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This is part four in a five-part series of posts, recommending a variety of resolutions—and help with keeping them—to help you lead a balanced lifestyle. An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related.
In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies.
My family and I (including my hubby, our 4 year old boy and 9 month old baby girl) are going whale watching next week. Richard (now Radhanath Swami) would often be lonely but used this opportunity to connect to God through prayer and meditation.
Reading the above paragraph gives us a glimpse into the heart of Radhanath Swami; his poetic best is seen here. Since Radhanath Swami is always remembering God, he sees the beauty of God in everything of this world.
I often reflect why I am unable to appreciate God and life with at least a fraction of the genuineness that Radhanath Swami embodies?
Just as Richard wrote on his note pad that evening on a mountain cave, “…Where shall such a homeless man reside who believes that home is not in this mortal world?” as Radhanath Swami also, he reveals the same emotion that this world is not our home. Practical life balance tips in general, and suggestions for improving our spiritual life in particular, Interesting things that I hear, read or learn from my own struggles in life, Daily scriptural meditations and my humble realizations on the different verses from the scriptures, The realizations are based on my reading of various books ( a weakness I must confess I have), my social interactions, my life in a monastery, and the various services I render during the day.
White staying in the city of Mecca, Muhammad would meditate in a cave, hoping to find knowledge and wisdom. There is a long tradition of meditation in Islam, and it can have many different roles in daily life. Tafakkur, which can be loosely translated to mean "contemplation," is a form of meditation in which the mind is turned inward to examine and understand different aspects of life.
The role of meditation in Islam is one of aiding in the discovery of knowledge and understanding. I'm a Muslim too and after I started taking yoga classes, I noticed the similarity in some yoga movements to the movements that we do while we pray in Islam. The prayers have always been quick:  a line or two in the gratitude journal and then a quick Hail Mary or Our Father. Friends had sent me letters explaining that the night they heard about Brian’s accident they prayed, yet they had never prayed before.  They fell to their knees, lit a candle, did anything in ritual asking for a miracle.
I have now learned you don’t have to ask just for a miracle, saying Thanks is a prayer too. I do know one thing for certain about prayer:  the only time it is not answered is when I am on the golf course.  Go figure! Soon we’re going to implementing a place for you to send your prayers, thoughts and stories for the World to share in – our “Share Your Story” page.
The power of prayer is real and alive.  What are some of your favorite prayers?  Who do you pray for?  Could you use a prayer today?  I’d love to know. We’re avidly supporting the Run Through America.  Please check out progress here, or make a donation here.
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Christian meditation is time devoted to being in the presence of God and consuming God’s Word. In general, meditation on God’s Word primarily involves hearing from God and prayer is primarily about speaking to God.

Christians sometimes think of meditation as quiet prayer, a prayer without petition, since the Lord already knows our needs.
Eventually we notice a life of living deliberately in the presence of God always; throughout the waking day.
As we tap into the realm of the supernatural God provides, through prayer and meditation, we live a victorious life because we are connected to the life force and power of God. Faith News Around the WorldTexas Teen Says He Saw Jesus When Heart Stopped May 15, 2016A teen athlete in Texas who collapsed and was without a heartbeat for 20 minutes says Jesus came to him and told him he would be all right. From a comfortable cross-legged position, walk the right fingertips away from the right hip, and reach the left arm up overhead. Begin in Table position (hands and knees), hands under the shoulders, and knees directly beneath the hips; tops of the feet should be on the floor.
Spread your knees wide to the outer edges of the mat, and bring your big toes together to touch. Walk your hands forward toward the top of the mat, as you rest your forehead down on the ground. Drop your hips to your heels, and continue to stretch your fingertips forward, with the palms facing down.
From table position (hands and knees), walk the hands forward, but keep your hips directly over the knees. Lower down to the elbows and chest, fingertips reaching toward the top of your mat; hips stay lifted. Begin in Table position (hands and knees), hands under the shoulders, and knees directly beneath the hips. Tuck the toes under, lift your hips to the sky, and start to straighten the legs; visualize yourself in an upside-down A?a‚¬A“VA?a‚¬A? position. Press your hands into the mat, and stretch your chest toward your thighs; head hangs heavy like a bowling ball.
To deepen the stretch, alternate bending and straightening one leg at a time before settling into the posture.
Keep the weight in the balls of the feet, and allow your knees to bend if your hamstrings are tight. With your legs hip-width apart and knees bent, place hands on thighs, with fingertips facing inward. Specifically, meditation and prayer, yoga, photography and things of that nature help you appreciate the world around you and stay centered. This website is designed to serve Sincere struggling sadhakas (spiritual practitioners), Teachers and preachers of Krishna consciousness, Leaders, managers and the ‘servants’, within an institutional set up, The new and curious to spiritual life, Brahmacharis (celibate renunciants) living in a monastery.
Some acts of meditation are meant to clear the mind, allowing for acceptance of teachings that might have been learned during the day.
While staying in the city of Mecca, he would visit a nearby mountain and find a cave there. The term is mentioned in the Quran and is intended to help a person to better understand and know himself so, in turn, he can better know Allah. Several verses from the Quran show that knowledge is of great value to the religion and is a way to help understand Allah and the world.
I find that it doesn’t matter what I’m praying about, or how I do it, what matters is the connection that I feel in my heart while I’m praying.  If I can find a quiet place to be, that’s great; a quiet head leads to a louder prayer!
Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.  They found that intercessory prayer (prayer on behalf of another person) has a positive effect on patients (Archives of Internal Medicine, 1999).

Those who practice a deep, contemplative form of prayer often speak of it as a sense of “being one with the Lord” or being consumed in God’s love. His meditation also led him to a deeper and greater understanding of God’s Word (Psalm 49:3).
The spiritual and physical discipline needed for regular prayer and meditation will soon become almost effortless with daily practice. Consult your personal physician or certified trainer before starting any exercise or nutrition program. We”ll stop for picnics, stretch our legs are scenic spots and just enjoy the ride getting there. This reminds me of a recent talk that Radhanath Swami gave where he poetically described God’s creation.
Some forms of meditation, such as the salat, or formal prayers, are meant to bring a person into closer contact with Allah.
Performing the salat does not begin until the person is already at peace and in a semi-meditative state.
There are different practices, such as Quranic and breath meditations, associated with tafakkur.
The prophet Muhammad even taught that the value of contemplation was equal to or more valuable than that of just worship.
By daily staying consumed and tapped into His presence, power, and love through prayer and meditation in the Word of God! Although our kids don’t stop, they have taught us the art of appreciating time and the little things.
Contemplative meditation on a topic can be used to attain knowledge or understanding and is one of the most respected practices in Islam. The repetition of words and movements is very much like other forms of meditation that are performed around the world. And next week's post, part five in our series will address ways to help you overcome setbacks and establish an accountability system for keeping your goals. He then offered a humble challenge to all experts in animation and movie making.  Even if one spends millions of dollars in creating the most high tech movie can anyone replicate the artistry of God? There also is a philosophy that the ultimate goal of performing meditation in Islam is to achieve a meditative state that persists throughout the day and into sleep at night. While the salat is primarily done to commune with Allah and to give thanks, it also helps to clear the mind and brings a sense of peace to worshipers before they face the turmoil of rest of the day. Meditation happens on its own while I'm praying. The five daily prayers are a great form of meditation because like the article said, it involves repeating prayers and movements which helps to calm the mind. We are also required to try our best not to think anything while praying and concentrate on our prayers and Allah.
So there is definitely a sense of calmness and peace that comes with Islamic prayers. I also love using prayer beads to recite God's name and glorify Him.
We are really rooted in the history of the church, but we meet in a movie theater and use video technology very well.

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