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Brain games that offer amusement as well as enhanced reasoning speed and capabilities may be found for free on the Internet.
Around the time I quit posting daily, I was complaining in therapy about feeling stuck, and the next week was told the director of the clinic had suggested I try anti-depressants. So when the cobwebs of depression start sticking all over my thinking, I’ve been remembering to work the exercise sets into my life too, and that helps a lot. This was the less picturesque spot that I did my kriyas one day, along the road, looking over the creek towards this hill below Walker Peak. So in late July this year, I went to a retreat at the Institute for Mental Physics, aka Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Tuesday I got stuck in traffic as I tried to go to see the movie Maleficent in North Hollywood. Then I looked on the map for a close park, and ended up near one that was almost all soccer fields. Saturday I did Fingers of Steel and Har kriyas again, then played with Brad at Elderberries. Today before the Vedanta meditation meeting I was thinking I might respond a bit defensively to someone there, and didn’t want to.
Arms up at 60 degrees, elbows locked, and thumb holds down 3 fingers while your wisdom index finger is extended pointed straight and like steel.
If in group, hold hands with everybody; if not in group, arms down and pretend to hold hands of Creator, mother universe etc. Practice this kriya and you will flow with courage from the heart and the shifts in consciousness will be easy and you will smile.
Worthless Meditation claiming to change poverty into prosperity – 7th Gate Set for a Happy Summer Solstice!
Yesterday I headed over by the Rose Bowl, hoping to find a spot I could do my yoga around the golf course behind it. In high school, 1979-80, we had a teacher who taught us Hatha Yoga, a student of Yogi Shanti Desai. So yesterday, I was frustrated that I felt like my body needed some physical yoga and I was doing this stupid meditation that I’d learned from experience was worthless.
Well, as my skepticism bolstered, and my mind kept digging up evidence of past paltry results, I tried to focus on gratitude; I HAD found a nice shady spot to park in, it was a nice day, I got a ticket to an event which I thought had sold out, etc. I got to the event, and although many of these events have nice catered food beforehand, there was just chips, nuts, and soda.
I just looked at my calendar again, and realized 3HO’s Solstice festivities start TODAY, not last Saturday. Trying to choose a set from Harijot’s Self Knowledge manual, I considered the Power to Win Number 2 set, or a variety of others, but it was late, and a lot of them involved pounding on the floor, or flailing about like a frying fish, and I know from experience this has bothered previous neighbors downstairs.
Overall, I find myself wondering if I’ve been devoting too much time to the yoga and meditations when I perhaps should be updating resumes, portfolios, and job hunting since freelance work has been less and less rewarding and profitable. Out on the street, the police are stopping a car with noisy instructions through their megaphone, and I should be headed to bed.
Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity.
New research by The University of Edinburgh, published in scientific journal Neurology, followed six hundred seventy-year olds for over three years.
The results found a strong positive association with subjects who engaged in more physical exercises and reduced brain shrinkage, in particular in the white matter or myelin, responsible for inter-neuron communication. This statistical relationship remained strong even when confounding factors such as general health, IQ, education, mental health, social class, and age were accounted for.
They are quick to point out though, that due to the nature of their investigation, the results can show only associations. Regardless, the researchers are confident the findings are robust enough to recommend regular physical activity as a brain boon, regardless of age. Do you think it’s really possible for regular exercise to have such preventative mental health benefits? The human body is an amazing machine, and when you combine that with the power of progressive, compound effort…literally anything and everything becomes possible.
Here are a range of worksheets developed by the Children's Involvement Team, to aid direct work with children and young people.
Students usually learn division with remainders right after learning single-digit division, in 3rd or 4th grade. You can generate the worksheets either in html or PDF format — both are easy to print. Jam-packed with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject, Brain Quest Grade 4 Workbook reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom.
Use the generator to make customized worksheets, including horizontally written problems, long division, and division with remainders. Seniors can find ways to exercise their brains every day by utilizing resources in their homes and communities.
Curiosity is one of the most stimulating exercises for the brain, according to the Franklin Institute.
Engage the mind by learning a new language or hobby or craft, suggests Patricia Grady, PhD., Director of the National Institute of Nursing Research, a component of the National Institutes of Health. Increased blood flow and stimulation of the brain during exercise helps enhance brain health in seniors, according to the "Senior Journal." Strong blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the brain, necessary for optimal brain health and development, regardless of age. I thought it was actually recorded by Sirgun Kaur, but realized she’d just linked to it from her blog. The day that news was given, I hadn’t really had a full meal, had met with a friend in a park for a while to discuss some step-work, and then had done the Fingers of Steel and Har meditations before therapy. I’d practiced here two years ago too, when the turkeys came right through the canopy of pine trees while I was doing my set in the morning fog. It was spookily quiet at this summer’s retreat, with the memories of that peak yogic convergence still in my mind nearly a year later.
I taught a one-hour morning yoga class there, and was trying to squeeze a bit too many exercises into the time allotted – this was compounded by people coming in for breakfast in the room and talking while we were trying to do yoga and meditation. Heading from beautiful Bronson Canyon Park to Noho, I wasn’t in the best mood as the day ran later and later and missed my intended screening. Then when I got back to sleep, woke up too late and missed the Quaker meeting which I was looking forward to.
Then at our meditation meeting I did 20 minutes of Karani Kriya, which I hadn’t done for a while.
That turned out to be a bit time consuming because the self timer on the camera is easy to forget how to use. It’s really great for learning it because you can hear how to pronounce everything pretty easily. My only regret is that when a stunning neighbor whom I hadn’t met before offered to help me unload my music gear by the elevator at my apartment building, I demurred. I was headed up to an event at Art Center College of Design later, and remembered there being a nice park or open spaces by the golf course when I drove my aunt around it, or parked ON the golf course during a 4th of July event there. 260 Master’s Touch) just repeats the 25th pauri of japji for 28 minutes then another 10 minutes, partly chanted, partly listened to silently. My depression lifted, and it wasn’t long before I was somewhat fanatical about practicing it.
Along the same lines, the Aad Guray Namay mantra is supposed to be recited before you start your car for protection from accidents. Either that, or I’m really out-of-touch with reality and putting a huge amount of energy into yogic meditations instead of practical activity that might lead to earning more.

They’re still bugging me a bit, even after doing the 7th Gate Set again, this time for the full suggested durations of each exercise.
I have another potential meditation in mind, but until I’m sure, I may as well do Har for one more day and call it a night. However I feel like I’ve been sloughing off on any serious yoga the last few days too. The first day, the Sat Kriya had a definite instant impact, and I felt it realigning and focusing my scattered energy. I’m wishing I was in Espanola at Summer Solstice, and have the ingredients for the solstice onion soup waiting to be cooked up in the kitchen. Most of my non-yoga friends on Facebook probably have no interest in it; same with most Quakers, who are simply disinterested in my yogi chai tea, etc. I considered the Conquering Depression set, but ruled it out for the reasons just mentioned as well.
236) and found Matamandir Singh’s wonderful recording of the 20th Pauri, Bharia Hath, also on Sikhnet.
Where do I draw the line between spiritual thirst, practice, and practical procrastination? It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. Most of us are probably familiar with the pay-off in cardiovascular health, but are there any other benefits to make sweating in trackpants seem more attractive?
I’m sure anyone who has ever been privileged enough to spend time with me could probably attest to this fact. If you then compound that with the multitude of different weight machines, fitness contraptions, devices, barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells…the list of possible workout movements that you could do is endless. To get the PDF worksheet, simply push the button titled "Create PDF" or "Make PDF worksheet". The worksheets have a mixture of division problems — some have a remainder and some are exact divisions.
The workbook's lively layout and easy-to-follow explanations make learning fun, interactive, and concrete. Stern regularly provides content for health-related and elder-care websites and has an associate and specialized business degree in health information management and technology. Brain exercises are important to maintain brain function and keep synapses firing and the mind sharp and alert.
Learning new skills or exercises can help to increase the brain's processing speed and engage cognitive thinking processes and skills.
I read this post by her, which tells of the events leading to her meeting her very nice husband, who actually showed me how to tie a house turban at Bhakti Fest last year.
I went out to Leo Carillo Beach and met some friends for a potluck that eve, and decided to do my meditations on a scenic overlook on Encinal Canyon Road just above PCH as I headed home. Perhaps because there are so many distractions around my apartment, I’m finding it harder to focus on them.
I’ve also seen a lot of friends struggle with juggling dosages and types of meds, and sometimes have that lead to electroshock, the aftermath of which I found quite disturbing. The next morning I did my sets near this picnic table behind the administrative building, a bit out-of-the-way, so I wouldn’t be interrupted.
I ventured up the hill by what was previously the chapel, where a canopy of trees lines the walkways. A lot of people at Bhakti Fest worked to turn it into a shrine too, and there was a tent over the entire ground ahead of it. Only one person had done Kundalini Yoga before; the others had little experience with longer meditations. But that gave me time to find an Indian grocery store to get mung beans, and discovered one next to the place I always take my recycling for refunds. I got there a bit late, missed Japji, but caught most of the chanting and interspersed kriyas.
I’ve been doing a lot of email followup on ride arrangements for people for the upcoming yearly meeting in Marin next month.
As I started it, I got the first two exercises reversed, so I ended up doing one twice as long as you were supposed to. Eventually I did it, and am exporting it right now, hopefully in the right format for YouTube.
Like a lot of 3HO recordings, I frequently wonder who these people are, whose recordings have occupied so much of my life. It didn’t feel like it opened my chakras like it claims to, but then I kept looking at the words to the pauri instead of the tip of my nose, which interrupted my concentration and focus.
Once I was continuing to chant it while driving when I got rear-ended by another driver, who turned out to be uninsured. My body was feeling really crummy and run-down this morning when I got up, but after I ate a big slab of watermelon, I felt much better.
These four are not altogether different from the longer navel power set in another manual of his, although there are a couple exercises that’re not in that set.
I’ve found it often seems more challenging when doing a 40 day kriya sadhana as you approach the 40th day.
This morning I was having trouble staying focused and present with them, as I was running late and scrambling to get a bunch of things in order before I shot out the door, but somehow despite the distractions, it helped.
Also found myself irritated by another person’s report of his serious yoga practice, and his disinterest in my sharing of my own. I often get leg cramps while sitting on my heels, and celebate pose is often pretty hard on my legs & knees as well.
2 collection – a wonderful assortment of 3HO recordings I bought at Summer Solstice in 2004. My experience of the meditation was much better this time, and found it more… uplifting?
Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring.
It is possible that people with less brain deterioration were simply more likely to remain physically active.
Is that more a caveat for mental exercise, or perhaps else the study’s methodological limitations? To get the worksheet in html format, push the button "View in browser" or "Make html worksheet".
Seniors can have fun and exercise their brain power at the same time by playing a variety of mind games that stimulate learning processes, enhance memory and help prevent boredom and stagnation. Imagine how you would landscape your neighbor's yard, or try to guess the names of flowers, shrubs or plants you see every day on your walk around the block. Try eating with your non-dominant hand, or using the computer mouse with your left hand instead of your right.
Many popular brain fitness websites offer a limited number of free games to the public that are easy to access on a daily basis.
I suspect I might be opening up a relationship can of worms (or blessings) beyond what I could anticipate if I continue this combination. I went to a UX Meetup, or class sales event, more accurately, downtown by SciArc tonight, and felt inspired by the energy around those few blocks, filled with design and artist studios, but by the time I got home, that inspired energy had completely dissipated. The days were fairly solidly scheduled from dawn until late night, which I found a bit challenging as I wanted a bit more solitary time. I can’t remember which yogi I observed holding court from the bench I chose to do my two kriyas on, but I do remember being impressed by him, so it seemed like a great place to practice.

I taught the Foundation for Infinity set as a warm-up, and then Yoga for Addictions and Compulsive Behavior set. Reasonably priced Hebrew market adjacent to that too, providing some great pita and spices for chai. Kinda nasty, but as I did my Fingers of Steel Kriya and Har meditation, I got to watch squirrels and groundhogs and birds frolic in the field. A turbaned woman, one of two other attendees, didn’t look too interested in doing the kriyas of Yogi Bhajan recordings during the Wahe Guru Wahe Jeo, and maintained the traditional pose throughout.
I hoped to do a couple sets and my meditations in a small park in Silverlake, but the traffic and parking difficulties didn’t leave much time for it. Later today, another pretty great gig at Elderberries, although the house cleared out while we played and filled up after we finished. One of the nice things about summer solstice was that I met a lot of these people in person.
I got snotty responses from the race walkers when I asked if they knew any openings in the fence, and finally just parked under a tree across from the golf course. There are many claims that the 25th pauri is the prosperity pauri; another suggestion of Yogi Bhajan is to chant it eleven times during times of extreme financial stress. I read somewhere there were various reasons people come to do yoga, and one of them was to acquire wealth. But suddenly I somehow wanted to know about Kundalini Yoga, and there was no place to find out information.
Blowing an hour doing a meditation that doesn’t do anything is barely a step above watching trash on TV.
The first year I worked there, I tuned Marshall Rosenberg’s guitar before he received the Peace Award, but had no idea who he was.
I’m still trying to decipher why I find him so irritating, but I suspect there are facets of my own behavior that bother me in him. I go to Quaker meeting because I treasure the silence and values, but I could be going to Gurdwara at the same time with the other Yogis.
And a couple of hours later, once again I find myself crashing from it – last time I suspected it might be blood sugar, but this time it might be simple tiredness.
It seemed from the start I was obsessively drawn to this Kundalini Yoga thing, even when it adversely affected relationships or jobs.
Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room!
Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download. This has the advantage that you can save the worksheet directly from your browser (choose File → Save) and then edit it in Word or other word processing program. Includes language arts, word searches and crosswords, idea clusters, multiplication and division, story problems, geometry, graphs, time lines, Brain Boxes, and much more. Try eating a meal with a partner or friend without talking, only utilizing visual cues and gestures to express yourself or your wishes, suggests Lawrence Katz, professor of Neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center. They were actually easier yesterday when I did them in a group setting, without any distractions or music. Of course, there are lots of people around me being helped by them, some who never talk about it. Then I walked up to the meeting and saw the person I was concerned about and we exchanged very nice hugs and had a pleasant conversation.
Well, I can see the point of focusing on God as the source of all good and bad in our lives, but I think it’d be more worthwhile to chant that in English. On another front, the other kids were starting to be sexually active, and I didn’t want to just get laid, I wanted to know about tantra! Rick Shope, a former student of Marcel Marceau and former longtime educator at JPL, runs participatory mime science education workshops for kids, currently at the Whittier Narrows Nature Center – a program called EcoVoices. They say you’re not supposed to do breath of fire late at night because it wakes you up, but then they say insomnia can be caused by a weak or out-of-balance navel center too. I did cook up the onion soup; need to get some mung beans since I seem to have eaten the ones I had, and some watermelon too! Combined with the Patanjali, these meditations got me thinking about self-purification and some of the objectives of yogic practice in the first place, which I often arrogantly disregard out of plain obstinance. The Nirinjan Kaur Humee Hum Brahm Hum was used several years in different White Tantric Yoga sessions; I have this memory of the eerie funky arrangement going on and on for hours. I don’t particularly feel their ritual to be life changing either, but the location is spectacular beyond belief, and that is life changing in itself. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index". At least I had the remaining tortilla soup I made to restore my equilibrium; I wandered by a bunch of restaurants considering eating somewhere in the Traction St. It was also 102 degrees out, and a thunderstorm was threatening, although it never let loose. I was rushing all over that day; the 101 was a parking lot in both directions as I drove over it. But Saturday evening I went to Target, got some almond milk, and as I was backing out of my parking space, somebody behind me suddenly backed out and hit my car – hard and fast, smashing the tail lights and putting a big dent in the car. But I got the news today about helping with music there, and they’re asking me to videotape the Ra Ma Da Sa meditation before the next gig Tuesday. Mercury goes direct Tuesday, so I can start signing contracts and traveling safely again, right?
It was harder to learn about the latter, but not as difficult as finding anything worthwhile about Kundalini Yoga.
Since then I’ve come across his name and principles again and again, in use with the Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) and being taught in Santa Cruz above the Quaker Meeting House there. We talked at length with the performers and founder of the theater, a former dance classmate of my neighbor, who’s built the beautiful little theater almost from the ground up.
That was on the reading list for teacher training, although Golden Bridge sold the Isherwood version, and it was never even mentioned during the training, which seemed quite odd.
I realized that the exercise sets help with depression, but the meditations won’t necessarily do the trick. But when I headed up near Burbank airport a short time later, I breezed by the jammed traffic in the opposing direction. Most people thought my interests a bit weird, but I was at an off-beat hippie high school, and with other classmates living in teepees, wigwams, cabins, and even art school lockers, my interests were not subjected to much wider scrutiny. Great to see it on a big screen, with the classic Jerry Goldsmith score, although all the banter about the horrible score that got discarded made me curious to hear it too. A Pilates Mat workout is an exercise set, but more of a combination of a workout and handful of yogic postures executed in a workout fashion. As usual, I felt a bit self-conscious holding my arms up at 60 degrees in the back of the room while everybody else just sat in chairs with their arms on their knees in silence, but it’s my practice, not theirs, and I sit in back to do my best not to distract or annoy anybody. True, the view from the hill was spectacular and I had a nice drive back, exploring another road through the hills between La Canada and Glendale.
It seems to help stretch and strengthen the body, and get your energy flowing, but it doesn’t seem to offer the more subtle changes I sometimes feel internally from the Kundalini Yoga sets, which probably involve channeling energy through the meridians, chakras, and priming and pumping the glands.

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