of activations and meditations to activate light bodies, connect with the Suns, activate DNA, activate the Diamond Light Matrix and more.
In this dynamic presentation by Brien Foerster, youa€™ll get an over-the-shoulder view of his global travels to the world's sacred sites.
If you've wanted to learn the spiritual and scientific version of the Earth's history, this is not to be missed. This fascinating lecture and slideshow will show you h0w Brien is connecting the dots of Lemuria, Atlantis and the Nephilim with Peru, Egypt and Easter Island. This 2-hour program will show you how you can Hire The Heavens to receive incredible assistance from on-high in all areas of your life. Journey into Shamanic dreamtime with this sound activation online concert that provides a transmission of healing sound using ancient instruments as the digiridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, shakers, chanting and flutes. In this program, you'll learn The Blue Lotus Chakra System which unlocks the current Chakra system from a virus-like tone in the Sacral Chakra where creative potential lies. This online retreat will give you several techniques raise your vibration and unlock the Key of Love. Since the early 1960s, Markoe has studied meditation and astrology, and he specialized in translating the positions of the planets into music, often recording custom tapes based on a person's astrological sign. The music presented on this album is very ethereal and soothing, comprised of the sounds of harp, oboe and keyboard with a touch of Celtic influence. On CELESTIAL MUSIC FOR SITAR, we hear a convergence of Markoe's past and present, merging spacious ambient music with the gentle strumming of a sitar. Upon entering the United States in 1920, he traveled far and wide spreading his teachings about Eastern religion and drawing parallels to the beliefs of the West. The balancing of these energy centers or "chakras" is believed to raise consciousness, improve psychic ability and promote the wellness of the body, mind and spirit. The 70 minutes of continuous tracks are re-mastered in 20-bit digital audio which makes this a perfect album for relaxation and meditation.

Travel further and you'll find yourself in one of the early cradles of civilization; a place where kings and queens reigned and some of the greatest mysteries in the world can be traced back to - Ancient Egypt.
His synthesized ambient harmonies blend with the orchestral sounds of pipes, chimes, harp, angelic voices and flute - perfect for quiet introspection.
The bells naturally attract children's attention and the relaxing music lulls them to sleep. Max is an authentic ancient crystal skull; a wonder of the world estimated to be thousands of years old and considered by many, to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found on this planet. Shasta - home of the Subterranean City known as Telos, where we will livestream a Healing Retreat - Your Sacred Soul Connection.
Journey into Shamanic dreamtime with this sound activation and Meditation from Sound Healer John Duman who provides a transmission of healing sound using ancient instruments as the digiridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, shakers, chanting and flutes. Also, you'll experience a profound meditation technique that takes you to parallel realities to access positive aspects in everyday life. He'll share his research into the Lost Continent of Mu, and watch his journey to Easter Island, Glastonbury, and the world's Ancient Megalithic Sites. He lives in Peru, and hosts many visiting scientists and researchers, who are testing DNA samples of artifacts for clues to the past. This healing sound ceremony includes the mana of the Hawaiian Islands, sounds of the whales, and will open the listeners to higher states of consciousness, including the Theta state of deep awareness. His first public album in 1988 was Music from the Pleiades, inspired by the famous poster of the constellation. It also sports a light, whimsical quality that, when mixed with the tranquil ambience, makes an ideal atmosphere for relaxing, stress relief and meditation. The music is calming and well suited for the healing arts, featuring flowing synthesizer tones (often laden with twinkle effects), sitar ragas, sarod and flute. This album features a series of compositions created by Yogananda, performed with ethereal grace by Gerald Jay Markoe. Top metaphysician Stacey Dean uses guided imagery to introduce the chakras, describing each one's innate color and explaining its function.
The beautiful melodies and celestial orchestrations of the album were each inspired by the star cluster Pleiades. On this meditation-themed recording, Gerald Jay Markoe explores the mysticism of this long lost culture through a series of flowing compositions. The disc comes with a booklet called The Little Book of Sleep, which describes 54 natural ways to help your child fall asleep. Max was discovered in Guatemala and was used by Mayan priests for healing, rituals, and prayers. Focusing on systems in the body, such as heart, organs, glands, intestines, bones & cartilege and more.
Markoe formed his own music company, AstroMusic, to distribute his album, and Music from the Pleiades quickly became a bestseller in the New Age market. Packaged with the CD is an instruction booklet with meditation tips, including guidance on druid meditation practices.
Markoe enlisted award-winning Indian sitar master Subroto Roy Chowdhury as the chief instrumentalist on the album, with flutist Premik Russell Tubbs providing support. Incorporating instruments like harp, sitar, keyboards, cello, strings and synthesized ambience, CELESTIAL MUSIC FOR YOGA is a feast for the ears and a wonderful accompaniment for yoga practice. Her calm voice and easy to understand instructions make cleansing and balancing the chakras simple and rewarding. The tracks all transport the listener to higher realms with the use of uplifting accompaniment to soothing piano and harp instrumentation. Each of these pieces was constructed using Egyptian scales and is comprised of instruments based of those of the ancient world, including harps, plucked strings and oboe-like wind instruments. Chowdhury's light, almost ethereal touch with the sitar makes a perfect complement for the relaxing atmospheres of Markoe, resulting in an album that's ideal for a yoga or meditation environment. Relaxation composer Gerald Jay Markoe provides soothing celestial background music for a true healing atmosphere.
This is soothing, harmonic music that's perfect for healing practices or simply creating an atmosphere of enchantment. Markoe has also recorded music to back meditation albums narrated by Alma Daniel and Stacey Dean.

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