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So many of us have heard and read about the term soulmate. There are lots of books written about the word itself, as well as the meaning that it carries within its terminology. Being a woman, especially a conscious one, I can testify that the word exists due to a volcanically charged reason. Soulmate love has for a very long time, been thought to be this ultimate type of love, that sweeps you off your feet and you feel like you’ve known each other for lifetimes.
Well… most of it’s true, for some people that are destined to meet their soulmate in this lifetime.
The rest that just don’t have the guts to believe that this type of love is real, and therefore will not ever see clearly enough when their soulmate is standing right in front of them. Well, this article is for those of you who have loved and lost, for you… that have cried many nights wondering what the heck was happening inside of you, and wondered how you ever got so lucky to experience the magic of love (even if it lasted for a short period of time) or if you ever would survive the ache that wouldn’t stop washing over you.
And so this takes us to the gift of couplehood, of “the other half” of ourselves. The mystical and almost mythical forever-lasting source of intimacy, inspiration and happiness.
What happens is that people don’t realize that this one person cannot truly ever be our complete engine for life.
For me a soulmate is someone that resonates perfectly with you, and is also operating on a significantly higher than average plane of understanding of all things around them.
When it comes to romance I’ve always believed people usually do not take the proper amount of time to first know themselves, and then ultimately know their companion. When we get in touch with who we are, it unlocks our potential in all aspects of life, romance included. I always try to keep things in perspective, understanding that my truths may only suit me, and even then need to constantly be re-evaluated.
I try to truly be in each moment as best I can, but it can get tough because my reality is often so different from those around me. That sounds wonderfully mature, I support you on your journey and hope that you find solace in knowing that even though the ones aren’t very much like you, there are still people out there, soul brother and sisters, that are on a similar journey as you.
Stranger than fiction: On again-off again BFFs Blair and Serena may have had more than their fair share of misunderstandings and sabotage during all six seasons of Gossip Girl but they’ll always end up seeking each other out in the end. We had both been studying in the same school since kindergarten, but it was the first time we had ever been homeroom classmates.
Towards the middle of the year, though, we had been assigned to direct our class’ play together during our English drama fest, which was when we learned about our shared love for The Go Go’s and reading in the dark. Nonetheless, we took our seventh grade friendship with us to all four years of high school. The weird thing is that out of all the girls I have ever befriended in my young life, none of them had ever been as different from me as she is. Ask just about any girl — it’s hard not to feel such a deep and intense love for the best friend who’s been with you through every high and low of your young life. We didn’t realize what a test college would be for us, until one time we both got really drunk and admitted that the thought of studying cities away from each other was the scariest thing we ever had to do. Truth be told, it would be geographically and logistically easier for us to find new best friends. Have you ever imagined meeting your soulmate and experiencing a higher loving relationship? Let me tell you a bit about myself and the journey Ia€™ve traveled to manifest my soulmate. As I grew up I didna€™t find much evidence in the world about soulmates and harmonious loving relationships. No matter how much I wanted to experience a harmonious relationship this sad a€?normal a€? reality also became my experience and in 2007 I said to myself a€?ENOUGH!a€?. Self-actualization became a higher passion that propelled me to find, study and master the best energy healing techniques that could achieve permanent healing on all levels of my awareness.
Then on December 2009 while giving a presentation about Higher Frequency Relationships at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun I felt in my heart that I was ready to meet my soulmate. So if you havena€™t met your soulmate then there are energetic blockages preventing you from this. If you are ready and fully committed to manifest your soulmate or take your current relationship to the next higher level of frequency then I can make this happen for you. Everything in the universe has a specific frequency or unique energy signature, including yourself.A  Depending on your level of frequency you will attract or repel a certain grid of people, places, times, thing and events.
A: Once you purchase your desired sessions you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a GoToMeeting link. Sessions can be done remotely (non-interactive in the 3D) via the Higher Self upon request. A: YES!~ I will teach you how to connect to your Higher Self (very simple yet extremely powerful) and read energy signatures.
A: You can do individual sessions for $300 or take advantage of our discounted advanced coaching training which is 10 interactive healing sessions for only $2,497.
This secure web-scheduler will allow you to purchase the desired sessions and then self-schedule.A  Please just sign in and click the Online Store tab and click Advanced Coaching under Series and Membership to order.

Not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure dis-ease or illness, nor is it to be interpreted, in any way,A as a substitute for professional medical, surgical or psychiatric care or treatment. That reason is the root cause of major life changes, deep heartache, real life movie-type love and love at first sight without knowing how on earth it happened. The scenario moves on to courtship, couplehood, move in, engagement, marriage, home, cars, jobs, babies, whatever floats your boat and you scratch my back, I scratch yours, we get stinky and wrinkly together and bam! For most others that do meet their soulmate, an immense amount of growth takes place, some major raging wars as well as karmic patterns of role play or whatnot…and it might just not last after the couplehood or courtship or any of the first stages.
It is such a powerful thing, that we need to see and feel it manifest in the essence of human energy, touch, smell, in gifts, portraits and other types of expressional manifestation. He or she cannot fulfill every single need you have and do it per psychic communication, all the time. It is supposed to give you perspective, strip you naked of your egoic bravado and wake you up from your self-created reality. No matter how far apart they put us — three classrooms away, one floor apart, one entire building apart — there would always be time for us to get in trouble together. Our friendship was like a never-ending season of Grey’s Anatomy, minus the hot doctors and the ectopic pregnancies. She and I have laughed together, cried together, and snuck into R-18 movies together while we were still in high school. At first we tried talking to each other as often as possible through every available medium, but our schedules were so different already that it didn’t work out very well.
We were running in different circles, and when one of us would tell interesting anecdotes about our new school friends, the other one wouldn’t know who the hell the story is about. I’d tell you why that won’t happen, but my friend said it a lot better than I ever will: “Having each other in our lives—no matter how ever big or small a part we may play—is just not an option.”College gave us new friends and maybe even new best friends, but a soulmate? Many people have a deep longing to meet their soulmate, yet for most people this is something that will never come true because they have energetic blockages that prevent them from this. My name is Gustavo CastaA±er and since I was a little kid I would fantasize about marrying every single one of my school girlfriends. Instead what I saw were people falling madly in love,A  then as time passed by the passion gradually extinguished and many relationships ended with broken hearts, bitterness, resentment and sometimes even hatred. At the time I was in a very co-dependent, dramatic, painful and stressful relationship where my previous partner and I would exchange the roles of victim, tyrant, rescuer and martyr. That is when I knew I had to go deeper than ever before and heal the SOURCE of this at the core of my being, the soul level.
After applying a numerous different healing modalities with little or moderate success I finally found the healing tools that enabled me to work on myself and other people with tangible and permanent results. Right away I did manifestations for this to happen and in less than 3 months I met my beloved, the love of my life. Past experiences like betrayal, abandonment, rejection, fear of not being good enough or being loved, guilt, victimization, etc. The goal is to clear the highest priority energetic blockages, past painful experiences and DNA distortions then activate your field to its highest frequency potential so you can manifest your soulmate and so much more.
Plus activate your heart chakra, brain centers and DNA template to their highest frequency holding potential and original divine function for unconditional self love, relationship mastery and more.
Because of the principle of frequency resonance you will only attract those things that you have a similar or identical frequency. Many things can have an effect on your frequency (past experiences, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc.) yet the source of our frequency level is the vibratory oscillation of our DNA.
After you have scheduled your session on our web-scheduler you will click on the GoToMeeting link at the time of our session. This means that you will be able to feel the entire energy clearing and verify that this is taking place. You will receive an e-mail payment confirmation as well as the pre-session instructions and additional information on the sessions. It carries both sides of a wondrous coin and yes indeed, we all have to make payments of some sorts if we are to live, breathe and then survive the saga: Meeting your soulmate and realizing that it’s not for life. All of the stages of love strikes you and you drop your shield and sword, swearing to love forever, and then the anvil hits you and you wake up from your rose-colored dream. Not just to mess you up, but more so to make you realize who you truly are at the end of the saga. If you can, on a sunny day, recall all the ugly stuff you went through and broke through and became a better person for, then you are royalty. Subjective reality can be flexy, molded into what you want it to be, for your highest good. Every year would be the same: I’d meet someone in my class that I would eventually consider as my best friend, until summer would come along and we’d fall out of touch. She has a brilliant analytical brain whereas I only found out last week that Pluto is no longer a planet.
If only to prove our cooler than cool friendship, we got voted Best Friendship during our senior graduation ball.

We had initially been suspicious of our new schoolmates, thinking they would never be as cool as we were, until we got to know them better and found out that they weren’t so bad after all. There were many moments of us making plans but having to cancel them due to our wildly different schedules. It took me awhile to resist accepting that we were growing apart, and that we have to relearn each other. Some couples stayed together because they felt comfortable with each other yet fighting was more prevalent than any romance. There was a galore of arguments, guilt strategies to manipulate each other and the constant need to seek each othera€™s love, approval and appreciation. I was guided then to work with Ivonned Delaflor and Toby Alexander, the founders of the Higher School For Conscious EvolutionsA®. I realized that my lifea€™s journey and the self-healing process I had gone through were the necessary training I required to assist other people who had similar life experiences. Since then it was more than clear to me that my mission here on Earth was to assist other people in manifesting higher frequency relationships and their soulmates by helping them clear all energetic blockages and karmic loops that prevented them from this.
This way you will embody and accrete these frequencies in your field thus inevitably attract your soulmate. If your current energetic level does not resonate with your soulmate and then this wona€™t be projected onto your reality. All past experiences, energetic blockages and even imprints inherited from your parents during DNA conception and fetal integration can be found on your DNA template, the blueprint of human consciousness. This link will enable you to enter our virtual room where you will be able to hear my voice, talk and chat with me as we work on your desired intent and use advanced energy healing techniques to remove blockages, distortions and activate your chakras and DNA.
Life truly is love, because if Creator didn’t love you, then why is your heart beating every second of your life?
It is not surreal, it is very much real, and real things carry 3D vibrations which include being hurt, hurting, miscommunicating and whatever else people do to each other in intimate relationships. Soulmate love doesn’t always last (actually most relationships of that frequency don’t, due to the intensity) and one has to weather the storms cautiously as not to leave permanent damage behind.
And as you learn that lesson, to love unconditionally, to want what is best for another no matter how much you hurt due to human perspectives…you might just get upgraded in the game of love and be lucky enough to meet your twin flame. Whatever “best friendship” I shared with these girls would be reduced to the occasional greetings in corridors, with each of us clinging to our current best friend, awkwardly ignoring the fact that we had been walking on the same side of the hallway just a year before.
Sure, we have a couple of things in common, maybe enough for ordinary acquaintances to have a deep discussion over cocktails. And what I thought was the most hurtful of all was when I once made a joke that she didn’t get. In spite of this I still continued to believe with all my soul that what other people called normal in relationships for me it was insane. Little did I know that I was an emotional drama junkie, but my soula€™s and hearta€™s call was stronger than any need from any of my numerous past self-created ego personalities. After just a couple of healing sessions I was able to let go of all the binding ties (like unconscious guilt, past painful experiences and victimization) I had with my previous partner.
I spent years doing intensive daily healing sessions on myself, studying the minute details about what makes a higher loving relationship and how to activate this, plus what are the things that can sabotage a relationship, the energetic blockages that manifested this and HOW TO CLEAR THEM! This way you can experience a one to one live learning interactive experience, receive instant feedback and ask any questions you may have. Plus these activations and clearings are so powerful that many people feel very strong energy releases from their energetic body, tingling sensations around their chakras and much lighter after the clearing has happened. No matter how that love is expressed, that need for love is expressed, where that need is rooted, etc. If you have gained wisdom, life experience, gotten to love deeply and still learned how to let go, due to whatever reason, then you are the victorious heart.
But the invisible gap was growing between us and grew even more when I started working and she began her last year in college.
Our friendship could no longer just float along the current; we had to work hard to keep it together. What energy animates it, all the time, without rest, just so you can live and play and work and learn? We talked to each other before class, during class (much to the distress of most of our teachers), after class, and even before going to bed. The one constant in my life, my best friend, was turning into someone I would just occasionally talk to when I had to. Soon after it became I knew that I had to work relentlessly on myself to clear all the past relationship baggage, traumatic and painful events of betrayal, abandonment, rejection, fear of not being loved, emotional pain body, etc. Otherwise I would remain stuck in that old karmic loop and project all those things to my beloved soulmate and this was simplyA  not going to happen.

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