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This Mind Zero PC Game Is A Creative Game Which Comes With Latest Graphics And Animation Theme. This puzzle game will help you improve your brain capacity with exercises focused on increasing IQ. A physics-based game witsh a lot of toys and unlimited imagination along with chain reactions to complete every task. In this game, you got to navigate the marbles through a wooden maze by tilting your mobile device.
Unlike the popular logo names, you are given the brand name and you have to identify its logo from a given set. This mental math app will help you solve problems in your head without pen and paper with speed. With a set of jumbled pieces of an image of Saifeena, you have to recreate the original image.
You will be provided with jumbles jigsaw pieces of an image of Dazzling Deepika and have to move these to form the original image.
As the name suggests, this app is one that involves cascading to clear the board via a chain reaction. Move tiles to arrange them in numerical order with a blank tile to the lower right-hand corner. You have to save the earth as it is in grave danger due to the sun not shining upon it anymore.
SKIDROW – Mind Zero Free Download released on 9 mar 2016 for PC and cracked by CODEX. This Animation Game Was Developed By Acquire And Zerodiv And Published Under The Best Banner Of Aksys Games. This Game Comes As An Action Packed Dungeon-crawler Role Playing Game In Which The Player Has To Perform Various Actions.

The Excellent Sound Effects And Thrilling Background Scores Would Create A New Experience T The Players. With some mastering of the controls, you have to retrieve the precious gold nugget and then deliver it in the least time.
You got to shoot out all the bubbles on your screen to get to the next level, while scoring 3 stars for each level. This one will test the coordination between your hand and eye and also your strategies and the number of marbles gradually increases. With over 75000 words, there is an unlimited number of puzzles available in 5 difficulty levels. As the levels progress, the difficulty level of the problems gets more complex and challenging.
If you use the least number of moves to do so, then you are awarded with a gold medal, else a bronze or silver one. The solution is the five Crystals of power that have to be rescued from five different planets. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
The Player Has To Use His Mind To Continue In The Game Progress And Reveal The Secrets Behind His Deadly Weapon.
The Interesting Story Line And Beautiful Story Description And Narrations Would Be Impressive. Also, these are an excellent solution to boredom while also helping you exercise your brain power to its fullest potential.
There are 2 modes- puzzle mode and arcade mode with 300 different entertaining and challenging levels.
With high quality graphics and dazzling images of Deepika Padukone, it is a fun game that will keep you hooked.

This Game Begins In The Deadly Atmosphere In The Underground Surfaces Which Are Filled With Unknown Dangers. The Player Would Be Attacked By Various Enemies In The Various Stages Of Game And The Player Should Defend Himself From The Enemies. The Never Before Unseen Environments And Locations With Creative Character Designing Would Play An Important Role In The Game.
This game is one that can be enjoyed by all ages, while helping sharpen mathematical skills. The Player Plays The Role Of Kei, Who Was A High School Student And The Main Character In This Game. This Game Comes With All Role Playing Elements Which Are Necessary For An Excellent Role Playing Game.
It is great game for people of all ages who wish to increase their general knowledge and geography.
With the government and other forces trailing him and his friends, Kei will need to discover the secret behind “MIND.” Will these newfound powers help him or ultimately be his doom? The Player Would Interact With A Deadly Weapon Known As Mind And His Life Would Be Changed. The New Powerful Weapon Would Enable To Defeat The Enemies And The Player Has To Handle This Weapon Carefully.
The Player Has To Face Many Obstacles In This Game According To The Story And Game Progress.

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