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Atisha Centre is a serene and peaceful retreat centre and hub of Buddhist education, nestled in the quiet native bushlands of central Victoria, near Bendigo. Founded in 1981, the Centre provides a tranquil and welcoming setting for those interested in exploring the Buddhadharma. Drawing on the dynamic and inspiring vision of Lama Thubten Yeshe, founder of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), Atisha Centre is proudly affiliated with the FPMT, and is part of a network of Buddhist centres in Australia and around the world. Situated in close proximity to Atisha Centre is the imposing Great Stupa of Universal Compassion, currently under construction, and soon to become among the most significant Buddhist temples and pilgrimage destinations in the world, and the Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery, where monks devote themselves to study, meditation and spiritual transformation. While the the new accommodation is being built at Atisha Centre, they have temporarily converted their little Gompa into two dormitories using a demountable partition wall. Escape the rat race of Melbourne for a few days and enjoy the peaceful environment of Atisha Centre. At the Eaglehawk Town Hall, take the left road onto the Loddon Valley Highway, and travel a few kilometres then turn left into Allies Road next to the Allies Hotel.
Travel up Allies Road a few kilometres and turn right into Sanhurst Town Road, then the first left into the entrance road up to Atisha Centre.
Discover the secrets of how to prepare Hepburn Retreat Centre’s famous vegan banquet, exploring the art of preparing and cooking grains, pulses and vegetables to create optimum nourishment, flavour and visual appeal. Using local, seasonal organic produce, learn how to cook delicious vegan meals and prepare raw food meals and treats that promote health & vitality on this 3 Day holiday vegan cooking course with Alexis and Ostii.
This vegan cooking retreat will include 1 or 2 yoga classes each day, as well as hands-on vegan cooking classes, raw food preparation sessions.. Throughout the retreat, you will feasting on the delicious, healthy vegan meals that you cook, as well as enjoying a selection of raw food treats, smoothies and vegan cakes. Workshops will include discussions on nutrition, ayurveda, food, veganism, vegetarianism and yoga. This vegan cooking and food preparation workshops offers you the opportunity to develop your cooking skills in a weekend, with time out from your busy city schedule to relax and unwind.
He has been practising yoga for ten years and teaching for eight, studying with teachers in Australia, India and Europe.
Retreat from the world together for a weekend to explore the delights of Yoga in nature, only a short distance from Melbourne. Michele will guide participants through Hatha Yoga sessions in asana, pranayama and meditation. Enjoy some time out to explore matters within your mind and heart, staying at a magnificent Tibetan Buddhist Centre, near Healesville.
The retreat is an opportunity to step back from the world and do a little bit of soul searching. Just enough time to recharge and maybe shed a few ‘layers’ before the silly seasons hits! I want more from a yoga class than just a work out or a stretching class or a lecture, I want to leave feeling fabulous physically and emotionally and spiritually and I always leave his classes feeling like that. Part of the appeal is he goes off and does the great retreats with inspiring people in far flung locations, and I get to live a little of that by learning from what he has learned. Michele sees Yoga as an opportunity to connect to the divine spark within, with the added bonus of working with the physical systems of the body so that we can immediately feel the benefits of a Yoga practice.

Classes are Hatha based, Michele trained in the Gita sytem and delivers a playful, dynamic class which will allow you to leave, refreshed, revitalized energizd with a spark in the eye!! Opening to Abundance – A weekend yoga and wellness retreat at Hepburn Retreat Centre.
The venue we have chosen has a wonderful feel in the beautiful, serene and natural surroundings of Hepburn Springs (1.5 hours drive from Melbourne). The in-house chef, who can also cater for special dietary requirements, will provide delicious vegan meals. To secure your place on the retreat, please contact Sandra for a registration form and return it with a $100 (non-refundable) deposit.
Sandra Groves is a Melbourne based yoga teacher who helps students discover their full potential through the practice of yoga.
Some worthwhile health benefits will certainly accrue for individuals undergoing a therapeutic fast, not the least of which is the opportunity to PLAN A REST.
The program is being offered, and can be taken over either a 3 or 4 day period; which must be decided in advance.
The following 2 or 3 days are then available for resting in a private room, with access to common areas. Access to quality information will be available during the whole retreat, which is to be held at our Retreat Centre, located in a quiet peaceful garden setting in Hepburn Springs. The numbers for this retreat have been limited to 10 people, and further information will be provided upon request.
This fasting retreat is being hosted by Zalan Glen, the Hepburn Retreat Centre Proprietor, who has had personal experience over a number of years with therapeutic fasting. The fasting retreat program will be carried out over 4 to 5 days in a peaceful sanctuary environment.
Private rooms with a choice of single or double beds will be allocated, while numbers are restricted to a maximum of 10 people. No preparation is needed for fasts of this duration providing there are no contra indications.* However, guidelines for personal preparation and food intake both prior to arrival, and post fasting, will be made available. Most people benefit from a fast, and we are pleased to be able to offer this inaugral program during the peak summer holiday season. Enjoy the treats and delights of vegan, whole food cooking and yoga on this 2 day weekend retreat.
Relax in the beautiful surrounds of Hepburn Retreat Centre, where resident chef, Alexis will help you to discover your inner chef, exploring an amazing range of exotic and every day ingredients, and food combining for flavour and nutritional value. Included in the retreat are hands-on vegan cooking classes, raw food preparation sessions, as well as a yoga classes each day. Throughout the retreat, you will feasting on the delicious, healthy vegan meals that you cook, as well as enjoying a selection of raw food treats, smoothies, gluten free vegan cakes and biscuits.
This weekend of vegan, whole foods cooking and food preparation workshops offers you the opportunity to develop your cooking skills in a weekend, with time out from your busy city schedule to relax and unwind. This monastery provides a valuable opportunity for people visiting the Centre complex to make a connection with the ordained Sangha. Enjoy a casual bush walk to Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery, circumambulate the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion, the incredible Padmasambhava Statue and visit the Holy Relics Exhibition Centre.

At the Charring Cross Fountain intersection in the CBD of Bendigo, turn left and travel up View Street and turn left at the first traffic lights into Barnard Street, then at the next set of traffic lights turn right and travel up Eaglehawk Road, travelling until you reach Eaglehawk. Our website is still under construction and testing, so may appear a little messy and incomplete. We will talk about growing vegetables, learn about edible weeds and perhaps even spend an evening around the fire in the tipi. He focuses on acceptance and nurturing of one’s own body and being, incorporating massage and self-healing techniques of Oki-do yoga. Through training in Postural Integration – a deep tissue, holistic bodywork, and studies in anatomy, advaita, tantra and contemporary shamanism, Ostii has broadened his approach to yoga as a path to open, liberate and integrate body, heart and mind.
The deeper Yoga practice helps to facilitate the process, often churning things up within that may need to be released. Not too serious, not just about the physical, while still being challenging enough to work up a sweat (if you want to), great dose of the spiritual and energetic and the mindset of what yoga is in a practical way.
It does however have some great spaces to enjoy with an open veranda and beautiful garden areas to spend your free time in. If you enjoy walking the venue is directly opposite Wombat National Park and is in close vicinity to many of Hepburn Springs pampering massage centres – you will have free time in between classes and meals to explore. Inclusive in the cost is 2 night’s accommodation, all meals (from Friday evening to Sunday lunch), 6 yoga classes (a combination of restorative and energetic practices).
She integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga to create a healing and transformative yoga experience. Through continuous exploration of the many styles and branches of yoga she incorporates the best of these into her teaching.
The vegan recipes will use use local, seasonal, and organic produce, to cook delicious vegan meals and prepare raw food meals and treats that promote health & vitality on this 2 day vegan cooking course with Alexis and Ostii.
He promotes mindfulness, chanting, pranayama, diet and community relationship as the foundations of a strong yoga practice. I started out as a total beginner and with Mickeys guidence I have improved so much and enjoy attending yoga every week.
Sandra's approach to teaching is informed both by formal yoga teaching qualifications and 15 years of her own practice. Julia teaches at gyms, corporate and community centres around Melbourne and holds an Advanced Diploma of Teacher Training with the Yoga Institute of Australia and is a member of Yoga Teachers Assoc Aust. There will be a huge selection of books about nutrition, cooking, food preparation and more on hand to read in your spare time.
We have chosen the location and timing of this retreat so that participants can be hosted in a supportive environment.

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