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The atmospheric chanting of the monks, their bright orange robes, glittering golden temples with exotic statues. There are many temples in Thailand that will welcome foreigners wishing to learn to meditate. The schedule of the retreat might seem harsh compared to your usual routine, but many followers of this approach will assure you of the beneficial effects it has on the participants.
The retreats are run monthly from the 10th to the 20th, with the silent retreat lasting from 12th to the 18th, so 7 days. From the text, Transform Your Life, Learn to meditate and practice the Buddhist Way of Life in all of our daily actions, in and out of our meditation session.
The class begins with a short introduction, then we engage in a 10 minute relaxing guided breathing meditation. The commentary is followed by a 15 minute guided meditation on the main subject from the days’ class, a 15 minute inner-class discussion and we finish with a 15 minute question and answer period. TweetEmailSwami Anand Arun led a wonerful group of 55+ friends into three days of Osho meditation from March 29 to 31 2013 in Dana Point, Orange County, California.
If You Knew What Longboarding Was You'd Head To Cape Town If there is one thing South Africa is, it's big. As a Retreat Centre Casa Solara is now my base for all workshops and retreats ~ also available in the summer for other teachers to hire (see here).
Join Solara An-Ra in her beautiful light-filled home in the unspoilt north of the island ~ to rejuvenate your soul in the energies of the White Island of the Goddess Tannit. There are beautiful beaches in all directions - Cala Nova pictured left is 12 minutes drive from the centre, while the famous Benniras Beach is a 15 minute drive. These are the images a lot of tourists take home and associate with their experience of Thailand. According to Anthony Markwell, the resident teacher at Wat Kow Tahm, there are about 10 monasteries in Thailand that offer teaching in English on a consistent basis.

This is followed by a 50 minute commentary on the art of meditation and the subject of the class.
Swami Anand Arun also inspired a new meditation center; Osho Samadhi Meditation Center in Los Angeles during the retreat. An amazing retreat with morning classes of Jo Youle's unique JoGa Beats ~ connecting the breath to funky beats in rhythmic yoga Vinyasa Flow movements. Come on your own or with a friend or partner to get away from it all, make like-hearted friends, recharge your spiritual batteries and move forward on your path!
If you want to explore the island you might want to hire a car - I can provide details of hire companies and 2 or 3 people can share the cost of a car.
You can be accommodated in a B&B nearby if you need a room on your own, and still join in all activities at the centre. You can plan to do your retreat before arriving, or maybe your decision will be a spontaneous one when already in Thailand. You devote your time to sitting and walking meditations, yoga exercises, listening to the teacher’s instructions and learning about Dhamma or Buddhist teachings.
Buddha did not expect us to put all his teachings into practice right away — they are intended for a great variety of practitioners of different levels and dispositions.
The evenings will have a more restorative sunset flow from Ayda Ellis to wind you down for bedtime, as well as a variety of sound workshops, dance and meditation. You may be able to stay in a single room if you book extra nights before or after the retreat dates - cost for extra nights: 60 euros pp (single) 45 pp (2 sharing). A lot of people feel drawn to the philosophies of the East and feel the desire to explore them further. What is so beautiful about the retreat is that the meditation, food and accommodation are offered for free. Included in the week is the Healing Ibiza festival on the 11th and the Medieval Festival in Ibiza town on the 12th.

Also, when on holidays in a distant land, we often feel the aspiration to take some time and reflect on ourselves and our lives. But the truth is, most of us will enjoy the retreat more, if the temple is situated in a beautiful and serene location.
After a tumultuous past, he was a monk for 11 years, before disrobing at the age of 34 and venturing into the gemstone industry in Australia. You can leave a donation at the end, but you decide for yourself how much you can and want to give. However, if you simply want to chill out and rejuvenate in the countryside, there are 4 bicycles at the centre which you are welcome to borrow. Wat Kow Tahm, which is reached easily from Koh Phagnan’s ferry port, is a good example of this. He seems a perfect combination of spirituality and earthiness, a man of deep experiences and passion for what he does.
There is a bus service between some towns - and if you're adventurous, hitch-hiking is totally acceptable on the island. When you ascend the steep road that leads to the temple, you find yourself in a lush and quiet environment that sucks you in with tranquillity and the feeling of simplicity. A retreat has been running here for the past 25 years, and Anthony arrived this July to take over from the previous teachers.
He’s been joined by Mark Phillips, a good-humoured Glaswegian, who takes care of the meditators’ stomachs by providing delicious and nutritious meals during the retreat.

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