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Download the Art Of Balanced Leadership Chart and do your own introspective self assessment. Based on scientific research by biophysicist Gerald Oster at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, brain wave audio technology sends pure, precisely tuned sound waves of different frequencies to your brain via stereo headphones. Kelly has developed many Brain Sync programs which utilize the science of brain wave therapy to address several areas of improvement and health. Available now, the Brain Sync Stop Smoking Program induces meditation with harmonically layered frequencies to encourage your mind to enter a Theta wave state and at the same time, includes subliminal messages which program your mind to live as a healthy, non-smoker.
The Stop Smoking program also features a second track with only meditation music and subliminal messages and no Theta waves, which can be listened to at any time, without headphones. As with most Brain Sync programs, Guided Meditation also features a second track which can be used in addition to the first.
With over fifty Brain Sync programs developed, you are sure to find a program which address an area that you would like to develop or a problem that you would like to work on. Please Note: The information on this website is solely the opinions of the writers and contributors and is general in nature and should not be construed as medical or health advice. Our online store has had a number of recorded guided meditations that take you through the first part of an Internal Family systems Therapy (IFS) session, and now we have added quite a few more. The Victim Pattern:  If you have the Victim Pattern, you see yourself as being wronged by someone or in an impossible situation.
The Taskmaster Pattern:   If you have the Taskmaster Pattern, you have an intense focus on hard work or discipline. The Destroyer Pattern:  The Destroyer makes pervasive attacks on your fundamental self-worth.

Please let us know if you would like to be added to our upcoming program list and we will notify you once dates are set and registrations are open. Please note that due to space restrictions the reunion class is only open to graduates of our 8-week core program.
Try yourself out and see honestly, How Centred, Mature and Balanced is your Leadership Style? Then to ensure you are getting a fair profile ask a trusted friend to give you an honest appraisal. It can also be an important aid in your quit smoking program.  However traditional forms of meditation can take a long time to learn and years of practice to reach the deep states of relaxation that have the most benefit.
Each program induces a specific level of brainwave activity that is ideal for the issue to be worked on.
Precision-engineered brain wave frequencies induce a state of hyper-receptivity where subliminal messages get down to the very root of self-sabotage. All subliminal messages are listed in the program materials – so you will know exactly what is being programmed. The second track contains meditation music and Theta waves but no guidance – providing a wonderful opportunity to create your own, personal meditation using the techniques learned on the first track. From relieving jet lag to helping you body heal itself through meditation and relaxation, Brain Sync offers wonderful programs that can help you find your center and peace. Please consult your physician or health care provider for advice on your own unique physical and psychological condition(s) so they can make recommendations based on your individual situation. In many cases, when you purchase a program or product using one of our links, we receive a small percentage of the fees.

You can easily and quickly enter a deep, relaxed meditative state and work on goal setting, visioning, healing or whatever you want to work on. You access the part of you that enacts that pattern, get to know it, find out what it is trying to do for you, and develop a trusting relationship with it. You may have this because you want to be successful and thereby gain the satisfactions of success—money, praise, power, freedom, or admiration.
There will be lots of opportunities for mindfulness practice, eating delicious food and exploring the area.
This personal style profile will not only alert you to your strengths and shortcomings it will detail what you might do to evolve and become the Balanced Leader.
Now there is a better way to reach deep states of relaxation in a safe and effective way: using a simple audio program of stereo sound waves on headphones, you can quickly and reliably enter deep states of relaxation and enjoy the benefits without years of practice.
In addition, many programs also include subliminal messages to help your deep subconscious program your mind for the desired behavior. Specially designed trigger phrases minimize cravings, bolster resolve, and re-build a new sense of self that is healthy, vibrant and free from the grip of nicotine addiction  — Brain Sync.

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