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If you like this game, you might enjoy the other free brain games on this site, such a Eye Tester, Idiot Test, and Memory Test.
Note: I've noticed this Mind Cards game sometimes doesn't work on certain browsers or operating systems.
If you like Neon Rider, you might also enjoy Drag Racer, Cube Field, and the Worlds Hardest Game 2. On some levels, you can receive extra points for performing stunts or collecting bonus items.
The A key is used along with the D key to keep the bike parallel to the ground to ensure smooth landings. The Health Meter (lower right of screen, see image at left) starts to drop any time you receive damage.
If you get tired of the Neon Rider background music, click the Music button in the lower right corner to mute it.
In between levels, a pop-up window displays that allows you to choose whether to try the same course again or select from levels you've already completed. This Neon Rider game doesn't train memory directly, other than perhaps when you try to remember the tricks required to complete each level. An important component of absorbing and retaining knowledge is the "original awareness" state that you must enter when studying anything new. If the sum is correct, the color of the tiles will change and the numbers you clicked disappear. Regularly playing an addition math game like this one strengthens your working memory as well as your mathematical ability. You can get rid of a card if its value is *one more* or *one less* than either of the cards in the middle piles. For example, suppose there is an 8 of Spades showing in one of the middle piles and you have a 9 of Clubs. Since your 9 of Clubs is one more than the 8 of Spades, you can move your 9 of Clubs card on top of the 8 of Spades card (by clicking on your card).

Similarly, a 10 of Spades can be moved onto a 9 of Diamonds, as shown in the screen image at left. This free concentration game really forces you to focus on the cards in your hand as well as the values of the cards in the middle.
After the short advertisement ends, click the PLAY GAME button in the lower right of the game window. If you've never played pinball online before or in the arcade, the concept of the game is simple: keep the white ball bouncing around inside the machine for as long as possible. As you get better at this pinball online game, you'll want to hit combos, multipliers, and other high-value shots for extra points.
UPDATE: It appears the High Scores leaderboard is no longer being supported by the game developer.
I actually could have kept going, but with 6 balls on the table at once my brain was on overload.
You might not ever be able to focus like the Bally Table King, but playing pinball online is certain to help improve your concentration, reaction time, and other brain skills. At each level you are presented with a series of shapes such as squares, wedges, circles, and so on. Once the first shape drops off your stack, the level is over and you have the chance to try again. The easy stacks don't take very long, but once you get to the Mediums you'll have to use your brain a bit.
The shapes are shown at the top of the screen (including the size of each shape) so you can plan how you are going to stack them.
This game trains concentration and reaction time, and includes 20 levels of challenging courses. When this happens, you need to flip the color of your bike to match the line, or your bike will drop through the road. As you can see from the image at left, this course starts out level, but then the blue road splits.

Without that, the information can't be asborbed and processed by the memory centers of the brain. To get a bonus for the round, you must complete your puzzle before your competitor completes his. You're sure to get at least one Ball Save every game and maybe an Extra Ball or two, if you're lucky. In other words, you can still play pinball, but the game doesn't keep track of high scores anymore. After you click the PLAY GAME button, the pinball machine appears with the Main Menu screen above it. Click the Options button to access the pinball Options screen where you can change the level of difficulty or language. It's a song about a deaf, dumb (mute), and blind young man who becomes the local pinball champion. This puzzle game has 40 levels and trains concentration and analytical ability.Click the Small, Medium, or Large link under the picture at left. You can tell when your stack is getting unbalanced because shapes start to slide from one side to the other. For example, the hint "Build a school bus" gives you a general idea of how to stack the shapes so they don't fall over. The goal of Neon Rider is to drive your motorcyle from the beginning to end of each course in the shortest time possible.
After jumps or when negotiating steep hills, you will sometimes need to raise your front wheel to align the bike with the ground. Super Stacker 2 also has a Stack Editor feature that you can use to make your own custom stacks.

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