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Botanical Gardens :- It has beautiful lawns, ponds with a variety of 650 species of plants and trees, including a fossil of a tree, 20 million years old.
Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary :- The Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of very rich flora and fauna, and is home to many animals like tigers, Leopards, elephants, giant squirrels, sambhar, chital, barking deer, wild dogs, gaur, Nilgiri langur, hyena, and jackal.
Deer Park :- Situated on the periphery of the Ooty Lake, the park is a beautiful place and offers a unique opportunity to observe and study wildlife in natural habitat.
Dodabetta Peak :- Dodabetta, is a great place to enjoy the spectacular view of the valley below. Lamb's Rock :- Lamb's Rock is another vantage point that is ideal for taking pictures and is a wonderful picnic spot. Kodaikanal is located amidst the folds of the verdant Palani hills with soaring hills, lush vegetation, enhancing waterfalls, crystal blue lakes and colonial charm - a land to feel free and lively. Bryant Park :- The Park, has approximately 742 varieties of rose and is a major tourist spot here. The Kurinji Andavar Temple :- The temple has been named after the famous Kurinji flowers that blossom once in twelve years. Water Falls :- There are numerous famous falls located around Kodaikanal are the Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade, Glen Falls and the Fairy Falls. Pillar Rocks :- This spectacular place is located nearly seven kilometers away from the center of Kodaikanal.
After breakfast take a sight seeing tour of Cochin, the commercial hub of Kerala and also known as the ?Queen of Arabian Sea?. Swaying palm trees, azure water and verdure foliage, Bangaram Island is an oasis of serenity and beauty.

Tamil actress sweety shetty rose to fame with her breakthrough movie Vikramarkudu and since then has been seen quiet some times and has received quiet fame and recognition due to her characters and roles. One of the prized things that Anushka has her eyes fixed on is the perfect figure and to maintain that she takes steps towards curbing her diet and turning it into a gluten-free zone. Anushka shetty is all about fitness and that is why along with a proper diet she maintains a proper work-out regime. Just like every other world-class beauty, hydration is yet another of her beauty secret for that beautiful glowing skin. Clipped bushes in the form of elephants, with raised trunks, and other animals welcome the visitors, all over the Gardens.
On a clear day, one can see far off areas, even the plains of Coimbatore and the flat highlands of Mysore. It is a great vantage point that offers a spectacular view of the Moyar river and the tea estates.
Three rocks, each projecting into the sky to a height of about 400 meters, present an enchanting view. Check in and Relax and later witness the famous Kathakali dance performance performed by the professional artists. Assistance at Wharf and you will be taken to Cochin airport to board the flight for onward journey. On your Lakshadweep tour, rendezvous with your inner soul and loose yourself to the scenic beauty. Boating, fishing, deep-sea fishing, sailing, boating, kayaking, lagoon diving, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the famous water sport activities of Bangaram.

As of now she has many big endorsements and is a popular common face of the Tamil Telegu film industry. She stays away from junk food or fast food and tries to keep her figure in control by eating right. Yoga is known around the world to cure obesity and at the same time maintain skin and hair conditions so her favorite work-out is yoga. Instead of splurging on commercial products she prefers DIYs where she can pop in a homemade recipe like lemon and gram flour on the blackened part underneath the elbows or knee caps which can do away with the black rough portions. The place, located a kilometer away from the famous Kodaikanal Lake, presents a picturesque view of the valley and near by township. Francis Church, Mattencherry Palace, and stroll through the narrow cobbled streets, lined with antique and handicraft shops of Jew town and completes the tour at the Jewish Synagogue, the oldest living Synagogue in the world.
This yoga instructor turned actress in 2005 entered into the film industry.  All of these times people have been amazed by her beauty.
Ingredients like honey are known to have natural healing properties that and that is why she prefers bread and honey as breakfast. Kochi city is known for its textiles, readymade garments, jewellery, handicrafts, antiques and spices. This would definitely complete your tour as you would pamper your body and soul with the smell of flowers.

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