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The Mahjong tile games below are fun, plus they train brain skills such as concentration and visual perception. A brief description of each Mahjong game appears below, as well as the rules of how to play.
Mahjong is known by many other names, including Mahjongg, Majong, Mah-jong, Mahjong Solitaire, Chinese tile games, and Shanghai Games. This one doesn't play a Christmas soundtrack, but instead you're treated to the sound of sleigh bells each time you match a pair of tiles. With a right-click of the mouse (or Control-click on a Mac), you manually turn "on" the Flash plug-in just for that game page, so you can play the game.
If you navigate to another page on the same website, or to some other site on the web, the Flash plug-in is automatically "off" for those pages, too, unless you choose to activate it.
It is possible to set up other browsers this way, but I'm going to explain how to set up Chrome only. Click-to-play is one of the safest ways to play flash games online, because it limits your computer's exposure to Flash-based code to only those times when you need it. With click-to-play mode enabled, Flash content is blocked automatically as you surf the web.
To set up click-to-play in Chrome, all you need to do is change the Plugins setting on Chrome's Content Settings page from "Detect" to "Let me choose when to run".
Or, using the menus, first click the Customize button (looks like three horizontal lines) in the upper-right corner of Chrome. With click-to-play enabled, Flash content will be blocked automatically whenever you use Chrome.
To play the flash game, right-click and choose "Run this plug-in" from the right-click menu (or Control-click on a Mac).
The convenient "click-to-play" setting isn't the only reason I prefer to use Google Chrome when playing online flash games. The less well-known Opera and Chromium browsers may provide these same protections, since they and Chrome are based on the same code. In the past, most people allowed the Flash plug-in to automatically run on every page as they surfed the web.
If you were to completely uninstall Flash, as some recommend, you'd no longer be able to play any online flash games or view any other flash content on the internet. Rather than taking a drastic step like uninstalling Flash (which would break all the flash games on the web), you have the option to turn Flash "off" in your browser. Important: No one can guarantee your computer will be 100% protected from viruses or other malware.
If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free online maze games on this site, such as Brain Follow (which also has a monster dungeon theme) and Techno Maze. The maze is well-lit (or perhaps you're holding a torch), so you don't need to worry about being able to see.
To help you avoid becoming disoriented, there's a compass in the lower right of the 3D Maze Escape game.
That's a feature I really like, because it means you'll never be able to simply memorize the maze for future play-throughs. Since the monsters are adept at finding you, I've found it's not helpful to stay in one place very long.
This Angry Bird game is an internet version of the Angry Birds game you may have played on your iPhone. The downside of the Rovio version is that it's only certified for the Google Chrome browser. When the game first loads, you have to wait about 12 seconds for an advertisement to display.
This game definitely requires careful planning, especially at higher levels where the pigs' defenses become more complex. I am now 76, but I think that it would be accurate for me to say that since puberty I have had a memory problem.

No, Doug, I don't mind but I'm sure you know every brain injury is different and many people, including myself, have had brain injuries and never realized it. Robert, it is interesting indeed that your Mum never discussed the full story of your accident and recovery. You have my permission to print out the Bible Word searches below for personal, classroom, or church use.
No matter what you call it, this ancient Chinese puzzle game is a great workout for your brain.
Of all the mahjong tile games I've seen, this is the only mahjong game set in a burger restaurant. This version is similar to the basic Mahjongg game above, except this one has multiple levels.
You can significantly increase your computer's protection by playing the games in Google Chrome's "click-to-play" mode.
The Flash plug-in remains "off" in your other open Chrome browser tabs and pages, protecting you from Flash-based malware (if there is any) on those pages. In my opinion, and that of some computer experts, Chrome is possibly the most secure major browser for running Flash content (see below for a summary of reasons). Chrome is available for phone or tablet (Android or iOS) and for desktop (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
When you open a page that has a flash game, you'll have the choice to activate Flash for that game page only. That's means you're always running the most up-to-date version of the Flash plug-in, and you automatically have all the latest security updates.
Nowadays it makes more sense to have it turned "off" most of the time, and manually turn it "on" to run specific Flash content that you believe is likely to be secure. That's why I recommend using a secure browser like Chrome with click-to-play mode enabled to turn Flash "off" except when you need it.
Then, using click-to-play, activate the Flash plug-in only for the pages that need it, such as online games.
They can help strengthen important brain skills like spatial orientation, concentration, and reaction time. Notice the defensive structures the pigs have erected to protect themselves from incoming bird bombs, such as stacks of blocks and boulders. Firing away willy-nilly won't be sufficient, because you'll run out of birds before you defeat all the pigs. If you wish, click the Levels Menu button to go back and replay other levels you've completed.
Besides online games, playing offline crossword puzzles, math puzzles like Sudoku, board games, card games, etc., on real paper or against real people in person, is also an excellent choice to help stretch and grow your brain. Why do I claim that my memory problem originates from that time in my life?I was invited to my first party where there were girls present and there were mainly school friends there. I feel very sorry for Robert since he has gone through his whole life with such an awful problem.When I finally found a GOOD brain doctor to see, he told me there was medicine for every complaint!
There is perhaps no way to ever know for certain, but the impact from a car that was no doubt traveling at significant speed (the driver not knowing you would appear from behind the bus) was possibly quite severe. The goal is still to remove pairs of matching items, but instead of a stack, you are presented with a flat board. There also cannot be more than two right-angle turns in the path.This is one of the most colorful mahjong games you'll ever see. Christmas Mahjong replaces the usual Chinese character tiles with cheery Christmas figures. You'll see a host of Christmas images in this game including gingerbread men, candy canes, santa hats, Christmas trees, snowmen, Nutcrackers, and more.
The object is to remove as many tiles as possible from the board as fast as you can.Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Road Runner, bombs, anvils, and all kinds of other cartoon images are on these tiles. Instead, you have the power to manually activate the Flash plug-in only when you need it, like when you want to play a flash game.

And the Chrome click-to-play feature makes it super-convenient to control when the Flash plug-in runs.
Click-to-play in Chrome is probably one of the safest ways to use Flash content like online games.
The game also has a large file size (7MB), so it may take awhile to load, especially on a slow internet connection. Use the slingshot to catapult your birds toward the pigs' domains, bursting the pigs in as few attempts as possible.
For example, the yellow angry bird has a "speed boost" feature that makes him fly faster (and hit harder)! You'll see Santa, Rudolph, gingerbread men, candy canes and other Christmas symbols on the tiles of this playful mahjong game. If you don't, food falls off the conveyor belt and you lose!This is a clever version of mahjong that I think you'll really enjoy. The birds plan to exact revenge by catapulting themselves at the pigs in an attempt to squash them.
Even then I am pretty sure that I just accepted the fact that I needed to do this as close to the exam as possible even literally minutes before.
Subsequently he was plagued by periodic severe seizures, to the degree that surgeons ultimately decided to remove part of his temporal-side brain tissue in an attempt to diminish or eliminate the attacks.Unfortunately for Henry, during the operation the surgeon also removed part of Henry's hippocampus, a structure in the brain responsible for the formation of new memories. Finally, you can progress to the next level, assuming you completed the current level successfully. But at that time I didn't think to ask myself why others in my class seemed to remember facts more easily and hold them in their memory for much longer periods than I could.Over the past decade or so I have become more and more convinced that there is definitely something unusual about my memory losses.
Thenceforth, for the rest of his life, Henry was unable to form new semantic (information-based) memories.
For example, Henry could be introduced to you and interact normally, but if you returned the following day he would have no recollection of ever having met you.Molaison's case was extreme to be sure. I was invited to a birthday party and Mum put me on a bus for the short trip to the home where the party was to be held.
But it leaves one wondering whether you might in fact have suffered some brain damage in the car accident which was never properly diagnosed and treated. When I jumped off the bus, I was very excited and ran around behind the bus to cross the road.The next I knew was that I was at home in bed and I had a scar on the side of my face which I apparently received when I ran into a car as I came out from behind the bus (this was in the 40's).
My Dr said he never heard of that but I know it does-for me.If you ever hear of anything else for 'get up and go' energy, plz let me know. Or if it was, you weren't told.Today there are cognitive tests that can help determine the extent, and sometimes the origins, of brain deficits including memory loss. Strangely enough when I think about it even now I never found out from Mum whether or not I went into hospital or, if not, what sort of medical treatment (if any) I received, or how long I was unconscious. You never know, some TBI patients who visit this site might want to ask their doctor about those meds, in case they might help. Looks like Exelon works by increasing the amount of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, by blocking the action of chemicals that break down acetylcholine.You know, the best energy booster I've ever found is my regular exercise program. The problem with supplements, of course, is that your body adapts to them.Take coffee, for example. Before you know it, you need the coffee just to feel normal.Exercise is different, at least in my experience. Even though some days it's hard to fit it into my schedule, I hate skipping my workout because I don't want to miss the benefits.When you exercise consistently, your sleep improves, your body gets more efficient at using oxygen, and your heart works less hard.
Even a daily 20-minute walk can give you an energy boost, if you're healthy enough to do it.

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