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Gain awareness in to your meditation habits with just the right amount of statistics offered at the end of each session. Enjoy authentic meditation bowls, tingshas, and bells recorded in crystal clear studio quality. The clear glass interface presents simple functionality which is sophisticated enough to know what to do, and what not to do.
Touch the beautiful glass interface to set your preparation, meditation, interval, and cool down time.
A wide range of applications to help at work, move, entertain, connect with friends, relax, etc. It comes with different sessions, different levels of difficulty, and length for you sessions, depending on your level and time availability.

It works as a personal trainer with 40 sessions, 300 positions and background music with explanatory videos and picture galleries. The interesting thing is that it shows you how to relieve pain or illness, and you can choose to perform the exercise depending on the affected part of your body. Pocket Yoga offers 27 different classes to choose from, depending on the difficulty and the time available. The app proves to be a useful assistant to improve concentration and to isolate you from the noise outside. However, rather than melodies, Nature Sounds brings closer sounds of nature, such as the storm, sea, rain, water sounds, waterfall, without the interference of musical instruments. By completing such exercises in a state of concentration, you get results such as improved sleep, back pain relief, etc.

You have ten levels of meditation, but you are advised to start with five minutes a day, no more. Relaxation sounds are available along with photographs and notes to help you break the boundaries and get into a full meditation state.Download for AndroidInsight Timer FreeTibetan bells are a traditional sign in the world of meditation. It runs like clockwork, by selecting the starting and ending sounds during the meditation processes, and also sets intermediate sounds. It familiarizes you with basic ideas and concepts about Zen music to help in the meditation process.

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