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Reading, Writing And Character The new push to teach perseverance, self-control, and mindfulness at school. The Lighten Up blog also has periodic postings about meditation and self-discovery in our modern age. While these musings are often private, some have been published and can become great literary tomes. And we all need to take a bit of time out of our regular schedule and contemplate our true purpose.
For those constantly looking for the antidote for life's daily stresses and worries, meditation can have an enormous impact on the way you view the world — and it's not just hippie bullsh*t. With all that said, it can be really f*cking hard to sit still for 10 minutes, and that's where this hilarious and surprisingly calming meditation video from Jason Headley comes in handy.

Learn about the benefits of meditation and discover the basics of how it works - and check out the Lighten Up blog for occasional articles about integrating a practical spirituality into your life.
Study after study has shown a correlation between meditation and reduction of gray matter in the amygdala, the region connected to anxiety and emotional regulation. If guided meditations have been too strange, far-out, or boring for you in the past, prepare to breathe in the good sh*t and exhale the bad sh*t with this hysterical NSFW-language-filled video.
It's been proven to lengthen your attention span, lessen stress levels, and decrease insomnia by 42 percent. And with just two months of a consistent practice, meditation literally changes your brain chemistry, making you more resilient when difficult situations arise.
Attend one of our INTRO TO MEDITATION classes in Sunnyvale and learn how to meditate using a really simple, and even exciting, and especially straightforward meditation technique that you'll actually want to do every day.

With the technique you'll learn at one of our San Francisco "how to meditate" classes, you'll be up and running in no time! Come check out the way that we meditate and see for yourself how meditation can change your life!

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