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The Mindfulness Center is a non-profit organization which promotes health and self-healing, for individuals and the community, through charitable, educational and research programs in mind-body practices.
The Mindfulness Center teaches evidence-based meditation, yoga and mind-body techniques that prevent disease and improve your quality of life, well-being and longevity. There is still time* to complete your online application for the International Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Bali.
Kouider loved making films and playing music, so he was pretty certain he already knew what made him most happy in life. Those who have never been TM teachers might think of Amine’s experience as a novelty effect, bound to wear off soon.
But Mariam Daudi works as a Transcendental Meditation teacher in New York City, where stressed-out inhabitants flock to the local TM Center in the thousands. Mariam Daudi and Amine Kouider were among the young Transcendental Meditation teachers who shared their experiences at an introductory event for the upcoming ELI International Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course (TTC) that starts on the 4th of September, 2016, in Bali. Organized by Enlightened Leadership International (ELI) – a global organization of young leaders within the Global Country of World Peace, the international organization founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 2000 as “a country without borders for peace-loving people everywhere” – this TM Teacher Training Course has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the next generation of TM teachers.
This means a lot of support and mentoring both before and after the course—and beyond that first year as well in order to ensure the greatest success of the new teacher. ELI will personally communicate with all prospective TTC participants 4–5 months prior to the course, enabling them to get into the details of what is about to happen. Before the course, the participants will get more detailed information about the training itself, get their expectations and concerns addressed, find out more about the teaching career ahead of them, and participate in interactive discussion and workshops that focus on skills needed as a new TM teacher. Besides arranging mentoring on the local level, ELI will also keep the young TM teachers around the world connected after the TTC course is over through the ELI Young Governors Association and will continue to provide ongoing education and networking opportunities.
In addition to the prospect of finding ultimate career fulfillment, the 2016 five-month Bali course is also a magnet for prospective applicants due to its scenic location and exceptional local food. Schoenfeld explains that while TTC is a rigorous program and will involve a very structured day, the training will take place in a stunningly gorgeous and most comfortable environment with highly qualified and well-trained course leaders. So, if having the best job in the world does not sound enticing enough, the prospect of beginning each day eating fresh papaya and basking in the full sunshine of knowledge can be added to the perks list.
80% of hypertensive patients have lowered blood pressure and decreased medications – 16% are able to discontinue all of their medications.
In a clinical experiment with elderly African American (mean age 66) dwelling in an inner-city community, meditation was compared with the most widely used method of producing physiological relaxation.
A 16-week trail of the practice of silent mantra meditation in patients with coronary heart disease was instituted by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. Meditation training has been shown to reduce hypertension and blood pressure in amounts comparable to the changes produced by medication and other lifestyle modifications such as weight loss, sodium restriction, and increased aerobic activity. During meditation, oxygen consumption drops by 10-20% and it produces a deeper state of rest than sleep. In people who are meditating, MRI brain scans have shown an increase in activity in areas that control metabolism and heart rate. Recent studies show that meditation, along with diet and exercise, can reduce buildup of plaque in coronary arteries.
The addition of meditation training to standard cardiac rehabilitation regimes has been shown to reduce mortality by 41% during the first two years, and a 46% reduction in recurrence rates of coronary artery disease.
Psychosocial interventions for heart disease have been shown to reduce the risk of further cardiac events by as much as 75% compared with a usual medical care condition. A randomized study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine showed that a widely practiced, stress-reducing meditation technique can significantly reduce the severity of congestive heart failure.
Practicing meditation may play an important role in controlling certain risk factors for heart disease…practice for 20 minutes a day has a positive, measurable effect reducing the build up of fatty deposits in arteries or atherosclerosis - just a small reduction could reduce the risk of heart attack by 11% and reduce the risk of stroke by 15%. A longitudinal study showed that cholesterol levels significantly decreased through meditation in hypercholsteolemic patients, compared to matched controls, over an eleven month period. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles showed that patients were able to lower their blood pressure, blood sugar and insulin by practicing a silent mantra meditation. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin reported that people newly trained in meditation have shown an increase in electrical activity in the left frontal part of the brain, an area associated with positive emotion and happiness. Extensive research on the benefits of meditation has shown significant improvements in patients with cancer, diabetes, asthma, psoriasis, headache, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments.
There is approximately a 50% reduction in visits to a HMO after a relaxation-response based intervention which resulted in estimated significant cost savings. Health insurance statistics on over 2,000 people practicing meditation over five-year period show meditators consistently had less than half the hospitalization than did other groups with comparable age, gender, profession, and insurance terms.
Meditators had fewer incidents of illness in seventeen medical treatment categories, including 87% less hospitalization for heart disease and 55% less for cancer.
Meditation has been shown to reduce both the experience of chronic pain and its inhibition of everyday activities. 65 percent of the patients who spent 10 weeks in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Stress Reduction Clinic reported that their pain was reduced by one-third or more.
A recent study in PAIN found that people with chronic back pain who meditated for eight weeks had a decreased amount of pain and an improvement in physical function. Meditation can help relieve many arthritis symptoms, such as pain, anxiety, stress and depression, as well as relieve the fatigue and insomnia associated with fibromyalgia. Adults with rheumatoid arthritis who participated regularly in a 6-month meditation program experienced less emotional distress and a higher quality of well-being than their counterparts who did not meditate. Meditation produced a significantly larger reduction in tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use than either standard substance abuse treatments or prevention programs. Infertile women have a 42% conception rate, a 38% take-home baby rate, and decreased levels of depression, anxiety and anger. Premenstrual syndrome, infertility problems, and even breastfeeding can be improved when women meditate regularly. In a study where college students either meditated, slept or watched TV, those who had been taught to meditate performed 10% better at tasks that require attention and concentration. 100% of insomnia patients reported improved sleep and 91% either eliminated or reduced sleeping medication use. Long-term meditators who had been practicing meditation for more than five years were physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age, as measured by reduction of blood pressure, and better near-point version and auditory discrimination.
In a study of residents in homes for the elderly who practiced meditation, the survival rate for those using a silent mantra meditation technique was 100% after 3 years compared to 65%, 77% or 88% survival rates for other treatment groups using different forms of relaxation based therapies. Meditation has a profound effect upon three key indicators of ageing: hearing ability, blood pressure and vision of close objects. A part of the brain known as the cerebral cortex (critical in decision making and working memory) was thicker in people who meditated for as little as 40 minutes a day, compared with people who did not. Meditating 45 year old women and men had on average, respectively, 47% and 23% more DHEA (the youth related hormone) than non-meditators – this helps decrease stress, heighten memory, preserve sexual function and control weight. Respected asthma researchers in Australia compared the effect of meditation against a simple relaxation technique on 30 people with severe asthma who were divided into two groups.

Patients diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder with or without agoraphobia who participated in a group mindfulness meditation training program showed reductions in symptoms of anxiety and panic and maintained these reductions.
Meditation is the only activity that reduced blood lactate, a marker of stress and anxiety. Stutkin of Boston University’s Center for Anxiety Related Disorder, found slow diaphragmatic breathing proved just as effective in reducing anxiety as the antidepressant drug imipramine. Research suggests that by meditating regularly, the brain is reoriented from a stressful fight-or-flight mode to one of acceptance, a shift that increases contentment. A study at the University of New Mexico compared the effects of two mind-body interventions on stress: meditation and cognitive behavioral stress reduction. A comprehensive statistical study shows that meditation provides a far deeper state of relaxation than does simple eyes-closed rest and that reduced physiological stress through meditation is cumulative. People who meditate have a decreased breath rate indicating meditation produces a state of rest and relaxation. The skills derived from meditation training have been shown effective in significantly reducing the recurrence of major depressive episodes by half in patients treated for depression.
Research suggests that by meditating regularly, the brain is reoriented from a stressful fight-or-flight mode to one of acceptance, a shift that increases contentment. People who meditate can cultivate compassion, specifically concentrating on the loving kindness one feels toward one’s family and expanding that to include strangers.
Tibetan meditation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Miami and Ohio State university researchers are investigating the impact of Tibetan meditation on victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. Urbanowski, at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center Stress Reduction Program, found that by combining meditation with psychotherapy one can simultaneously develop ego strength as well as meaningful experiences of egolessness, even for trauma survivors. A statistical meta-analysis of 146 previously conducted studies indicated that compared with every other meditation and relaxation technique tested to date, a silent mantra meditation technique is much more effective at reducing anxiety, the most common sign of psychological stress, and more effective in increasing self-actualization .
University of Kentucky researchers found that sleepy people who meditated for 40 minutes did better on a test of mental quickness than people who had taken a 40-minute nap. A study at Indiana State University found that obese women who practiced mindfulness meditation had an average of four fewer binge-eating episodes a week than before they took up the practice. A study at Massachusetts General Hospital found that parts of the brain’s cerebral cortex were thicker in people who had practiced meditation daily for just 40 minutes for several years.
Three months of rigorous training in meditation leads to a profound shift in how the brain allocates attention. Practices of meditation techniques develop greater basic perceptual abilities including improved memory, greater creative expression and greater organization of mind and cognitive clarity. Other studies on Buddhist monks have shown that meditation produces long-lasting changes in the brain activity in areas involved in attention, working memory, learning and conscious perception. University students who regularly practiced meditation increased significantly in intelligence over a two-year period, compared to control subjects. A study measuring creative thinking showed those who meditate scored significantly higher on figural originality and flexibility as well as on verbal fluency. Job performance and job satisfaction in those who meditate increased while desire to change jobs decreased. 78% of adults who completed an 8 week meditation study reported a reduction in total ADHD symptoms.
In two companies that introduced meditation, managers and employees who regularly practiced meditation improved significantly in overall physical health, mental well-being, and vitality when compared to control subjects with similar jobs in the same companies. High school students exposed to a relaxation response-based curriculum had significantly increased their self-esteem.
Inner city middle school students improved grade score, work habits and cooperation and decreased absences. 78% of adolescents who completed an 8 week meditation study reported a reduction in total ADHD symptoms.
Sarah McLean delivers captivating instructions for the beginner, reminders for the seasoned meditator, and three soothing guided meditations.
You will find many more videos and articles of mine on my YouTube channel and web site, and here are those links for you to review. With over 1,000 download, this is my most popular product and I really want you to have it if you plan on being a meditation teacher. Duration: Program is designed for 8 weeks, although you can take more or less time as required. Material: Program material is available immediately for download upon registering, as well as online. I am certain once you complete the Meditation Certification Program, you will not just be a great teacher, but you will also have the necessary skills to create transformational products, such as this Mind Expanding Guided Meditation.
This extensive and detailed e-book comes complete with full color illustrations and active links. The book will not just help you navigate the course easily, but will also serve as an excellent reference manual for you once you begin to teach your own classes. The week by week syllabus and instructions on how to do this program are also included in the manual. To ensure you learn the techniques correctly and precisely, this program comes with 15 online videos.
Each video also has an accompanying chapter in the training manual, which gives you the necessary details about the techniques being taught.
Finally, all the videos are linked to from the Meditation Training Manual, so they can be easily accessed and integrated into your training.
Upon graduating, depending on which level you sign-up with, you and your meditation center will be listed in the Certified Meditation Teachers and Meditation Centers Directory (PR4). In addition, if you sign up for the full amount, you will also receive a listing on the following page, Best Yoga and Meditation Web Sites, which is a high ranking Google Authority Page (PR3). I also rigorously use the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site to promote the teachers, their classes and their centers. Being part of the training program gives you exclusive access to the Mastery of Meditation Teacher's Training Newsletter. The training program itself is the SAME regardless of how much you can pay, though the higher levels earn you greater exposure and valuable listings.
Certificate, Letter of Recommendation and Listing in the Certified Meditation Teacher's Directory. Certificate, Letter of Recommendation, Teacher's Directory Listing and Listing on the Best Sites Page. If you are still unable to pay any of those amounts please contact me and we will work out some other arrangement. This program, like all my products, comes with a 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. To join simply click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button below for the level you wish to enrol at and you will taken to Anmol's Yoga and Meditation Store for 100% safe and secure checkout.

Upon payment you will receive an email with a link to download a file with instructions on how to complete your enrollment, how to access your bonus gifts and how to download the material for the program.
Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity. Those who practiced a silent mantra meditation over a three month period and who had moderately elevated blood pressure levels dropped their blood pressure significantly. Patients who meditated had significantly lower blood pressure; improved fasting blood glucose and insulin levels and more stable functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Long term meditators experience 80% less heart disease and 55% less cancer than nonmeditators. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin, using the latest techniques in brain imaging technology (fMRI , EEG and MEG), has shown that meditation produces demonstrable positive effects in both brain and immune functions.
In one study testing immune function, flu shots were given to volunteers who had meditated for eight weeks and to people who didn’t meditate. Researchers say biological effects seen in the study are long lasting – up to four months after the end of meditation training.
Pain-related drug utilization was decreased and activity levels and self-esteem increased. Short-term meditators were physiologically five years younger than their chronological age. Meditators secrete more of the youth-related hormone DHEA as they age than non-meditators. It is possible that meditation may protect against age-related thinning of this part of the brain.
One group received regular instruction in meditation while the other was taught a popular relaxation technique. Researchers have discovered that meditating 10-20 minutes a day can reverse the ill effects of stress. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, stress levels were 35% lower in the group who meditated than in those who did not meditate.
After two groups students participated in the separate 8-week courses, results indicated that the meditation students improved on eight measured outcomes while the cognitive students improved on only six. The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain that deals with attention and processing sensory input and tends to thin with age. Physiologically, when the brain is functioning in a more relaxed state, it’s able to absorb and retain memory better. After just five days, subjects who meditated showed significantly greater improvement on tests of attention and mood than did the control group. EEG coherence is a quantitative index of the degree of long-range spatial ordering of the brain waves.
The finding corroborates the results of two other studies showing increased IQ in meditation students.
On neurocognitive test performance, significant improvements were found on the measure of attentional conflict. Meditation practitioners also reported significant reductions in health problems such as headaches and backaches, improved quality of sleep, and a significant reduction in the use of hard liquor and cigarettes, compared to personnel in the control groups. On neurocognitive test performance, significant improvements were found on the measure of attentional conflict. A selection of crystal bowl healing sounds makes this CD perfect for anyone seeking a soulful companion for meditation. This is because, Amazing Insights will answer for you the most difficult questions regarding life and Reality. I have created this program and am the author of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, one of the largest and most popular yoga and meditation portals on the internet. So not only do you get the Meditation Training Manual, but you will also have access to the syllabus and all the material online as well. Upon passing it you receive a signed certificate from me and Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, certifying you to teach meditation, as well as gentle yoga and pranayama. You will understand deeply how profound the method that was used to create this meditation truly is, and you will be able to apply such wisdom in creative ways of your own. The links allow you to access additional material you may wish to study in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation, yoga and enlightened living.
This manual consists of the very best articles and techniques from the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site and much much more. The videos teach and demonstrate all the important meditation, yoga and pranayama techniques used in the program. As the certification program was launched in 2010, the first batch of students are now graduating and you will find their listings there.
This newsletter is sent about 1 time per month only to the enrolled students and graduates, and is packed with key information, tips and free gifts to help you succeed as a meditation teacher. It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. There are five, six week courses or modules that are to be completed in the program to receive the Teacher Training Certification. Blood tests taken later showed the meditation group had higher levels of antibodies produced against the flu virus, according to the study in Psychosomatic Medicine.
Meditation has also been found to alleviate insomnia, depression, anxiety, anger, headaches, hot flashes and physical pain. Important truths about Enlightenment, Purpose, Meaning, Knowledge, Destiny, Karma, Relationships, Reincarnation and more are revealed in this book.
Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring.
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners funded the 18 month project and results clearly showed that while both groups did appear to bring about improvements in the way the patients felt, the meditation group also showed improvements in the severity of the asthma disease process itself.
In a person who had been meditating for 2 years, spreading of coherence occurred even before meditation began, spreading of coherence to high and lower frequencies about half way through the meditation period, and continuing high coherence even into the eyes-opened period after meditation. Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room!
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This effect was not seen in the relaxation group suggesting meditation can actually influence the disease process. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index".

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