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Emphasizes that the best way to fulfill your aspirations is not to just think about what you want to manifest, but rather, feel what it would be like if it did. After she is contacted by a powerful group of angels while visiting Santorini Island, Virtue recovers memories of Atlantean healing methods, along with messages from the Egyptian and Greek prophet and deity Hermes. Angel Therapy Meditationsby Doreen Virtue This calming CD allows you to open up to the miraculous power of the angels.
Awakening KundaliniBy Kelly Howell Kundalini is the extraordinary powerhouse of cosmic energy that resides within you.
Four classic works by bestselling author and spiritual psychologist Doreen Virtue are collected in this CD set. Brain Massage: Revitalize Mind and Bodyby Kelly Howell Tingle all over as you listen to this rush of cleansing energy swirling through your mind and body. Channeling Your Higher SelfBy Edgar Cayce, Henry Reed Audio Publisher MarketingChanneling the ideals of one's Higher Self is the safest, most effective way to stimulate personal growth and tap into the ancient knowledge that we all possess.
Each of these meditations from Catherine’s Manifesting Course will support and guide you through the steps of your manifesting process.

Making a small change in your daily routine tells the Universe that you are ready to release some old limiting patterns and bring in some new patterns of abundance.
After bringing your living symbol into your heart center, you can confidently affirm that you and your desire are one.
Daily gratitude for every bit of harmony and abundance in your life creates the bridge of synchronicity that takes you to the harmony and abundance of your desires.
Now is when old energy patterns must move out to make room for the patterns of your desires. Includes "Manifesting with the Angels, Past-Life Regression with the Angels, Karma Releasing," and "Healing with the Angels." 4 CDs. Virtue, a metaphysical healer who works with the angelic realm, guides you through spirit releasement and angelic healing therapy, which clears your energy chakra centers and activates your inborn healing and psychic power. Edgar Cayce's practical, easy-to-follow methods help listeners answer the questions, meet the challenges, and solve the problems they face every day.
It needs to be balanced and flowing easily for you to open to receive your desire from the Universe.

Put it in several places where you will see it throughout the day to remind your subconscious self that your desire is here now. He is the author of many books, including such bestsellers as Your Erroneous Zones, You'll See It When You Believe It, and Real Magic. A psychotherapist, Dyer received his doctorate in counseling psychology from Wayne State University and the University of Michigan, and has taught at many levels of education from high school through graduate study.
When Kundalini awakens, your entire life will awaken with insights, energy, and creativity.
Flood your consciousness with this positive energy that helps you overcome even the most stressful thoughts and feelings. Orders outside the US will be shipped via International Priority (a phone number is required if shipping to a Post Office Box). He is the co-author of three textbooks, contributes to numerous professional journals and lectures extensively in the United States as well as abroad.

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