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Tweets that mention On the cover of John Lennon’s Mind Games album, who’s face forms a mountain? According to singer Tony Sheridan, Paul McCartney put the finishing touches to 'Yesterday' while sitting on the toilet! That idyllic, crazy-flirty-unsure-sexy area where we’re all kings and queens of words and ideas, spun like fine candy floss. About Latest Posts SavitaSavita Nair is an advertising copywriter who lives and works in Mumbai.
When she is not travelling, she is writing about all things seemingly superficial and inconsequential. Many authors write across age groups, moving from one age bracket to another and back again.

It is seen by many as symbolism for John walking away from Ono’s huge influence on him. Here women and men indulge in mind games that hide so much truth, that its more fantasy than a game. She is also the author of 45 ml – a collection of irreverent poems on love, longing and living a life not-quite-so-ordinary. The Lennon’s had split up in mid-1973, around the time the recording sessions for Mind Games was to begin. Impatient, new-age singles find them a complete waste of time.Of course, impatient married types agree too. Where the entire agenda is to lead someone on, without oneself knowing where the destination is.

For in the game of love and longing, end of day’s play may never really be the end of the game.
I heard a friend complain that mind games are like foreplay that whet your appetite for a while, but if not followed by the real deal, can become disgustingly unsatisfying.
Such mind games, in my experience, can have deadly consequences especially in today’s times when social media can be as big a deal breaker as a deal maker. She can lead the guy to a paradise island through her mind games, pretending to be a vixen one moment, a virgin the next.

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