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Very high quality craftsman made large oak folding meditation stool, brand new from manufacturer.
Little Pi is a meditation stool, yoga seat, entirely made of recycled wood from discarded oak wine barrels. Starting from a kneeling position place the stool under you, with the higher side of the seat towards the back, sit and tuck your legs on the sides. Our Pi can be easily integrated in your home decor adding charm and originality to your space. For those looking for an economical meditation stool for home use, we offer a fixed leg meditation stool constructed in pine with oak leg supports. This neat meditation stool sits at exactly the right height to promote perfect posture during your meditation practice.

With folding legs you can easily fit this meditation stool into your bag, making it easy to sit anywhere at any time. It will resist the day to day knocks and bumps of being transported and being a very hard wood, the screws holding the hinges will not pull out after extended use, as they can do on softer woods such as pine or plywood. Ideal for those who find it difficult to sit cross legged for a long period of time, these meditation stools take the pressure off the knees and provide a strong supportive seat. If this were to happen during use, it could potentially cause injury to the lower back and for this reason, we do not offer a folding stool in pine or other soft woods.
If however you wish to fix the seat and leg together, then simply screw the screw provided into the pre-drilled hole in the oak support. Note that we only use extremely strong double layer reinforced steel hinges for this product, as normal single layer steel or brass hinges (such as those used on cupboard doors etc) would deform after a period of use due to high stress levels on the hinged joint .

The bottom of the leg is also curved to allow you to  finely adjust the angle of the seat to the position that you find most comfortable. For stability purposes, the legs of a folding stool need to be angled outwards and it is this requirement that puts high stresses on both the hinges and fixing screws.

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