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Is the meaurement of the magnetic field given off by the electrical signals from the firing of neurons. Is the system in which an series of electrodes are implanted into the brain itself, where the electrodes are connected to an external device. However, medically there are many implications for EEG including: the detection and diagnosis of tumors, strokes, comas, and even brain death. MEG is used in the medical field to detect pathologies and assist in further research of the brain.
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MEG is a much more accurate system than EEG, for magnetic fields do not weaken as they pass through the skull.

However, MEG is expensive and requires superconducting magnets that must be cooled by liquid Helium to function properly.
Verloren.Die Wachhunde, welche deine Katze nur entdecken, sobald du in ihr grau angezeigtes Sichtfeld komms, bellen gern. Because of their accuracy they are used for more precise computer operations, however, due to the cost and size, the MEG's use is low.
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