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The Meditation Society of Australia exists to help people learn to meditate without any other religious or other agendas.
Peter became interested in meditation over a decade ago and has participated in meditation retreats and conferences in Australia, USA and Asia.
People enjoy the practical and down-to-earth instructions he uses and his positive and helpful style. He tries to build the unique skills and confidence of each attendee and emphasizes the need to be positive.
Peter completed a Certified Meditation Teacher Training Course at the Melbourne Meditation Center in 2013, Mindfulness short course training at Monash University and holds membership at the Meditation Association of Australia. Peter teaches Mindfulness workshops, Learn To Meditate courses for Always Meditation, the Geelong Meditation Centre, Melbourne Meditation Centre and Simply Silence. Since learning how to meditate, and experiencing its benefits first-hand, Alana has had a real interest in teaching people how to meditate so that they too can lead happier, healthier and more meaningful lives. Alana has a particular interest in ensuring yoga and meditation accessible to everyone, with a particular interest in culturally and linguistically diverse communities from low socio-economic backgrounds.
Always Meditation is a small Mindfulness-Meditation training business located in Melbourne, Australia.
We think meditation is a practical skill everyone can benefit from learning and using in their daily life.
We specialise in running Mindfulness-Meditation Workshops, Courses and Classes, for the general Public, Private individuals and Corporate Businesses.
Jivamukti YogaJivamukti Open classes center on a theme based on a globally-set "focus of the month" essay, usually written by Sharon Gannon. ShastraShastra, or scripture, refers to the study and exploration of the four central texts of yoga as well as to the study of the Sanskrit language in which they were first written. Just the other day I was having dinner with an old swimming buddy of mine, Mark Henderson, a former world record holder and Olympic Gold Medalist in the 4x100 Medley Relay at the Atlanta Games.
With his debut column, the big-wave surfer wants you to do the opposite of everything gym rats tell you.
Lucie Guest, known for her roles in TV series “Health Nutz”, “Blackstone” and “Supernatural”, is playing a lead character in the upcoming movie “The Town That Came A-Courtin’”. According to the distributor UP TV, Lucie Guest will play Jamie, a publicist for a beautiful and successful author Abby (Lauren Holly). Listen to an interview where Lucie Guest talks about her experience with Transcendental Meditation – “The Roz and Mocha Show”, Toronto’s KiSS 92.5 radio station. You will find many more videos and articles of mine on my YouTube channel and web site, and here are those links for you to review.
With over 1,000 download, this is my most popular product and I really want you to have it if you plan on being a meditation teacher. Duration: Program is designed for 8 weeks, although you can take more or less time as required.
Material: Program material is available immediately for download upon registering, as well as online.
I am certain once you complete the Meditation Certification Program, you will not just be a great teacher, but you will also have the necessary skills to create transformational products, such as this Mind Expanding Guided Meditation. This extensive and detailed e-book comes complete with full color illustrations and active links. The book will not just help you navigate the course easily, but will also serve as an excellent reference manual for you once you begin to teach your own classes.
The week by week syllabus and instructions on how to do this program are also included in the manual. To ensure you learn the techniques correctly and precisely, this program comes with 15 online videos. Each video also has an accompanying chapter in the training manual, which gives you the necessary details about the techniques being taught. Finally, all the videos are linked to from the Meditation Training Manual, so they can be easily accessed and integrated into your training.

Upon graduating, depending on which level you sign-up with, you and your meditation center will be listed in the Certified Meditation Teachers and Meditation Centers Directory (PR4).
In addition, if you sign up for the full amount, you will also receive a listing on the following page, Best Yoga and Meditation Web Sites, which is a high ranking Google Authority Page (PR3). I also rigorously use the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site to promote the teachers, their classes and their centers.
Being part of the training program gives you exclusive access to the Mastery of Meditation Teacher's Training Newsletter.
The training program itself is the SAME regardless of how much you can pay, though the higher levels earn you greater exposure and valuable listings. Certificate, Letter of Recommendation and Listing in the Certified Meditation Teacher's Directory.
Certificate, Letter of Recommendation, Teacher's Directory Listing and Listing on the Best Sites Page. If you are still unable to pay any of those amounts please contact me and we will work out some other arrangement.
This program, like all my products, comes with a 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.
To join simply click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button below for the level you wish to enrol at and you will taken to Anmol's Yoga and Meditation Store for 100% safe and secure checkout. Upon payment you will receive an email with a link to download a file with instructions on how to complete your enrollment, how to access your bonus gifts and how to download the material for the program. It is a simple, powerful method for helping people to heal themselves and others to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life. It is a course for those wonderful souls that have recognised that there is no greater skill, no greater human endeavour, than that of our own self-discovery. Satisfaction for him comes from seeing people leave classes smiling, mentally and physically refreshed and happier each week. She is passionate about teaching meditation and mindfulness in a clear and practical way, with a focus on how meditation and mindfulness can be integrated into day-to-day life.
She currently teaches meditation in a number of locations across Melbourne through the Melbourne Meditation Centre and runs a yoga community development program at housing commission flats in Collingwood and Carlton in collaboration with a local council and school through the Melbourne Mindfulness Foundation. The four texts are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads.
Ideally, you want them to be balanced, but sometimes there are blocks and other chakras must overcompensate. The movie is based on the best-selling novel by Ronda Rich and will be released early 2014. Visiting the lovely town of Bliss, they meet a widowed Mayor, Spencer (Cameron Bancroft). Eagerly encouraged by the entire town, Spencer and Abby embark on a whirlwind, public romance. This is because, Amazing Insights will answer for you the most difficult questions regarding life and Reality. I have created this program and am the author of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, one of the largest and most popular yoga and meditation portals on the internet. So not only do you get the Meditation Training Manual, but you will also have access to the syllabus and all the material online as well. Upon passing it you receive a signed certificate from me and Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, certifying you to teach meditation, as well as gentle yoga and pranayama. You will understand deeply how profound the method that was used to create this meditation truly is, and you will be able to apply such wisdom in creative ways of your own. The links allow you to access additional material you may wish to study in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation, yoga and enlightened living. This manual consists of the very best articles and techniques from the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site and much much more. The videos teach and demonstrate all the important meditation, yoga and pranayama techniques used in the program. As the certification program was launched in 2010, the first batch of students are now graduating and you will find their listings there.

This newsletter is sent about 1 time per month only to the enrolled students and graduates, and is packed with key information, tips and free gifts to help you succeed as a meditation teacher.
If you primarily want money or prestige from meditation than this is not the course for you. Here are a few reasons why: - This one little statue represents Creation, Preservation and Destruction (a metaphor for life, in general) - Her movement creates the vision of a cyclical turning- much like the earth turns or rotates and similar to how existence is a recurring process of life and death.
Important truths about Enlightenment, Purpose, Meaning, Knowledge, Destiny, Karma, Relationships, Reincarnation and more are revealed in this book. Most people don’t realise how much stress and tension they hold in their body Beverley helps to empower people in all areas of their lives and takes them from surviving to thriving! Improved Strength: Routine and consistent practice of the various yoga asanas (poses or postures) has helped me build strength and improve lean muscle mass.
It stretches and elongates my spine, gets blood flowing to my head, and takes pressure off my organs.
Being upside down is the ultimate counter balance to the repetitive motions we do in our vertical lives — walking, standing, paddle-boarding, sitting upright. There’s a saying among yogis that a man who can stand on his head 20 minutes a day masters time. And I never would have done it if I hadn’t torn my ACL and been forced to really think about what I was doing to my body and why I needed to find a way to counteract the motions I was overdoing. But through a consistent yoga practice, my coordination and balance have improved immensely.
But then I started to see and feel the results, and that’s where the revelation came in. Not only did going backward counteract the repetitive motion that was causing my problems, it also improved my dexterity and coordination. In turn, this increased range of motion provides a greater ability to strength condition a particular muscle group due to the amelioration in overall force that can be exerted with each movement.
I later found out that backward pedaling is something world-class cyclists have been doing for years. I also discovered that Bruce Lee’s method of punching faster was actually to try to recoil quicker. But when you incorporate the muscles that it takes to pull back and initiate them into moving forward, you find the gain. Once you start being conscious of the repetitive motions that we all just accept as part of being human, you realize how little we do to counteract those motions.
From a traditionalist point of view, the series of physically challenging yoga asanas were originally designed for a specific purpose that has nothing to do with the strength or flexibility. Between curls and crunches and squats, we’re always tightening and closing ourselves up. All of this is positive stuff, but there are repercussions over time, and you risk blowing something out and just getting stiffer and stiffer over time.
And consistent practice of the asanas when followed up with proper savasana is the best way I have found to not only improve my sleep, reduce stress, quell negative mental chatter, and manage (and walk through) fear, it informs my entire approach to training and racing. You may not look like you would if you did 500 sit-ups a day, but you’ll perform better, and for me, training was always about enhancing performance.
And has made all the difference in helping me achieve some rather fantastical athletic goals that seemed not only far beyond my capabilities, but almost impossible from any objective or logical perspective. At the end of the day, it’s really about running faster, jumping higher, hitting the ball better, and functioning better, so you can run and swim and do all these things you want to do. Not only is she a fantastic yoga teacher, she has been instrumental in making me a better man and a better athlete.

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