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THAT: A conversation on art that isn’t art (but maybe really is) and on non-art that is art (but maybe shouldn’t be) What the hell does it mean to consider something *as* art vs. An extension of an on-going series of programs organized by the three host organizations about the problem of art criticism in St. Featured on NPR, Time Magazine’s art blog, and a multitude of local media, his current project “What the Hell is Saint Louis Thinking?” spotlights residents’ typewritten stories across the city and her outskirts.
Additionally, each week we will feature a new animation by Selina Trepp whose hand-drawn Nap Animations (2013-15) activate the indeterminate spaces of her child’s sleep as creative constraint. For Document V, Horizontally Flipped Andromeda Galaxy (2015) by Nihaal Faizal is a downloadable desktop image of an horizontally flipped iteration of the iconic Mac OS X Lion Andromeda Galaxy background in which Apple removed an entire galaxy to increase the picture's aesthetic appeal. David Olsen? reviews Heather Corcoran's current exhibition up at the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) in St. Louis, this event offers artists in the community an opportunity to have ekphrastic poems written about their artwork. Louis, Henry Goldkamp translated his skills as a union sheet metal worker into the medium of sculpture while simultaneously molding his craft as a self-taught poet. Cultural ReProducers are an evolving group of active cultural workers who are also parents. The duration of each loop is defined by the number of hand-drawn frames produced during a single nap. The latter led to the development of his poetry project, Fresh Poetry, Ink, in which he fashions poems tailor-made for passersby. Their site is for anyone interested in making the art world a more inclusive and interesting place by supporting arts professionals raising kids. Louis poet Henry Goldkamp will be stationed at fort gondo with a typewriter, where he will compose poems for any piece of art brought to him. His work has led him to collaborations with Contemporary Art Museum, The Mayor’s Office of Saint Louis, Clayton Fine Art Gallery, The Masses, St.
The event aims to provide an alterative approach to traditional critical strategies and encourage play as a solution to absences and ostensible crises.

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