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The main screen lets you set a time for preparation, meditation, interval, and cool down period. Nature Music by Red Hammer Software offers a wide variety of pre-mixed melodies as well as a sound mixer to mix your own melody.
As anyone with children knows, it’s really hard to keep them quiet for an extended amount of time. My Pokemon Meditation Balls are a great addition to my meditation routine (and a great decoration for my desk).
A centuries old tradition, meditation balls still have a place in meditation practice today.
The best feature of these hand-painted Poke’ balls is the lack of annoying chimes to distract you while you’re meditating.
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Perfect for meditation, massage sessions, and reminding yourself to get up and stretch after an hour at the computer!
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I really enjoy the Buddhist temple pre-mixed track and sometimes I add in some extra thunderstorm when I use it to sleep at night.
In addition to using them for your meditation practice, they are also great to help exercise your forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers. Each set is either wooden (for the beginner) or glass (for the more advanced) and hand-painted to look just like something your Pikachu would call home. Set it for the desired number of minutes (5 to 60 minutes), and this solid wood timer sounds the beginning of your session with three gentle chimes; then ends it the same way. In part 2, I’m going to tell you about a few items that I use during my meditation routine.
If you prefer music while meditating, I suggest getting the Yoga to Sci Fi and Fantasy Classics album. While they might not block out all the surrounding noise, they do the job well enough for me. Holding one in each hand gives my fingers something to touch and keeps me from getting fidgety. Not only is it ingeniously functional, but your timer's elegant proportions mirror those of the Kheops Pyramid: the ideal Feng Shui ratio for generating stability and balance.

I love the carrying case it comes with because I can toss them in my backpack and not worry about them getting messed up. When visiting my parent’s beach house, it’s nice to able to grab my chair and head down to meditate to the natural sounds of the waves. This particular style is in-ear, so if you prefer an over the ear fit, you might want to consider another style.
Each chair is handmade from solid wood and features a back and seat cushion consisting of the highest density, three inch foam.
The back cushion is a nice feature because it helps support your back while still keeping you in good posture.
Of all the items on this list, I would have to say this is definitely at the top of the must haves for any meditating parent.

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