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Many successful executives swear by meditationA for itsA proven physical and mental benefits.
And while Dalio may be on the more dedicated end of the spectrum, there are many different ways to meditate.
Indeed, one of the most important benefits of a meditation practice is a more focused mind. On the other hand, Business Insider's Pennella€”who meditates for 45 minutes every morninga€”uses an iPhone app called a "Zen Timer" because "it stills feels like a distraction having to worry about time," she says. Pennell also says that, even after a few years of practicing, "I get distracted, too, but one of the things that meditation teaches is muscle memory, repetition. When anxiety becomes overwhelming, you may be tempted to seek solace in prescription medication, alcohol, or drugs. When you take in air, if only the top part of your lungs expands, your chest rises and falls.

Create a specific space to meditate.A Just like going to the gym or the office, having a designated space to perform a task is psychologically motivating. You sit on the cushion so many times, your body and nervous system start to learn the practice. Read about meditation.A To develop a truly successful meditation practice, it's important to understand the philosophy behind it. These methods, though, inherently bring problems of their own.The good news is you can get through anxious moments on your own without drugs or alcohol.
Charles RaisonA told CNN that meditating for even five minutes a day can lead to major benefits. Pennell recommends reading "Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom," by Rick Hanson, and books by the Vietnamese monkA Thich Nhat Hanh. Even reading a fewA simple passagesA from a daily meditation guide can dramatically improve your perspective.

Many others share your struggle, and you can feel better about yourself and more in-tune with others when you share your feelings.Next StepsWhen you start your journey toward personal peace through prayer or meditation, expect to conquer your anxiety. It took time to get where you are, and it’ll take time to get back to where you want to be. Most importantly, you’ll be back to being happy again, and there’s no greater gift you can give yourself than joy!

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