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I am a humble man of humble means, but I have been fortunate enough to play a small part in some historical events. With a last name of a€?Tune,a€? it is appropriate that music has always been a large part of my life.
The ASVAB test told me I could be an engineer, so when it came time to pick a college, my future roommate John, also an aspiring engineer, decided that UT Austin would be the best place for us.
On New Year's Day, 1969, I was flipping channels on the TV and happened onto the Cotton Bowl in Dallas where UT was playing UT! As arrogant over-zealous college kids, we took great joy in chanting, a€?We're Number One!a€? - especially when by all measures it was literally true!
As a lowly freshman, I had little knowledge of the plans and preparation for taking a 200-piece band to a game in a€?enemya€? territory. As I recall, we left Austin Friday on a fleet of charter buses and headed for a hotel in a city in eastern Oklahoma, not far from Fayetteville, AK where the game was to be played. When we got to the stadium we were surprised at how small it was - about half the size of the Memorial Stadium in Austin. We had just won what would soon be called a€?The Game of the Century,a€? but the band's jubilation quickly turned to confusion and concern. Lest you be overly impressed with my memory for details of the game, I must confess to having help.
We had no idea at the time that one of our junior safeties was playing through the pain of bone cancer. Now that I have a chance to put write down a long blog for this installment of “Away From Keyboard” I’ll finally share in what I’ve been up to for the past 3 months.
Though only becoming an official full time employee with the company I was assigned to as a temp, I worked very hard to prove I was the right man for the position I was fulling. Since becoming a full time guardian I’ve found myself spending more and more time with my “Little One” and not just being there for her but also helping her in whatever issue she maybe having.
I found myself a few more games at the end of the year that required more time to fully enjoy them.
Apparently I spoke more about the Xbox One than the PS4 over the months so “The Wife” decided on getting me an Xbox One for Christmas. Another factor is that the Xbox One wouldn’t require me to upgrade the internal HDD just yet. And finally thanks to Microsoft’s Games with Gold program, I already own a good number of free Xbox One titles digitally. I may have touched on most of this before but I’ve found myself upgrading or augmenting my current tech set up being it my Game Rigs (both console and portable) as well as my mobile tech. I also received my Dad’s old Kindle Fire tablet that I gave him for a Father’s Day gift a few years back. That’s pretty much it for this edition of “AFK” whether I get back to the swing of regular blogging we will have to see.
I can't say how the community there was like given that I didn't hang out there often enough to be apart of it. I just spent the good portion of the night trying to find the right Valentine's Day gift for not just "teh wife" but also my "Little One". My "Little One" is less of a worry given her age plus I fear she might not get much in the form of a valentine's due to the school she now attends. I was frustrated that my USB wireless mouse wasn't working so I thought I'd bite the bullet in upgrading NSONICUS PRIME for Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I know you don't have to post a blog for BaD on the weekends but I usually try to if I happen to have some time on my hands or have nothing better to do.
Why not give it a try this playlist of season one this weekend if you got time to kill and your not prepping for the big game. I think you'll start seeing a trend asto why I'm so "Away From Keyboard" for the latter end of 2015 and the start of 2016. As you can guess I've been having a field day in trying out the new titles I got so far from last night. InJustice: Gods Among Us - Love alternative history games and alternate comic book stories is just as good.
Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z - I think I've found a contender for this years Top 11 Octoberween game titles for 2016: Give me this game over Madworld anyday.
I had planned on writing a longer "AFK" blog but as you can see "teh wife" surprised me with an early bdays gift tonight.
Indeed BaD is back and it being my favoriate month of the year (my birhdays month) I just had to come back and try to give it my all once again. So for those curious and interesting I bid the welcome to partake in the ramblings of a virtual reality sociopath (or fully functional, take your pick) and lets see what kind of trouble I can get into. Did you turly believe that despite my foreknowledge of the community situation here that I'd forsake my bloggings and ignore the call of the BaD? I'd like to end this year on a high note with one final Octoberween 2015 Video Weekend by posting the AVGN's four part video retrostpective on the Castlevania series. I still got to keep the ol' tradition alive by posting last year's episode of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged - Episode 5!
If you haven’t guessed yet the secondary, underlying theme to this year’s 31 Octoberween Blogs was that focus of the Fatal Frame Series. This is the game that starts to change the formula in what we all came to expect out of Fatal Frame. It’s here that the night time segments work their way in where you get to play in the Manor of Sleep with the three individuals involved at that given time. Fatal Frame III is like the culmination of what you’ve come to expect and fear in the first two games and gives you more of an inward haunting than what is offered from just haunted locations.
Ultimately in the end all that was mentioned above isn’t the main reason why this game is number 1 on my list. I got Fatal Frame III: The Tormented at the same time I got the first and second games digitally on PSN. And despite me actually OWNING more digital games than physical games last gaming generation that is mostly in part to awesome sales given on those respective consoles.
So in other words, despite being a physical disc based gamer, raised on physical based media, wanting physical based media whenever I can and having a personal stance on only getting digital media when it’s on sale, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was the game that had to be bought day one for me regardless of my misgivings on the digital future.
I have to say that the way Nintendo released this game as a “free sample” might be a stroke of genius when it comes to enticing others to give this game a try. Another oddity I noticed with the game is that indeed you have a lot of narrow passage ways and walkways you have to maneuver around. The game also gets more technical when it comes to using the Camera Obscura and other supernatural techniques in game.
Sadly I haven’t gotten far enough into the game to see if the plot is befitting a Fatal Frame title but the introduction of multiple characters seems to continue the trend that was started in the third game of the series. Lastly I can’t help but say something in regards to the characters themselves and the outfits, or lack thereof in certain outfits, which this game has to offer.
Also as much as I didn’t really care that the swimsuits and lingerie were removed from this game I must admit that they might actually be relevant in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. In this episode of “Camera Obscura” Clare must face off the final demon on her own and meets an unexpected person in its lair. The Walking Dead Season One tells the story of Lee Everett as he’s being transported to jail after being convicted of killing a senator who was sleeping with his wife.
Thankfully that doesn’t pull you out of the game play thanks in part to the voice acting being top notch. The adventure game narrative plays well where you have your basic simple functions to progress in the story.
The areas where you’ll find yourself in danger of dying is when you have your “quick time event” moments where you have to rapidly tap on a button to avoid the danger or make sure you hit the proper button to perform an action to avoid dying.
I’m told its moments like those where you have the chance to deescalate possible dangerous situations. Like I said above the game gives you options in how your character will become as the game unfolds.
In the end I can’t say for sure if the decisions you make in this game do have an effect over the overall story, along with what comes to pass in Season Two (which I also own) but from what I ’ve been able to play wouldn’t surprise me if events do change dramatically as the story unfolds. This game does have the means to bring on the Octoberween feelings with all the zombies and disemboweling moments in the game but instead of it being mostly jump scares or supernatural encounters, The Walking Dead Season One brings other feelings than just fear from what goes bump in the night.
Whether by accident or destiny, to this day it continues to shape many of my most meaningful experiences. I was a total band geek and, due to a close association between band and FOOTBALL, a huge football fan. The University of Texas beat The University of Tennessee for its 9th straight win, and I got my first glimpse of the University of Texas Longhorn Band! In addition to broadening my horizons, meeting my future wife, and an amazing trip to Peru, LHB was also following and supporting a pretty amazing football team. Darrell Royal and Emory Bellard had installed a new-fangled offense called the a€?wishbonea€? in '68 and after a couple of stumbles in September, James Street took over as quarterback and with a bevy of running backs, UT rattled off nine consecutive wins including the Southwest Conference championship and a Cotton Bowl victory over Tennessee. When a rivalry reaches this level of competition between flagship schools of two states, battle lines are clearly drawn.
On Saturday we crossed the Arkansas border and drove to the UA campus and unloaded our equipment. As was (and still is) our tradition, we began playing a€?The Eyesa€? at the end of the game, but instead of a smiling and jubilant Vincent R. One of the books written about this event is entitled, a€?Horns, Hogs, & Nixon Cominga€? by i??Terry Frei. The '69 team went on to beat Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl to claim an undisputed National Championship and extend their winning streak to 20 games. One of the books written about this event is entitled, a€?Horns, Hogs, & Nixon Cominga€? by Terry Frei. Though normally not hard work that I’m used to, it was a change in what type of work I generally have been doing as of late. She mostly likes it for her own personal reasons so I figured I might as well get back to doing a working out regiment than just the basic running I was used to back in the Midwest. From home work to family work to just the issues that a 13 year old (soon 14 year old, eek!) needs help coping with. She said she agonized on which one to get it, either the Halo 5 Guardians bundle or the Xbox One Elite model. The only game I did miss out on was the Xbox One version of Halo Spartan Assault but other than that I already have a good library of games to enjoy thanks to Games with Gold including Killer Instinct Season 1 ONLY ON X. I was having trouble with the auto HDMI switch for my TV since I now was short 1 HDMI port thanks to the Xbox One’s arrival and it took me awhile to figure out that problem.
There are more events to happen later this year that I’m sure will take up more of my time.
For me it had an interesting take on game reviews by not only being a housing site for the ever growing idea of created game trailers to announce a new game's arrival, like movie trailers before an actual movie in theaters, but they were one of the few sites at the time to stick with a numbered rating system for various aspects of a game from story, controls, gameplay, graphics etc.
Most of the time they got them right, or made sure to update their original video if new evidence comes up later on.
And this event doesn't bode well with my current thoughts on the condition of the video game industry.
Normally I don't stress to much into getting something during this time of year, something I usually don't focus much on for a blog itself, but this year I want to make things a little bit special given our location change and the busy lives we lead.
I was leery about doing it at first when I saw how slow it made my "Little One's" laptop but I don't seem to be running into those problems with my Asus 2-in-1 transformer. I have to finish up my final paperwork onine to finalize my permenant hire status with my current job. I find myself becoming a "work mercenary" (AKA temp worker) to be able to make ends meet, earn enough money to keep the corn flakes on the table.
Glad to see a game that has an actual storyline instead of the small blurbs that are given to other fighting games.
The intro was great, the setting is also alternate history if not in the not too distant future and I'm looking forward to playing the aliens co-op game. I don't recall if I survived last years but given how I had lucked out during my 31 Days of Octoberween blogings back in the later half of 2015 has given me renewed interest and push to see this year's BaD thru. Given how Konami is facing such hate and ugliness as of late with it's fall from grace, I wanted to showcase a breif time in their history when Konami was still looked upon with respect given the quality they put into one of their key franchises.
I got to get more candy, finalize the costume accessories, sharpen the wooden stakes, locate more 9mm rounds bathed in holy water and blessed by a priest (you'd be suprised how hard it is to ifnd a priest who'll do that around here), and make the final choices on what entertainment media I'll enjoy.
Though not all the blogs had a “Fatal Frame” theme to them, I did my best to give it something that was remotely similar to them. The most prominent way it does it is by offering three different player characters to the mix.
Combat and movement are similar to what you’d expect out of the series but with the difference of the game focusing on one area per person and spreading it out as that particular character explores the area further.
Instead of the player character physically going to a haunted area, the player character finds themselves going to this place subconsciously. Truth be told the real reason why this game is number 1 is because I’ve yet to fully play this game. I really can’t go into deeper detail into this game because I’ve yet to fully go deeper into this game.
Because I have the feeling that Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water may also fit into this category of intentional buys.
And old skool physical based gamer was WILLING to buy a digital release game for full price.
The Dual download option kind of works as a dual purpose for anyone interested in downloading this game. Your character does respond much like they do in past Fatal Frame games with run, action, movement and picture buttons laid out like you’d expect. Now one character has the ability to see things that other can’t see, much like Miku in the first game. I do wonder how any of them are connected in the subtle ways to others before them in the series as a whole.
These women introduced in the game look the most “mature” women I’ve ever noticed in a Fatal Frame game. I know that might sound odd coming from me, the guy who keeps wondering why the girls in the game series wear short skirts to go ghost hunting, but given how your mostly walking thru water or get involved with water, you can see how wearing swimsuits would fit into the environment.
It would seem too cliche given how the thought that the zombie crazed has been overly played out.
As he’s being transported by police car the zombie apocalypse takes place, thus setting this story during the events from the comic. You can either turn on the User Interface so you can see what items on screen you can interact with or turn off that feature and leave yourself pawing thru the environment just like you would in real life in trying to figure out what you need and what you should do to survive. I can see how this game might’ve played better on a PC since you’d have free roaming movement of your mouse to move your cursor quickly. During certain points in the game you get to choose what response Lee can give during in game dialogue.
There was one situation where I was able to avoid an actual fight scene with a NPC because I was able to talk him down from his grief. If anything it’s a compelling enough of a reason to see how it all ends at the end of Season One. I enthusiastically cheered the Mustangs on to a four-year record of 20-20, with trombone in hand.
As seniors in high school, John and I thought we should start following UT's football team, but in the Fall of 1968 after a loss and a tie in September we lost interest and started focusing on the Mustang's eventual 5-5 season.
TV executives decided before the season began to move the UT-Arkansas game to the first week in December thinking that it might be a significant matchup at the end of the season. While I know most people from Arkansas are generous, hospitable people, the a€?football fana€? mindset can make people do crazy things.
Once in formation we marched to the stadium to drum cadence chanting, a€?We're Number One, You're Number Two, We're gonna beat the Whoopie Outta You!a€? (or something equally clever). The game proved to be a defensive struggle, as is often the case when two great teams meet. My former roommate John was able to acquire a copy for me AND have James Street autograph it! They won all 10 regular season games of 1970 to extend the streak to 30, but then lost to Notre Dame in a Cotton Bowl rematch.
Here is a generalized breakdown for those curious about the crazy life of a Virtual Reality Sociopath. My previous jobs had me doing more blue collar work than white collar so it’s been awhile where instead of using 70% of my body for physical work and 25% of my brain for mental work, it’s now 69% mind to 25% body ratio. Though “Teh Wife” is hopeful that I’ll develop a six pack while I work on lifting weights, I’m mostly working out just so I can tone my body a bit being that I weigh in around 171 lbs.
It’s usually not long but he does have a tendency to get into trouble being his size and age. I had planned on getting this game when it was released and made good on that promise when the time came.
She even went as far to say if she got the wrong one I could trade it in for the model I liked or a PS4 altogether.
I also had to see about getting an external HDD for my Wii U to make room for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water as well as the booster packs offered with Xenoblade Chronicles X. The one's I enjoyed the most were their "Retrospective" videos that tried to share info about specific gaming franchises.
They touched on numerous subjects that I didn't even know about like Magic Hands in a Super Smash Brother's game and cut content levels from Sonic 3. Konami losing it's mind, the PS Vita practically DOA, folks already writing off the Wii U due to NX, the advent of VR 3D gaming soon to arrive and more and more companies relying on the Season Pass sales model for future game releases doesn't give me much hope in what to expect for the future of the gaming industry as a whole. You were about as old as my "Little One" which makes it all the more saddening that even you can be gone in all those years of existence.
I still have time but do want to make sure the girls in my life to enjoy the holiday with heart than the materialistic aspects it can be. It boots up just as quickly, is more streamlined, better tablet to PC functionality and more power management system options. The only odd thing I've noticed is that more and more of my "work merc" jobs require a lot more paperwork than usual. I think I've earned it after starting off this job with only a month's work training in just two weeks.

Too bad they have $30 worth of extra fighters you can buy to get a complete rouster which is lame. I will admit that this is one of the reasons why I've been "AFK", and it will be a topic for a future blog during this month of BaD.
It may not be fully literate (no MS word prep here, all right on the blog tool!) but I hope it is entertaining. Where as in the first two Fatal Frame games, where you just controlled a secondary character for brief moments to move the story narrative forward,  in this game you control three different people in three different nightmare hours with three different abilities at their disposal. It gives it more like a “down the rabbit hole” feel as you work your way deeper into this Sleep Manor.
For some that may be more like a mind trip than a supernatural field trip but it’s because of this that gives this game a scarier feel. I don’t know if it’s a worthy title to be considered number 1 in any Octoberween Game Titles but I do plan to find that out over this weekend.
It’s a very rare instance, or red letter day, that I just take the plunge and buy a game outright despite most of the misgivings I get now when I comes to buying a game brand new. I’ve enjoyed Fatal Frame ever since I found that $9.99 copy of the first game for the original Xbox. Regardless I feel I’ve now stepped my feet in both the physical game collecting and the cheap digital game buying that the last gaming generation has offered us. Despite the game being around 16 GB, Nintendo has given you the option to try out the game first as a “free sample”, this sample of course being around 6345 to 9965 MB. The one thing that you’ll have to get use to is how to use the Camera Obscura via the gamepad. You almost have a corridor-like feel to the game like when you play an FPS, or worse, Final Fantasy XIII.
But the game expanses on it  by having you enter into a vision mode where you follow the light shadow of someone who has passed, so that you can find out what they are walking to. I don’t know what you call that sound effect but I remembered it instantly when I heard it.
I do look forward to finding out and reading all the notes I can to fully understand the threat and danger that is in this game.
You could say this trend was coming since the third game but I honestly can’t tell if these women are high school age or young adults.
The characters themselves get wet just wearing their default clothing, to the point where you see how it clings to the character’s bodies. As Lee you stumble upon a little girl named Clementine who you eventually take under your wing as you try to survive and figure out what has happened during the events of The Walking Dead series. You’ll either come to love, hate or even both when it comes to certain characters given how they are portrayed.
During those moments you don’t really run into any instadeath moments or noticeable traps in the game. But the gamepad on my PS3 works just as well even if I have to use an analog stick to position my cursor, though I will admit it has cost me a life or two when I’m supposed to have it centered on a guy with a gun so I could gain the action to push the gun barrel away from me.
The game will pause for a moment and you’re given a choice of phrases to say that are pertinent to the circumstance. That was something I didn’t expect out of this game given how the series as a whole seems to be based on the fact of human drama drawn out by these inter-personal escalations of emotion. I found myself at first trying to play the game as how I would play it if I were really in the world of The Walking Dead.
As of this writing I’ve yet to play the entire first season or the “400 Days” DLC that bridges Season One and Two together.
The utter helplessness of circumstances, the fear if you’ll die of hunger, zombie attack, from your fellow man, or the unknown if the decision you make is the right or wrong one and if the people you’ve come to rely and care for end up not making it at the end of this survivalist journey. In fact, the piano I still play daily is the one my Dad purchased in 1955 (I think) for our family. Arkansas began as the #2 team; defending National Champion (and pre-season #1) Ohio State was the overwhelming favorite to repeat. The band back then had nearly 400 members, but due to expenses only about 200 people got to travel to out-of-town games. I heard stories of people who had difficulty getting gasoline (and other services) if their cars bore Texas plates.
As he started pointing to the stands behind us we realized that projectiles were being hurled at the band from the angry crowd. If I remember correctly, the Longhorn Band was invited to the UT Football Banquet as special guests a few weeks later. We've had our ups and downs since then, but lately we've become one of those a€?wait until next yeara€? teams. If I remember correctly, the Longhorn Band was invited to the UT Football Banquet as special guests a few weeks later.A  Freddie desperately wanted to be there in spite of his recent surgery, and sure enough, when he made his way across the stage on his crutches and single leg, there was not a dry eye in the house. It’s a nice change of pace where I’m not coming home completely wasted from heavy manual work. It would be nice getting some muscle definition but I don’t really want to become a slave to my body in having to maintain a certain muscular look.
I’ve done what I could for her to be able to become the person she wants to be but at the same time try to steer her from influences that could generate a negative persona. Though he hasn’t taken a shine to me like my “Little One” did when she was that young, he’s proven to have enough curiosity in me to take up some of my free time. Though I would’ve preferred to have gotten the special collector’s edition, I was content with the game only copy I got.
I myself couldn’t have been any happier and was so grateful that I had a wife that was considerate enough in wanting to give me a new gen system.
Sure the Xbox One current internal HDD size is now 1 TB, it’s a bit more versatile in allowing almost any size of external HDD for the system.  It’s inevitable that I’ll need an external HDD for my future current gen consoles. You already know about NSONICUS PRIME’s wireless mouse problem, as well as the upgrade to Windows 10, and I gave my New 3DS XL a memory boost with a 32 GB SD Card. Till then I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and I didn’t bore you too badly in being TL;DR.
During their final Twitch stream the players involved said they couldn't elaborate on the reasons for the closure, citing the usual legal reasons given during such news. My personal favorite was their attempt to create a "Zelda Timeline" before Nintendo came out with their official timeline. We never expect for the media aspect of it to change dramatically despite all the long years of stable existence. We maybe older but you did help us to be a little wiser when it came to what was coming out during your time.
Jewelry, chocolates and flowers are out so that leaves me with some items I'm not exactly sure to go for.
Now if it does indeed make my tablet last 8+ hours longer on battery power I'll be a happy man. I get to check out a potential employer, add to my jack-of-all trades of various skills (I can balance spreadsheet ledgers to help refuel a nuclear powerplant) and decide if they are worth sticking around for. Still I liked it how in the end of the video retrospective in how he spoke of the fond memories that Castlevania gave him so long ago.
It might not be the best made video series (mostly meant to highlight creature effects) but it was the best I could find. The main character Rei Kurosawa is your base character that gets to use her camera obscura much like you see in past games but with enhanced improvements that show how the series has evolved over the course of the series. What can be scarier than being trapped in your own personal nightmare, being stalked by something that has the intention of killing you in the real world leaving nothing but a pile of black soot where your body last lay. Everything else before this list was either a nice distraction or Octoberween primer to gear me up and prepare me for the journey that Fatal Frame III plans to take me on. And much like how it was mentioned with past postings, $9.99 is well worth the price to own this Fatal Frame “thrillogy”. I enjoyed it so much I made it my mission to acquire the second game for the original Xbox, buy the “thrillogy” for the PS2 AND re-buy the Fatal Frame “thrillogy” again off of PSN when I had the chance, half price of course.
As much as I’d like to write an actual “review” about the game, I fear I have yet to fully dive into the game fully given that my Octoberween gaming plate is quite full with the current crop of Top 11 Octoberween Game Titles I’ve chosen for myself this year (Number 1 coming up tomorrow). Despite the obvious need to probably invest in an external HDD for most Wii U owners, it gives players a chance to give the game and a try AND reduce the need to have a LONG wait time to download 16 GB right off the bat. Indeed it’s just like how you see in the promo videos that you actually use the gamepad’s touch screen as the camera’s view finder. I remembered it mostly from its heavy use in the anime series “Ghost Hunt.” It doesn’t get annoying mind you but it’s one of those sounds that you’ll be sure you’ve heard before but can’t recall from where.
The one character named Hisoka Kurosawa looks like she might need to graft another spine to her back given her proportions. As a fan I’m glad I have the chance to enjoy this game after the franchise’s long hiatus here in the States.
And even though I do have a VAST collection to choose from in Octoberween Game Titles that involve zombies, I found myself gravitating away from that zombie fair and focused more on the ones that I’ve missed in recent years.
If you’ve watched the shows or read the comics this whole story set up should sound familiar: man wakes up during zombie apocalypse, pieces together what’s gone on, gains allies and enemies along the way and has to decide how to deal with said allies and enemies as human drama and primal nature take their course as they all try to survive in this new environment.
You’ll find the good people trying to stay good, bad people doing their best not to go too far the dark path of their character and some people trying to keep some civility amongst the group as things start spiraling downhill. This game doesn’t try to trip you up in that fashion but instead sticks to trying to stump you on puzzles that come about in how you are to progress in the game. You even get a brief segment where you sight down a hunting rifle and peck off zombie heads from a distance.
These moments give the game a “choose your own adventure” feel as the responses you’re offered to respond with can range from angry to sensible to outright being a jerk.
It was a surprising and welcome option to have in a game title involving the Walking Dead franchise.
I tried to avoid making the “stupid mistakes” that I had noticed others in the series were making while at the same time, make the hard choices that seemed so obvious to be done to ensure the survival of the group. Part of it is because of what you go thru in game but also because I’m playing multiple games AT THE SAME TIME, to see how certain outcomes play out depending on the choices I made. One of my friends had a sister attending Texas Tech, and his family took me to a Tech-Arkansas game in Lubbock.
To add to this excitement, College Football was celebrating the 100th year of its existence. Fortunately for me, brass players got priority when the numbers were cut, so as a freshman, I marched in every game except for the game at UCLA which was the only game the band did not attend.
Thanks to a late season upset of Michigan over Ohio State, UT was #1 in the polls and Arkansas was #2. UT got off to a shaky start with multiple turnovers and by the end of the 3rd quarter we were staring at an inconceivable 14-0 deficit. As more and more of us turned to dodge bottles and cups filled with questionable liquids, fewer and fewer continued playing until the song faded to a whimper at the end.
Also, one of my Facebook friends, and former coworker at Caldwell ISD, is also a big fan of the game. I'm still waiting, but that waiting is made much easier with the wonderful memories I have of those years. But I’ve found myself trying not to let my mind get overworked with the complexities that come with working in logistics. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to buck the current stereotype of a gamer being a “neck beard” or whatever the current view of gamers is.
For the most part she’s still the “Little One” I’ve watched over and guided in her younger years but she’s still growing and trying to figure out who she wants to be. I usually can’t do much myself, be it blogging or gaming, when he’s around for he usually wants to be held or interacted with for a certain amount of time. I really didn’t think me, or my “Little One” would fully dive into the game like we did but there wouldn’t be a day where she and I would be fighting over the gamepad so we could level up our respective characters.
According to them half of them only found out about the closure that morning, with the rest of them finding out when they got back from lunch. But I will admit that recently they've had changed their format a bit when it came to reviews. It was interesting to see how far they were able to get close to the now official timeline offered, but at the time it was compelling enough to be possible. But we have seen it before gaming mags are almost a thing of the past and we've seen a number of gaming specific websites shut down for various reasons. And as much as I'd like to get her a game for her 3DS I'm not sure that would fit the mood in what she'd expect. Well prepare to have those fond memories ruined for you with this video series brought to you by Team Four Star! I'm sure I could come up with ideas on what to write for 29 DAYS THIS YEAR but I doubt I'll stick to any cohesive theme or plot narrative for this year. And if you had figured that out by now then the number 1 game for this year shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.
Taking place two years after Fatal Frame and two months after the events of Fatal Frame II, the story of Fatal Frame III tells of three individuals instead of just one in particular.
This is the game where you can swap out spirit film by just using one of the directional buttons on the game controller, even if you are in viewfinder mode.
Though you don’t exactly come out of the world, hurt or dying near the end when morning comes, the lasting effect of awaking is still made known as the “bruise” spreads more and more. Now if Koei Tecmo re-releases these games in one HD triple pack on new gen consoles I’d be sure to buy them again.
Though you may think this would qualify me to be a big “Fatal Frame Fan”, I held short in going as far as importing the fourth game in the series as well as the Fatal Frame II Remake.
Because perhaps before the last gaming generation if you had told me I’d be willing to pay $49.99 for a digital only game that was up to 16 GBs in size, I wouldn’t have believed you. I mostly bought this game on day one release just so I have the pride in saying that I bought this game on release. Though you can move the camera around with the analog sticks, it’s much faster to actually move the gamepad itself within the game environment to be able to take pictures of spirits and attacking ghosts. Hopefully later on in the game it does get more open ended but from the news I’ve been hearing that might not be the case.
They even add different features of the Camera Obscura where you can actually “pull” items out of the spirit realm and into the physical realm with use of the camera. While lingerie may be a bit overkill in my book, having the girls in swimsuits isn’t as farfetched unlike how it was in seeing Mayu and Mio wear them in Fatal Frame II.
I really can’t say I’m a big fan of “The Walking Dead” TV series, though I have been known to watch a season or two back in the day.
The puzzles themselves didn’t seem too hard for me to figure out on my own, I was mostly trying to figure out if I should try to do other tasks outside of the main game’s story if only to show goodwill toward others, possibly make events easier down the line, or fearing I might miss a critical plot point. I have to admit that those moments were the hardest for me to take pictures of for it was easy to die or make a bad choice in the heat of the moment.
And what makes it even harder to decide on which character response you’ll make, you don’t even know IF that response is civil or insulting. But what surprised me the most about this game is how much fun I’d have trying to decide what path I would take in this game as Lee. I’ll have to admit that the game makes it much harder to decide on the fly which is the right choice or stupid mistake in-game. It can be very scary indeed if a game you play makes you think in “what would you do” if the roles were reversed, and if the “stupid decisions” of some might not seem that stupid after you’ve been in the decision maker’s shoes.
I am still sobered by the thought that the family piano that graced my parents' homes for 22 years has now been a part of my household for 38+ years. The misery of our plight was captured on camera in the downcast face of one of our clarinets, Marilyn Edwards.
I’m sure it’s something to do with being slightly overweight and having a fat face or whatever.
Be it fashion or interests I’m ensure I’m there when she needs me and thankfully she knows this. So like a good uncle I’ve been known to talk to “Stormageddon” (he said that’s his name, I didn’t give it to him) for hours on end when one of his parents is busy with whatever their doing. Though we have calmed down a bit from playing Xenoblade Chronicles X I’ve found myself revisiting other games in my gaming library that I usually end up losing track of time. The moment was not lost on me and I thanked her for it in not just the gift but for rekindling fond memories from the past. Instead I used it with my personal apps installed but as far as I’m concerned it’s HIS tablet and his casino games will be maintained by me.
During the Twitch stream they told people who were subscribing to the feed should refrain from donating any funds given that they weren't going to see a dime of it. I recall that some game reviews didn't even bother with a breakdown on number scoring and stuck with a basic 1 to 10 score. It kind of hit me in the nostalgia factor given how as I also played Castlevania I couldn't help but think of my Dad God rest his soul.
I touched on the first and second games on this list in the “digital only” edition of my Top 11 Octoberween Game Titles for this year. It tells the story of Rei Kurosawa as she mourns the death of her fiance after a car crash caused by her own carelessness.
I remembered that one of these games had to have that mode and I’m glad to see that it was indeed in the third game. And much like a nightmare on Elm Street if you die in your dream you end up dying in the real world. I’ve own this game physically for a long time and with the digital version so readily accessible, I should’ve been able to burn thru this game much like I have with the prior to. And though I have played it for a time, I don’t think I’ll be playing it enough to be able to give a full breakdown in what Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water has to offer. I almost regret in not playing the “free sample” first just to see exactly what you get with it before you pay for the entire game. The only drawback I had in doing this was how I would usually hold the gamepad like a standard controller, across my lap, only to quickly push the X button to pull up the camera interface. It’s like how in prior games if you took a picture of a certain area and the photo shows a completely different area to help you unlock something.
Not sure if it’s just as scary as Fatal Frame II but hopefully it won’t be as disappointing as Spirit Camera on the 3DS. I think the far I have gotten is season three before I had to take a break from all that goes on in that show.

But instead of it being more like other zombie games that deal with this nature like Left 4 Dead, State of Decay and even the Resident Evil series (both old and new), you play out The Walking Dead Season one as an adventure game made to look like a graphic novel.
I have to admit I was annoyed by Larry’s character and wished him dead while I was hoping that characters like Carley would last the entire season. Though most of all the game options you can choose are simple, there is a hint of uncertainty pinned to your actions given that we are told that “every action in game will have effects that are felt down the road”. The game does show you what the responses are but when Lee speaks them they come out different than what you’d expect. But what got me thinking the most in my actions was in how I handled my interactions with Clementine. On the first play of the 4th quarter, quarterback James Street ran 42 yards on a broken pass play to score UT's first points.
Fortunately, no one in our band suffered injury but I was told later that a bottle intended for our group over shot and hit a girl in the Arkansas band. He alerted me to the fact that the game was being rebroadcast on LHN (the 46th anniversary of the game) so I taped it.
I have not seen the movie yet.A  I don't even know who they got to play me - maybe Zac Ephron? I get weekends off, out of work around 3pm, don’t do as much physical labor and I self-manage myself meaning I don’t have to deal with meddling co-workers or idiot customers when it comes to customer service.
Also my Dad’s passing is still fresh in my mind and I’d like to keep my body as fit as possible to ensure that I live to the ripe old age of forever. But there are occasions when he crawls to me and pulls my pant leg in wanting to be picked up and loved. Though I’ve said in the past I’d rather buy a PS4 than an Xbox One (due to the whole “Constant On” fiasco that was the Xbox One announcement) it made more sense for me to own an Xbox One due to current outlying factors. Though they did try to joke off that it was probably going to the trash or to the parent company's wallet, it seemed like a half hearten attempt to lighten the mood, it was hard to shrug off the fact that the very people we were watching play GTA (I don't recall which one, not that familiar with the series.
I'm sure this was done to keep things simple but for me it started to feel less like a GameTrailers review and more like a generic review like you've come to see from other gaming sites or metacritic. After watching the first season of Final Fantasy Machinabridged you might think differently upon seeing what Team Four Star has done to a JRPG classic.Normally I'm not one for their work (given I wasn't muchof a Dragon Ball anime fan) but I was able to stomach most of what this series had to offer.
Life for me has changed so much that I don't really know where to being, be it gaming, social or family.
Like Castlevania I too have found memories of the times I spent with my Dad and in the end what I have left of him is memories. And as much as I’d like to include Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, the circumstances associated with that game have obviously disqualified it this year. As she tries to put her life back together, with the help of a familiar face from the first Fatal Frame game, Rei beings to suffer nightmares that lead her into the “Manor of Sleep” where she is stalked by a woman covered in tattoos. Rei also gets the ability to use special flash attacks that can keep spirits at bay if the happen to close to you.
I can’t say for certain that it’s truly as scary as the second game or as better controlling than the other games. Mostly to show that despite my interest in these games, I usually have some sense to hold off in paying high amounts of money for these games. But if you had told me that the game in question was Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water then all bets would be off in my original stances about digital only. I ended up downloading both parts all on the same night just so I could have it ready to play by the onset. I usually had the camera still across my lap, thus causing the game to think I was pointing the gamepad up to the TV screen. It just gives me a sense that this is a more “mature” Fatal Frame that may not involve just school girls.
I wasn’t sure exactly how to make of this art design given what I’ve come to expect out of TellTale Games but after playing what I have, I will admit that I was taken aback on how well the game is presented in this style. You get the same feeling as you connect with your favorite characters in this game like you would with the comics’ or TV show. Though I didn’t find that EVERY action played out this way, certain reactions do influence certain events of the story. An example can be when an NPC asks about what kind of defensive measures you have at your hotel, one of the responses I chose was to mention that we had guns to defend ourselves but the response choice made it look like that Lee was also DEMANDING what kind of defenses the NPC character had. Being a guardian of a little girl during my time, I found myself choose the path that had me protecting here and reassuring her during the course of the game. Coach Royal opted to go for two points and Street scored again on a keeper to close the score to 14-8. We quietly and inconspicuously lined up on the track to leave - as inconspicuous as 200 people dressed in orange and wearing cowboy hats can, that is. Watching the game still evokes a lot of emotion, especially recognizing people I know in the shots of the band. Coach Royal opted to go for two points and Street scored again on a keeper to close the score to 14-8.A  Our defense continued to keep the Arkansas offense in check and with just over 3 minutes left in the game, Texas was faced with a 4th down and 3 yards to go near mid-field. If I happen to be sitting down playing a game he’ll try to play with my head mic on my gaming headphones. I want to say III but don't quote me.) were going to be out of the a job either that night or later on in the week.
Over time I started to give little thought to their ranking system, and given from the comments I read on certain video game reviews they didn't resonate well with others. I personally like how they edit out the f-bombs said by the cast, though I wish they weren't as foulmouthed as portrayed. Memories that I'll treasure for the rest of my life, much like the Castlevania seres of old. Upon being touched by this tattooed woman, Kei begins to suffer growing bruises in the real world momentarily that begin to take on the form of the tattooed woman’s tattoos as well. Her camera also has the ability to see things through its viewfinder that the naked eye is unable to see. Now that’s something straight out of the very urban legends that involved a mysterious tape that you watch that predicts your death or someone being killed with such intense rage that a grudge is born….
I think I got mostly side tracked by this game because of all the reading and research you do in game. And I hope if you have a chance this year that you are able to find that out too eventually, that is if you’ve gotten around two the first games in the series yet.
Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and Fatal Frame II Remake fetch a high price now on most auction sites and like I mentioned above I only bought the PSN versions of Fatal Frame when they were 50% off in their original posting price. Like I said, I have a very short list of games that I’d be willing to buy without a second though. So when I actually moved the gamepad up to the TV screen, I was actually in game raising the camera’s viewfinder OVER my head. You also not only have to target a person’s face to take a shot (included with a nifty lock on feature) but you have to be able to get up to five “points” of a ghosts in the circle view finder to be able to do damage to an attacking ghost, something different from prior game titles that had you get their face centered in the viewfinder and having them close enough to get a Fatal Frame shot.
But that goes without saying without even mentioning the bombshell you learn when it comes to the backstory of one of the female characters you control in this game. Whether this game is for you depends on your mindset about digital titles, your HDD space and your willingness to give it a try. I was expecting something corny, or even cheesy, like static animations or cookie cutter character designs as you read story text below the screen as a voice action spoke their lines. And like those forms of media, you’ll find yourself floored when the ones you hope make it don’t, or worse, the ones that did make it get something you didn’t expect them to get. There are some “crux” events where you’ll be graded on how you reacted to any given situation (Like looting an abandoned car filled with food or not) but that was just mostly for the community feel in knowing how your fellow gamers chose in your situation. But in truth Lee just made his comment rather neutrally instead of the response choice that made it appear he was outright demanding the answer from the NPC.
I was open and honest in all my responses and I did my very best not to lead her astray or make her feel uncomfortable around me. A line of official looking people temporarily blocked our exit and that's when I saw it: the top of Richard Nixon's head!! I don't know why the trombones were split up, but one group was on the front row and my group was up several rows from the bottom.
Sometimes he’ll stick around and watch me play a game or two (he was really interested in Call of Duty: Ghosts) but other times I usually have to turn the console or PC off and try to corrupt his little mind before he gets another episode of that mind rotting “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” into him. I loved it back when it was offered on the PS3, on my old Phat model RIP, and I love it now on my Wii U with Wii titles. Though I have been active on the twitter and instagram I will admit I haven't had the time or ability to blog like I use to. I hope you enjoyed it and are able to take something away from it at the end of the final episode. This “Sleeping Manor” curse begins to spread to two other people involved with Rei in some form professionally and personally to where the lines of reality and the subconscious begin to blur as Rei and her friends do all they can to break this curse and learn how it all came about to being with.
Best example of this is blood splatter on the walls and floors of certain areas being seen thru the camera’s viewfinder but don’t register if you take a picture. There is a lot of information offered in this game that gets more into the Fatal Frame story lore and in how these games are so intertwined together in ways that it almost takes a flow chart to keep track of them all. And as much as I’d like to say I wanted to hold off in getting this game upon how it was being released, I really can’t say that. More so than the PS3 in how you have to wait as you download the game AND wait again for it to install. I was able to compensate for this by moving the analog stick down to make it properly facing ahead of me but by that time I had either missed my chance to take a spirit picture or properly defend myself against an attacking spirit. I wasn’t a big fan of that kind of story narrative when it came to the video game of Battle: Los Angeles so I was pleasantly surprised in seeing a fully functional 3D adventure game environment like you’d expect from other TellTale titles.
It’s like those graded scenes in the game “Catherine” that don’t really seem to affect game outcome in a major way, but shows the world how you are like to play and where your character is as a, well, character. This path made it hard for me to channel my “virtual reality sociopathic” ways in gaming given how I wasn’t sure how my possible homicidal actions would affect me in game.
He was on his way to the winning locker room to congratulate Royal and the team on their amazing come-from-behind victory. Randy Peschel was covered by two Arkansas defenders but still managed to catch Street's long pass at the 13 yard line to set up the eventual tying touchdown by Jim Bertlesen.A  Happy Feller kicked the extra point to give the Longhorns the lead. Now that the Xbox One can play some Xbox 360 games, be it disc based or XBLA titles, I’m enjoying it all the more. I personally like how after the episode ends, the characters from the show talk to you right after the episode ends to promote Team Four Star while still in the moment after the episode ended.
But let’s stop there before I go into more detail about Maiden of Black Water and instead focus on the number 1 game pick this year. What started out as a project to research urban legends takes on a deadlier meaning when the Camera Obscura and this tattooed lady become a boogieman to those in their dreams…. The return of Miku Hinasaki from the first game offers the second playable character who has her latent supernatural sensing powers returning along with her nightmare’s focusing on the trauma she suffered in the Himuro Mansion. It’s probably also another reason why I haven’t fully sunk my teeth into Fatal Frame: Maiden of Dark Water yet given how Miku plays a role in that game as well. This doesn’t mean though that you’ll find me buying ANY game offered digitally these days but Fatal Frame fits into that small list of “must buy” titles that even the offer of it being digital only isn’t enough to make me think twice about getting it. So far I can say that this game will surely be ranked up there for me personally as a game that I have no regrets in buying full price. I understand people need to do to survive but sometimes the human drama can get too much for me.
And given I’ve come to enjoy games like Sam & Max, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and Strong Bad’s Cool Games for Attractive People series made things right at home for me.
There will be some dialogue events where you have to make a timed decisions before the timer runs out. I literally dodged an emotional bullet with Clementine when I was given the choice to choose the fate of a bad NPC by either killing him with a pitchfork or sparing his life. Even if it still requires you to download the entire game even if you own the disc it’s still better than what the PS4 has to offer. I eventually started going to the site less and less when they switched to a different video player that didn't quite work all the time on my firefox. Rounding off the group is Kei Amakura, relation to Mayu and Mio from the second game, who gets involved by associate from the events that happened to his relation. But there are “those games” that I reserve for an immediate buy regardless of my misgivings. Indeed if my situation wasn’t ideal for buying this game I’d have found a way to make it happen. Once for the first part, once for the second part and one more time before I could even boot up the game. Character animation was done well enough in keeping with the artistic format but I did notice some glitching during my games. Honestly I never waited around to find out what the outcome would be if that timed moment expired. As much as the “virtual reality sociopath” in me said to kill him quick and thus not leaving a chance of him coming after us later, I ended up sparing his life. Arkansas moved the ball to within field goal range, but an interception by Tom Campbell sealed the win for UT. All of them have different playstyles because of this though it’s not like you are able to play just one character all the way through the story. That list is short and it’s very easy to find yourself off this list either by my own personal disappointment with that franchise’s game release or if anything should befall the game between the day it was announced to release day itself.
Even games that only have a digital only release, I usually hold off in buying them with the thought that it’ll go down in price EVENTUALLY like we see when it comes to physical releases. Thankfully I did have the foresight to expect such a circumstance to take place, thus why I got a deluxe model 32 GB Wii U and held off downloading any games for such a situation.
But as for the content and experience of what this game has to offer, I’ll have to let you be the judge in what I speak of next.
I think this was done so that the game could fully integrate itself given how it was never meant to be cut in two like this.
The worse I had of that happen is when the character asking Lee the question just assumed Lee was the quiet type.
Something I would call a “stupid mistake” in the show but upon finding out that Clementine had come into the barn just as I was about to kill this NPC made me glad I “curbed my bloodlust”.
Tom's twin brother Mike also played for the Longhorns and their Dad was one of Royal's top assistants.
I also hold off in getting digital titles given my old skool ways of actually wanted to own something PHYSICALLY. But if I hadn’t you’d be seeing me jumping Nintendo’s hoops by investing in a 1 TB HDD and hooking that puppy up to my Wii U.
So sorry if you thought this game would be number 1 in my Top 11 Octoberween Game Titles of 2015. It’s a nice change of pace for the story that shows how in-depth and involving the curse that afflictions them grows. I’m sure there have been other times but for recently memory that’s the best I can think of at the moment.
There is nothing like holding a game disc in its game case and being able to add it to your game collection. Despite it being a “digital only” game, and thus meeting the criteria of making this year’s list, its price disqualifies it given how my Top 11 offerings are also meant for those gamers that want ideas for their Octoberween gaming on a budget.
The first two chapters of the game, and a bit of the start of the third, seem to be just the game’s tutorial sections and story primer for the game itself.
Safely back at the hotel, we were finally able to relax, celebrate, and savor the highlights of the amazing game we had witnessed. The second change offered in this is game is the “hub” area that consists of daytime events where Rei and the others muck around the house and perform general tasks that progress the story.
Being able to have something to collection and perhaps one day to pass down to the next generation of future console gamers. Chapter one gets you use to the game’s controls on the gamepad and the second chapter is a tutorial in how you use the new functions of the “Camera Obscura” with the gamepad, with a sprinkle of the story narrative mixed in for good measure.
Rei usually develops photos she takes from in her nightmares (the camera obsura she uses in her dreams working as a proxy with the “defective” camera obscura found in her late fiances room. The game does its best not to make these chapters redundant by introducing you to the world of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water by means of character introductions, location settings and cut scenes to fill you in on all you’re to expect in this game. Why are you arguing about the fate of one man who you KNOW will run off and tell the bad guys your location and will surly raid your farmhouse?!?!?! They were still cleaning up Guadalupe street by the campus when we returned home on Sunday. Miku is the research gopher as she uncovers clues that Rei finds in her investigations and Kei fitting in somehow that I’ve yet to comprehend. You meet one character who ends up vanishing in one chapter then you control another character as you, along with her friend, investigate a hotel that’s seen better days. So as you can see it took me awhile to get around to playing this adventure series from TellTale Games.
These are the daily activities that these characters’ get involved in as they try to live their lives, investigate the urban legend of the Manor of Sleep and uncover the mystery that they find themselves involved in. All three games were titles I didn’t think twice in buying regardless of what I read about these games in reviews and the price comparisons I could make of them.
These scenes may not give you all you need to know about these heroines but it fits the mold of what you’d expect out of past Fatal Frame titles. Even that name alone wasn’t enough to convince me to give it a try and stomach the possible stupid actions others in the game would make.
And off all of those games I walked away happy in not just buying them, but playing them to the fullest.
Of course it didn’t hurt these games to be from established franchises that I’ve enjoyed in the past.

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