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Monasteries: This is a great opportunity for volunteers who want to Teach English in the monastery in Nepal. Schools: You may be working as the sole teacher in the classroom or in partnership with a Nepali teacher. There are several Tibetan refugees Camps and Monasteries that house hundreds of Tibetan kids taking Buddhist monk educational training in Katmandu to preserve the amazing cultural richness of Tibet and Buddhism practice. Volunteers will teach English to the monks, both young and old, for around 3 to 5 hours every day.

You may also find that due to numbers of Teaching English volunteers that you will be the sole volunteer in a placement.
Knowledge of English can be an enormous help to these kids to explore more scriptures written in English and circulate Buddhist teachings practice to the whole world. Volunteers can also have a chance to participate in some monasteries run programs & meditation during free time. Volunteers work in partnership with Nepali teachers to introduce new practical teaching methods to the classroom that can be carried on after your placement.

Working in partnership will also provide volunteers the opportunity to learn from others as well.

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