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I specialize in a variety of powerful techniques that work with your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and I am also a recognized trainer with the Australian Breathwork Association and train others in the healing arts. I offer individual sessions face to face in Perth and Fremantle Western Australia, as well as distance energetic and shamanic healing, spiritual life coaching, and stress management coaching. I have the skills to help you to deal effectively with stress, overcome anxiety, and help you to change the patterns that are preventing you from moving forward in your life. This one day workshop will teach you the shamanic journey technique; how to travel in non-ordinary reality in order to meet and communicate with your Spirit guides for healing, wisdom, love and power. This training is both an opportunity to learn how to work with others in a profound way, as well as being a powerful personal journey; of growth, self-discovery, and healing. Are issues from your childhood creating blocks in your energy field, body and mind, and affecting your ability to create the life you want?
The afternoon is woven together with various forms of meditation and creative visualisation.
Your chakras, or energy centres contain an energy blueprint of your life lessons, and contain the memory of everything you have experienced.
Enjoy a day for healing your body, mind and soul with nurturing yoga practices, meditation, and breathwork breathing. Claire Belton, Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer, Energetic and Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Trainer.

Yossum - yoga - retreats - meditation - self help - spiritual - holidaysWe are here to support you in getting Real. Yossum - Yoga, Meditation, Self-Understanding Retreats and Life Coaching, Spiritual Growth.
When you are able to disconnect from the outside world and delve into your deepest inside, a new window can open into a more spiritual universe that often helps resolving emotional and personal conflicts. Nowadays, you feel very often inside a rhythm of life that does not allow you to stop and take a moment to dedicate to interior reflection.
If you do not dedicate any time to tranquility and inner peace, it can happen that you forget the reality of the present moment. Meditation cannot only be done for spiritual purposes, but also to help maintaining physical and mental health. Essential Retreat Organizer proposes you programs where this meditation and spiritual deepening is done by professionals who will guide you according to your knowledge and goals.
This is the first module of the training and an opportunity to have an experience of the healing, love, and power of this work.
These blockages can be affecting your relationships, health, self esteem, financial prosperity, creativity, and career. Learn various meditation techniques that will relax you deeply, improve health and vitality, bring about healing for your body and mind, stimulate your creativity, and increase awareness for personal growth.

There is such a wonderful healing and encompassing energy and humour about her that is just so inviting, nurturing and relaxing.
Some meditation techniques help to improve concentration, memory and the immune system, as well as to relieve stress and tension. We have select programs conducted in beautiful environments and accommodations where you can get the most out of this experience. By Carmen Ornelas.Silence - Learn the Power of Silence within the Yossum Concept of Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth. Retreats in Italy, Holland, Spain, India.Yoga - Learn the Power of Yoga in the Yossum Concept. Self-Understanding - Learn about the Power of Self-Understanding within the Yossum Concept.
Simple and practical: Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth.

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