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Winfrey now looks like she may have lost even more weight than her announcement more than two weeks ago, but she’s revealing Weight Watchers might not be the only thing helping her shed the pounds.
She joined Deepak Chopra, spiritual guru and author of “Super Genes,” on a 21-day meditation challenge called “Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit,” a method that some claim can help with weight loss. Researchers continue to study the link between meditation and weight loss, and while there is some evidence that meditation can help people lose weight, it’s still too early to make solid conclusions. Jamie Foxx turns 45 this month, yet he’s got more energy and motivation than I have at the comparatively ripe age of thirty. So, how the heck is Jamie Foxx as motivated as he is, and how can you and I be equally motivated? Follow these keys to Jamie Foxx-like motivation and you’ll be as motivated as the Django Unchained star in no time.
Jamie Foxx is fortunate enough to have a personal fitness trainer who follows him around everywhere and sets up exercises which he can do anywhere. The same trainer who makes it easy for Jamie Foxx to exercise also gives him constant support.
You might find that you have a friend or family member that you can team up with for mutual support.

Motivation is as much about what you do when you’re not exercising as what you do when you are. Staying up late at night filming his next movie, Roland Emmerich’s action thriller White House Down (he plays the president), being filmed each and every day for magazine covers, fitting in push-ups and pull-ups whenever he can with his personal fitness trainer, promoting his current film Django Unchained  . Perhaps that’s why Jamie Foxx has been all over Hollywood movies and on the covers of hundreds of glossy magazines.
Thanks to his trainer, Foxx is able to do exercise practically any time he wants (including during photo shoots). You can send each other texts, speak on the phone and talk when in person, giving constant motivation and encouragement. He has to be fit in order to look good in films and on magazine covers so he can be the star he is. For instance, perhaps you will be going on vacation; decide that you will be fit on the vacation and make this one of your musts. Follow the three keys to Jamie Foxx-like motivation and you’ll turn yourself into the Duracell Bunny in no time. Rather, the point here is to realise why Jamie Foxx is as motivated as he is, how he maintains his motivation, and how you and I can reach and sustain a similar level of motivation.

Trust me, having someone there who constantly motivates you and gives you encouragement makes a hell of a difference.
He has a constant string of events for which he must be fit (cover shoot tomorrow: gotta be fit for that. Sure, you might not end up starring in movies, but you’ll darned sure look the part of a star anyway. If you work at home and you find that you’re not thinking straight, go jog for ten minutes. You’ll get exercise and the change of activity will help you to think better when you return to work. Bottom line, make it easy to exercise whenever you can and build the mentality that every little counts. This helps him to keep up with his fitness because he has a whole list of future events that demand he be in shape.

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