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If you are arriving here for the first time I’d like to extend a very, very, warm welcome to you! The intent of this particular recording is to is act as an introduction and an entry point into the powerful and mystical  world of your Heart center through an easy guided meditation and journaling process that I have created.
This is the best, best, best audio to listen to first if you are just starting the guided meditation journey with me. This audio is also fantastic if you are an advanced practitioner of my Heart centered meditation processes and are wanting to realign with the foundations of accessing, guidance and truth through your sacred heart space. OH and if you would like to be updated when each new guided meditation becomes available all you gotta do is add your email address to the right of this post and whala, your FREE guided meditations will be delivered to you priority VIP style! SO many incredible souls come here each week to learn, grow and  flex the muscle of their heart. Test drove for the last 6 months Oracle Fusion Applications, they have achieved Incredible Things, 7 Pros and 2 Challenges of Fusion Applications. For now, let me tell you that Ia€™ve been reluctant to take an extended break despite the fact that I live in Montreal, Quebec where winter lasts for many months. But after careful self-reflection, I have come to realize that taking a break is just what I need. All that time spent away from blogging will spark some new ideas and make it easy to set up my regular blogging in September. Ten years ago if someone would have mentioned a€?the clouda€? in a business setting, people probably would have immediately thought about the weather. Co-existence approach implies that a customer is not upgrading but they will keep adding Fusion Application solutions (see diagram about Fusion Topology). Hope this New Year brings, new hopes and aspirations, Along with the zeal and courage to, Keep up with those commitments.
Ita€™s easy to let stress at work consume you and occupy most of your thoughts during the day. Positive thinking is a feel-good word that for a lot of people doesna€™t carry much weight. While for many, this might be easier said than done, anyone can make the choice to start noticing more positive elements of their work day. Dona€™t start your day with a negative attitude a€“ If you walk through the door with a stressed or cynical attitude, your day will most likely continue with those emotions. Dona€™t let negative emotions fester a€“ As you already know, negative emotions can cause your brain to close off and only focus on that feeling. Pay Attention to Your Conversation Topics-In office culture, ita€™s quite common for co-workers to bond over complaining about things around the work place, whether ita€™s policies, administration, or environment. When it comes down to it, choosing positivity really is a simple choice that pays off big time in the future.
At first glance, two brands like Tesla and Under Armour might seem completely unrelated to any business in the banking or insurance sector. Below are some tips after a decade of regular attendance as a speaker and attendee of Oracle OpenWorld. 4- This years business and technology conference will have a focus on the intersection of cloud, social, and mobile business opportunities.
50 % sharing good practices, knowledge sharing with different Oracle clients a€“ these sessions have already been planned and scheduled with the clients in advance date&time confirmed.
This blog entry is dedicated to a question, received on august 16th from a reader in Sweden. Every business has its own reporting requirements, new requirements come up constantly with the ever changing corporate vision to adapt to the constant technological evolution and meet the ongoing client experience requirements. By modifying, we mean changing the out-of-the-box (OOTB) data warehouse structure, ETL logic or BI repository and front-end to cover the customer specific needs that arena€™t covered by the out-of-the-box solution. This above mentioned definition provides the specific field mapping as compared to the front cover.
To recap, in your BI work area, create a custom folder where you need to paste the copied report.
You now have an exact duplicate of the original report which you can use to make the required changes as per your business need.
Final tip, always treat your BI projects as business projects and always put solid governance in place. This document removes all uncertainty or vague requirement statements with a clear plan of approach for achieving the test objectives for your project. In todaya€™s corporate culture, ita€™s becoming much more common to find employees who are blurring the lines between their work and personal lives.
While many people see technology as a hindrance on work-life balance, it can also be one of the best tools to allow employees to actually live their lives a little more fullya€”to break away from the traditional 8-5 model during the day-to-day, but actually feel like they can take a vacation without it sacrificing the success of their careers, too.
Granted, a vacation isna€™t really a vacation if it just turns into an extension of the office a€“ ita€™s essential to be able to disconnect from work while on vacation. So instead of letting technology tie you down to your job, look at it as your golden ticket to being able to integrate work into your personal life so that work doesna€™t have to completely control it. For a lot of people, having to work alongside others to complete any given project is their least favorite part of the job. But usually one of the biggest sources of content when working on a project comes from members becoming more interested in proving their worth by getting credit for their own work, rather than wanting credit for team completion of a project. When people like who theya€™re working with, team projects can really be an enjoyable experience.

Because your team members know that they can shine with their individual skills, theya€™ll do their best in developing them. Scientific American Just put out a decent summary of the current neuroscience research on meditation written by friends, Matthieu Ricard, Antoine Lutz, and Richie Davidson.
Interestingly, the article also points out some of the morphological changes noted in a recent meta-analyses done by Kiran Fox HERE. This is where you are invited to SHARE your experiences and ASK me questions about the process.
Flash forward to today and ita€™s likely that we talk more about the digital cloud in business than we do about the weather. In that case customers will always look for opportunities that Fusion brings that address their critical needs while minimizing the risk to their current Applications investment. Below is a visual architecture example How to implement Fusion Accounting Hub by utilizing your current as is systems - multiple sources with different formats and loading it with SQL Loader. Ita€™s an innate survival tactic that causes our brain to focus only on that negative emotion so we can get away from danger. Oftentimes, it even spills over into conversations with friends, family, or other co-workers where you complain about this negative stress as a way to release it. Some people may see it as just having a false sense of reality, but research shows that ita€™s quite the opposite.
This doesna€™t necessarily mean you have to walk around with a grin on your face all day or never feel stressed about a deadline or project, but it does mean that youa€™ll need to adopt a different mindset than what youa€™ll find most people have in the office. When a co-worker does something to annoy you or your boss lashes out at you for something that wasna€™t your fault, try not to fixate on that experience for the rest of the day. Journaling is one of habits of successful people and they use it as a tool to gain insight, record goals, and live a better life.
Making the conscious effort to notice even the smallest positive elements in your work day helps you have a better attitude about your job, a better outlook on job satisfaction as a whole, and as studies show, even helps you build life skills.
And while the products and services they offer might be completely different, the fact is that banks and insurance companies can learn a lot about how companies like Tesla and Under Armour brand themselves. Currently 1600+ sessions are available, plan what you want to learn this year and keep that in mind when registering for the session. Right-click on the report and select Rename to give the report a different name (all vendors have incorporated this functionality to improve user experience). Encourage clarity in reporting bugs, always propose a standardized test template for the users. Identify the data that will be recorded, measured, analyzed and reported to show the progress of testing. Last tip, a great testing strategy should include all areas included in this table of content. With emails, text messages, phone calls, and social media being accessible all in one place at the literal touch of a button, ita€™s easy to let work creep in to personal time even while employees are away from the officea€”especially on vacation. But that same technology that keeps employees tied to their smartphones is also what can allow them to join in on a conference call when they are at a beach resort 4 time zones away from the office. The centralized location of documents also promotes easy distribution of documents to users on your project.
This type of centralized user design model (one stop shop) is gaining traction and should be part of corporate strategy in helping to simplify corporate processes.
Teamwork can be difficult, especially if all members involved have very different personalities that sometimes clash.
And really, the truth is that when you stop caring and who gets the credit, youa€™ll find that working on a project gets much less stressful.
Unfortunately for many, teamwork is a necessary evil that dominates the white-collar professional world. And the stress of deadlines is amplified even more when team members dona€™t agree, cana€™t get along, or just simply dona€™t work well together.
On the other hand, team projects can be extremely disappointing if there isna€™t cohesion within a group.
They wona€™t stifle their creativity or productivity due to reservations they have about potential reactions from their team.
And when he says something, he carries something of the unknown into the world of the known. Reorientation of awarenesss than involves dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and anterior inferior parietal lobe.
The study found the frontopolar cortex and anterior insula were 2 brain regions with neuroplastic changes most often found in such studies of meditators. The point is that cloud computing has dramatically transformed the business world as well as our personal lives over the past three years. Ita€™s a part of your life that affects everything else you doa€”including who you socialize with, where you live, and what you think about day to day. And while this is useful if you have to run or fight for your life, in an everyday sense, focusing on this negativity can quite literally narrow your mindset. Unfortunately though, this behavior, over time, can re-wire your brain into only ever seeing or talking about negative events. Choosing positive thoughts over negative and stressful thoughts can help you build skills and see things in a way that those who focus on negative thoughts arena€™t able to. Take a break and do something to take your mind off of those negative feelings so you can get back to the real task at hand.

Try to notice when youa€™re quick to jump in on this complaining, and when you catch yourself playing along, make a conscious effort to either re-position the topic or politely excuse yourself.
Whether you choose to hand write it or keep a simple file on your computer, make a habit at the end of each day to record three positive things that happened during your work daya€”even if it just happens to be the delicious lunch you hada€”and youa€™ll find yourself having a better attitude when you leave for the day. Plus, it can even help you live longer as you train your brain to focus on the good instead of the bad, reducing stress levels along with way. Identify the required test processes that will be re-used, modified or create them from scratch. Monitor the results obtained from the test strategy and do not hesitate in making the desired modifications towards completing your test strategy. They lead to better physical health, more productivity, increased mental power, newer perspectives, and a lower chance of burn out. Interestingly enough, however, todaya€™s workers are beginning to show a preference for less separation between work and personal life in favor for more integration.
Or even respond to important client emails when they are 30,000 feet in the air while traveling to or from their vacation destination. In fact, 97% of employees and executive surveyed believe that lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a project (source). Though it might seem counterintuitive, forgetting about who gets the credit for a project will only benefit you as a leader in the long run. According to a recent survey by BusinessWeek, 82% of those surveyed said they depended on partnering with others throughout the day to get their work done. By focusing on the greater good and helping the cohesion of your group, youa€™ll find that time coordination will be amplified and your team will finish more work in a given time frame. When surveyed, 86% of employees and executives sited lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures (source). With him enters the divine, a ray of light into the darkness of your mind." Osho These are not just commentaries on the teachings of an ancient Zen master. The article uses the same distinctions in meditation practice we outlined in our S-ART paper – That is Focused Attention, Open Monitoring (or Mindfulness), and Loving Kindness or Compassion (or ethical enhancement practices). I would further argue that the larger frontoparietal control network (including nodes of the salience network and lateral frontopolar cortex and even the lateral cerebellum) all contribute to the decentering, monitoring, and reorientation process. But unfortunately for the large majority of those in the workforce, their job is the biggest source of stress in their life. Focusing on the negative emotion causes your brain to shut off the outside world and limit the other options and choices that surround you. It can literally re-shape your brain as the synapses for these thoughts grow closer together. Those who continually focus on positive emotions open their mind to more options and sense of possibility, and because of that they develop an enhanced ability to build skills and develop resources. With so many benefits that positivity can bring in your life, you really cana€™t afford not to choose it!
The business and technical content, networking, and after hours social events are just bonuses. It allows employees who typically forego vacations because of the stress of leaving work to actually enjoy the best of both worlds from time to time. By being the type of team member who is more concerned about the group as a whole, theya€™ll know that you give them enough room to breathe and develop.
Making an effort to be more of a team player and less concerned about individual will help you boost team moral.
Here is an alive, contemporary Zen master at work - and as the meaning of Sosan's teachings are unraveled, so are the habitual patterns and prejudices of the reader's mind.
This stress can come from everything from the commute, or frustrating co-workers, to strenuous daily tasks, the fear of getting laid off, or having to face the wrath of bosses or clients. Whereas negativity closes off much of the outside world, positivity breeds the development of valuable skills and resources for everyday life that last far longer than the emotion itself.
Hopefully these simple tips will help you start noticing the good parts of your work day and by making a better workplace for others, we make ourselves better leaders.
When flexibility is part of the equation, workers dona€™t hesitate to mix work with personal life because it means they can do what they want, when they want. Since they dona€™t feel smothered, it will be much easier for them to follow your advice and requests during the course of a project. All members involved will be energized and ready to face any obstacles, ultimately resulting in a positive experience and a successful project outcome. Furthermore, Osho's work is so subtle and delicate, the surgery is performed almost before you know it. Whatever the source of this stress though, study after study has proven that stress leads to very real health problems due to increased cortisol like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. As you turn the last page, you may suddenly realize that you'll never be quite so captivated by your own inner chatter - and without any effort you've taken the first, vital step towards meditation.

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