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White skeleton meditation forms a small part of a pretty extensive system of Buddhist meditations.
You will certainly feel the results of this experience over the next few days or weeks – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Almost immediately, with regular meditation, you will find that you are feeling more relaxed and at peace. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life. The system comprises numerous degrees or stages of meditations starting with four colors - blue, yellow, red and white, of which white kasina (object) is the best, because it makes the mind clear and bright.Before the white kasina can be developed, you need to first establish the fourth jhana (height of equanimity) through mindfulness of breathing.

This initial experience can be enhanced and strengthened through meditation and by taking a little time each day to cleanse your subtle system so that the kundalini can flow more freely. That is, we become aware of vibrations on our hands and around our body and feel sensations of buzzing, tingling, heat or pain on our fingertips and sometimes within the body.
In this state of imperturbability and concentration, when the light produced is bright and brilliant, you discern the thirty-two parts* of the body internally. You may have felt the kundalini as a cool breeze emanating from the top of your head or on the center of your palms. Only through regular meditation can we grow and develop our subtle awareness, allowing us to unlock and reveal all of the benefits.

Also, gradually over the first few weeks or so of regular meditation, you will start to feel various sensations on your hands, or throughout your body at the chakras.
Conditionings, which are bad for our health and create stress and disease within us, are gradually removed.

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