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Having your own little space at home is very important I think as it is a place where you calm down, declutter, exercise and relax. For a lot of people, this can be done in any part of their home, but if you’ve got kids, house mates, or share your boudoir with a partner or spouse, then creating a meditation room may not be a luxury but a necessity. Some incense, potpourri or an essential oil candle with meditative scents are perfect for your contemplative time. It is my mission to inspire you towards living a healthier and happier life and living life to the full. It's common for college students to do a "semester abroad." What about a "semester within?" This classroom encourages the inward journey.
In 2007, The University of Redlands opened one of the first "contemplative classrooms" in the country, valuing an education of the "whole person." No matter their major -- business, psychology, pre-med, education, environmental studies, art -- students say the meditation class helps them to be better students, overall. Learning meditation, we cultivate skills that help in every part of life: concentration, self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, mental training, reduction of text anxiety and public speaking anxiety, self-compassion, compassion for others, appreciation of diversity, and more. Improvement of physical health is often a byproduct of meditation, as noted by a science major. In 2005, I offered the first course on meditation for academic credit in the religious studies department. The intolerability of "doing nothing" was studied recently by researchers at University of Virginia and Harvard (July 2014 issue of Science).

This is probably one of the hardest classes I've taken because it asks me to do so much that I've never done before -- to see what needs to change inside of me, and then do it! The world will not suddenly become more harmonious if the individuals that comprise it are stuck in the disharmonies of inner anger, self-hatred, and fear.
In this fast paced world many people have designed their own little sanctuary in a corner or room of the house and I have done the same.
If you’ve practiced meditation or yoga for awhile, you know that the first requirement is a little privacy – a safe and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Here are a few tips on how you can simply and affordably create a meditation room no matter what kind of space you’re in.
The basics will do just fine: a clean, quiet space that’s uncluttered and has a cushion or chair that suits you best.
Find objects, fabrics and symbols you may have in other parts of the house and re-assign them to your new space. I think it works better when you first start meditation if you have a separate space for practice. I taught it for free -- outside of my teaching load -- because it was a radical experiment.
They asked their subjects to spend 15 minutes alone in a room -- no phone, no gadget, no book, no companion.

How will I ever be able to negotiate peace among the nations if I am not at peace within myself?
Quietly, students put away their cushion, retrieve their belongings, and slip on their shoes. Others prefer silence or the sounds of nature outside there window (assuming there is nature outside their window). There’s still a way … Using fabric or an old fashioned dressing screen in the corner of a room will do. So taking a class to learn how to face it, work with it, and deal with it is a 100 times more -- really you can't even put a number on it -- important than all the other things you learn in college. In this post I’d like to share with you some beautiful interior designs for a yoga meditation room (indoors and outdoors). But especially if you live in a noisy city, soothing sounds played at low volume can really help you get into that tranquil, meditative state. The important thing is to make it your space, and a dedicated space that remains undisturbed and unused except for meditation.

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