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The Diamond Way Buddhist Meditation Group Singapore represents the international non-profit network of more than 600 lay Diamond Way Buddhist centers of the Karma Kagyu Lineage, founded by Lama Ole Nydahl and directed under the spiritual patronage of H.H. Chine XVIIeme Bouddha assis en bois sculpte et laque, le geste de la main symbolise l'illumination Zen meditation de Shakamuni. A THOUSAND WORDS - Alex Waterhouse-Hayward's blog on pictures, plants, politics and whatever else is on his mind.
I immediately found my most favourite essay, La Novia de D'Artagnan, which is an account of his experience with a young woman at a Buenos Aires bookstore signing. After a fleeting kiss I saw her disappear in the crowd with her heavy backpack full of dreams.
When I thought on how I was going to illustrate this blog I remembered my fading and stained proof in dancer Marthe's files. In 1985 Vancouver Magazine dispatched me to photograph an article on boxing written by Jim Christy.
Three weeks ago Lauren, Rebecca, Rosemary and I went to VanDusen and we watched an "opera" that included two male Canada geese and a female.
I could have gotten an exciting shot with my Nikon FM-2 in the way that I did not in earlier years capture Olajide's haymaker.
I explained that it was nice that a fit and happy Kerr now had sold many paintings for very good money. Last night Rosemary and I attended the opening of the Arts Club Theatre Company production of Michele Riml's Poster Boys at the Granville Island Stage. My granddaughter Rebecca and I watched in 2002 the Leaky Heaven Circus’s not too reverential nativity play Birthday Boy.
While Anderson played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in Grade 6 it wasn’t until she was at an archeological dig in the Negev Desert when she was 24 that she decided to pursue acting. Lois Anderson will be appearing in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of Poster Boys directed by Andrew McIlroy which is based on the true story (written by Michele Riml) of two gay men who posed for a series of VanCity ads (that were meant to be gay) in the 90s in Vancouver.
When Daniel Arnold showed up in my studio in the fall of 2007 for a photograph for the Georgia Straight I was particularly impressed by an actor who had a way of looking right at me. Today I begin my first class of a 10-week (every Tuesday) at Focal Point called The Contemporary Nude Portrait. During my tango dancing days, some years ago one of my favourite partners was one that intimidated me with her precision and her matter of fact, "This should be easy for you, Alex," which of course it wasn't. One day while dancing (you should never talk while dancing the Argentine tango) I put forward my frustration at wanting to find a woman over 50 (a definitely over 50) who would pose for me undraped. Vous cherchez a? acheter des antiquite?s, Proantic propose a? la vente un choix d’objets d’art, du mobilier ancien, des tableaux anciens.
It is from a series featuring his swashbuckler 17th century soldier of fortune Capitan Don Diego Alatriste. I took the liberty of translating it and hope that Alfaguara (Perez-Reverte's publisher) does not sue me.
She was in the third or fourth row in that Buenos Aires bookstore where this author was signing. She seemed like she was about to say more but didn’t and just stared at the book I now had in my hands.
From Dumas we went on to Sabatini, Salgari and the others, between Scaramouche, The Black Corsair and The Prisoner of Zenda. Maybe that's not true and what is true from my point of view is that it took me a long time to do so. It was a courtship that was being interrupted by a less agressive male who seemed to be desperate. Bu Kerr's happy ending has come with a realization for Rebecca that life isn't easy and that it is not all fun and games. Scott Bellis, convincingly plays the older man who in his youth came out and dumped the ad agency executive bride at the altar and Luke Camilleri is the young man who without being ambivalent about his sexuality wants to be like his boss, the powerful ad agency executive played by Lois Anderson. Zanna (short for Alexandra) Downes was a beautiful woman with the most exciting legs this side of Marlene Dietrich, particularly when Downes wore her trademark fishnets. Feeling a tad depressed when I placed my book on the bedroom floor I went downstairs to look for the author's first compilation of his weekly columns for the Spanish literary magazine El Semanal. When I finished Corsarios De Levante I felt sad that I know nobody with whom I can share my pleasure. I wrote some warm words on the first page, I chatted with her and from there I shifted my attention to a 60-year-old woman, very handsome, with green eyes which must have been devastating on others in her time. It would be impossible to not have coffee with someone who appeals to you with Porthos’s last words in the Grotto of Locamaria from The Man of the Iron Mask. To prove it we played a game, a most entertaining game: The size of Constanza Bonacieux’s feet. When I mentioned Rupert of Hentzau and Mexican swashbuckler actor Yanez’s laugh I noticed she was crying.

It is not often that one gets to listen and see a large 18 piece baroque instrument orchestra so Walker and I sat in the front row to get a full (loud) sound. Both Camilleri and Bellis are very good but they cannot compete with Anderson or Daniel Arnold who plays the younger man and the other woman in the play.
The problem with Blogger, is that they are owned by Google and they are now so huge that there is no support staff either by phone or by email.
The first two were somehow translated into English even though these novels are written in a pseudo 17th century Spanish which is quite complex and the stories require a fair knowledge of Spanish history. I doubt that Patente de Corso 1993-1998 (that translates to letter of marque) or its sequel Con Animo de Ofender (with a desire to offend) 1998-2001 will be translated into English soon. She had a backpack full of books and when she finally faced me she took out a tattered copy of The Dumas Club which she had obviously read many times. While we chatted about Seville and the bars of Triana, I noticed that the young girl who loved D’Artagnan remained amongst the shelves with her backpack on her shoulder. So the young girl who said she loved D’Artagnan took the seat in front of me but sat on the edge. Even though she is a bit older than the girl cited in Perez-Reverte's account I think she is just fine.
All performers were dressed in black and my eyes lingered on the female bassoonist who was dressed in an old fashioned black and very frilly dress.
He was so easy to photograph that I took one Polaroid and then four exposures with my medium format camera. Today it is a lecture and then we alternate shooting sessions one week with lecture on the next.
From her backpack she extracted some extremely used Alexander Dumas novels in old series installments. One thing is to see a boxing film and quite another is to hear the punches and see the blood. But it was in Vancouver where folks said,"Alex you make money as a photographer, repairing you car takes you away from making money and the money you save by tuning it yourself is negligible." In my very large and heavy camera bag I carry a complete set of jeweler's screwdrivers and a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Below is a profile on Lois Anderson that has just appeared in the April issue of VLM (Vancouver Lifestyle Magazine). Since then, I have watched Anderson in dramatic roles including last year’s Trout Stanley where she went from comedy to drama and ended up sexy.
The man that plays the sensitive young gay architect and Lois Anderson's character Caroline's alter-ego (dressed as a woman with a red wig and sunglasses, and intelligently underplayed) is a completely different man from the man who was in my studio. In fact most of the gold and silver brought in Spanish galleons from her New World possesions disappeared there.
I threatened to ground her (I have been given this authority by her parents and it involves a curtailing of computer and TV privileges for whatever length of time I stipulate). I could get a glimpse of the shoes and the ankles and I felt like a naughty Victorian gentleman.
She won a Jessie Richardson Award (five Jessies in all), in 2007, playing a 17 year-old Salome in the Leaky Heaven Circus production of Salome.
This is how I’ve lasted.” Besides sculpture, Anderson has toured France in a circus knife board act (on the receiving end) and lists circus silks and the trapeze as additional skills. Everything was there, The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne… She spoke. Who is Bascarrat, in which chapter does he break his sword and in what chapter of Bragellone does his son appear. But I have rarely followed through with the threat and by the time we arrived at the gallery Rebecca was charmed by Kerr's paintings.
I avoid a few camera breakdowns with the frequent tightening of little screws.My problems in my much vaunted self-sufficiency really began when I switched from a Remington Portable No 2 (my grandmother's portable) to a primitive Smith Corona word processor.
I looked at the faces of the musicians, I froze them in my mind like a Daguerreotype camera and tried to imagine them in the 19th century or even further back as Flemish portrait paintings. While Anderson denied that she is sexy, she did tell me during our photo session and interview in my studio, “I am 42 years old right now and I had to seduce King Herod as a 17 year-old. Her two daughters, Anuska (13) and Elena (10) have had a trapeze in their room most of their life until the current landlord objected to making holes in the ceiling.
Poster Boys is a comedy (I laughed lots and as loudly as the man who was on my right, lawyer Christopher Dafoe).
In spite of shyness, without even lifting her eyes from her books she spoke at length, without stopping, her many hours alone “traveling” the route to Calais, the corridors of the Louvre, fighting Jussac and the cardinal’s guards, flying the napkin at the bastion of St Gervais as a flag and escaping by sheer luck Milady's poisoned Anjou wine. When I had breakdowns I had to go to Polson's and cajole the repairman to do his job post haste. The only problem is that I am unable to size them or to move them around so that copy surrounds the photographs.
We were next to Patio Bullrich, a fashionable mall near the Recoleta, so I felt I would not compromise myself to anything if we sat for five minutes over coffee.

The only question she was not able to answer, evil Mordaunt’s father’s name, Milady’s secret son. The young, athletic and beautiful Olajide was matched against an older white man who was going to be his cannon fodder and he would allow Olajide to climb up into stardom. I spotted the luminously beautiful Barbara Bernath (standing behind a computer in the gallery's back office) who in her youth played drums for such bands as 50% Off which was fronted by no less than Lincoln Clarkes. Suddenly I felt helpless.Not too long ago I had to scan some transparencies for a client and I had a three hour deadline. All in all Rosemary and I went home satisfied and Arnold and Anderson's performances will linger in our memory. But at least I can provide a needed service to one my fans who has demanded to see Zanna Downes's fishnets. After I had paid for the coffees she began to slip her books into her backpack with a sweetness and care. The fight was no match and the older man was being devastated by continuous and well placed punches. Rebecca enquired about the self portraits which were collages using hundreds of injection ampules and other medical paraphernalia. Whe I opened my PhotoShop program I was horrified that after a couple of seconds it would close.
I imagined her as a Vermeer by a window, with little on, gazing with pride of purpose.After the concert Walker and I had a chat with the very friendly violinist Johan Van Aken. Trying to soften the blow I interjected that Kerr had haunted the back alley bins of the Vancouver General Hospital to find the stuff. Being able to chat with musicians is one of the additional pleasures of Early Music Vancouver concerts.
Barnath interrupted to explain, very clearly, that Kerr who has AIDS, takes a huge amount of medication every day. This expression now joins "we have issues" and the "computers are down" which signify we are in an area that is beyond our expertise and control.
It's far more intimate than seeing 19th century clothed members of large orchestras up on a stage and to be subjected to the stiff protocol of the concertmaster shaking hands with the director. Olajide noticed that the judges had not seen this so he swung at the man with a punch that floored him for the ten-count.
Luckily I also had Paint Shop Pro 8 as a backup and I was able to meet my photo deadline.I have written here before how as a photographer I have to depend (and I am lucky) on having a support staff. When we left Rebecca asked me (whispering so Lauren would not hear) on Granville, "Is Tiko Kerr g - a - y?" spelling out the word. In the Bach suites without oboes the first violinist Dirk Vandaele nodded his head in direction.Van Aken told us that he had done many of the transcriptions and annotations to the Il Fundamento CD that both Walker and I bought.
I answered that he was and that he suffered for many years and had been near death until a special medication was provided only after newspaper articles and a general uproar in Kerr's favour had forced the medical bureaucracy to provide the drug. Hungarian Paul Leisz installs programs into my computer, debugs it and every few years takes me to a place on Bridgeport Road where I order up a computer with Paul's suggested components.Without those three people the latent images of my photography would remain so. In the end Rebecca posed by her favourite Tiko Kerr painting which happens to be my favourite, too. My friend and web designer (he and Chris Botting designed my web page and this blog) Doug Jasinski wrote in an email, "I unleashed this crack that this blog means to you and now I have the responsibility to score you some more by fixing it." Unfortunately Doug Jasinksi and his company Skunkworks are going through a very busy period and my blog perhaps had to wait before it could be looked at. The prospect of listening to new music (for us anyway) from an unknown composer (to us) was exciting.I dared in the end to mention to Van Aken my infatuation with the bassoonist and I enquired how a woman could be called Alain. It was then that I gained a great respect for the true newspaper photographer who somehow manages to suppress instincts and emotion to get the job done.
I found a roundabout method of uploading but it involved no control of placement or size.In extreme desperation I appealed to the Grand Master Guru Tim Bray. If you want I will introduce you to her." For a few seconds my visions of the Flemish painting (as replicated with a camera) came crashing down but I quickly shifted to an Australian outback. But I felt too shy to accept Van Aken's offer and, of course I now regret it.What does Il Fundamento, a formerly Flemish but now Australian bassoonist, and a long forgotten Basque composer of the early 19th century have to do with Don Ameche?For one while this blog is broken and I have a limited ability to post pictures with some sort of control I enjoy posting large photos as they appear large. He then opened up one of those boxes in the middle of my monitor and started typing in code stuff that made reading Caesar's Gallic Wars in Latin seem easy. But just freeze your sight on the man and perhaps imagine him as a movie actor playing D'Artagnan with foil in hand. It's the imagining that is.As I played Il Fondamento's Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga I tried to imagine him at his deathbed (he died of tuberculosis) with his friend Spanish pianist Mateo Perez de Albeniz bedside.

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