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By gently and mindfully exploring body movements (largely carried out while lying on the floor) we open to a natural confidence and grace, touching on and deepening both a sense of flowing aliveness and a state of easeful presence.
Exquisite attention to detail allows for feelings of calm, settledness, groundedness, peacefulness, spaciousness, openess, joy and clarity to be revealed.
Working this way we discover how to lead happier, richer lives: stand tall in difficult situations and bring compassionate understanding and caring to all. This simple, yet profound mindfulness opens to a richer more inclusive appreciation of all of life within and around.

Please bring warm and comfortable clothing, blanket or yoga mat, a note book and some water.
Come study meditation with teachers who have been thoroughly trained over decades in Wisdom, Compassion and Non-clinging Awareness.
By both recognising and resting in these wholesome qualities we deepen and strengthen them. She weaves her deepening wisdom from over 20 years of meditative contemplations with her considerable skills of the Feldenkrais Method in a unique and wonderful way.

We have retreats, workshops, meditation classes and meditation group sits all throughout the year.

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