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This pyramid is great for individual meditation, charging pets, food, or any other item that you see fit. La fabricationse procurer dans votre magasin de bricolage prefere 8 tasseaux de 2.7 cm de section. To achieve perfect state of meditation we require descending force from the sky or heaven and supporting force of earth. Discover the inner treasures to reach the pure state of total  consciousness and bliss.
Actual size: 600 x 600 mm with comfortable sponge and added special yantra on top.

Regular practice of this proven method gives you the benefits for health and wellness.
This new Pyramid Meditation seat has inbuilt 81 copper 9x9 yantra chips to enhance the uplifting force of heaven.
Meditation also is a spiritual medicine for tension, anxiety, stress and other disorders. Uplift your self to tap the unlimited power of body, mind and soul! Genauso wie ich auch jegliche andere Wirkungen der Licht-Kristall-Pyramide und aller anderen Pyramiden auf diesem Planeten ausdrücklich in Frage stellen muss.

Die alten Ägypter und die Mayas haben die Pyramiden damals ja auch nur gebaut weil sie so toll aussehen.

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