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Space Duty is a space station that you have been assigned to for your decade long space service. Have Mind Reading Machines ArrivedYears ago, Woody Allen used to joke that he’d been thrown out of college as a freshman for cheating on his metaphysics final.
With the aid of functional magnetic resonance imaging, neuroscientists have been hard at work on Allen’s fantasy.
To get a clear snapshot of free will, Haynes designed an experiment that would isolate it from other mental functions. Until this experiment, which was reported last month in Current Biology, nobody had ever tried to take a picture of free will. But if machines can read your mind when you want them to, they can also read it when you don’t. China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats.
Station is the size of a small town and is populated by people that have their specializations and perform tasks on the station, while also doing things like eating, drinking and sleeping as they are needed to survive. The goal of the game is to make a living space station where NPCs are alive, live their lives and offer quests to the player based on the current situation on the station.

Cameras follow your car, GPS tracks your cell phone, software monitors your Web surfing, X-rays explore your purse, and airport scanners see through your clothes. Under controlled conditions, they can tell from a brain scan which of two images you’re looking at. The computer then looked at a sample of the scans, along with the final answers that revealed what choices had actually been made.
He doesn’t like the idea of companies scanning job applicants for loyalty or scanning customers for reactions to products (an emerging practice known as neuromarketing). To make human choice predictable, you first have to constrain it so that it’s not really free. It calculated a pattern and used this pattern to predict, from each participant’s remaining scans, his or her decisions in the corresponding trials.
Imagine a helmet full of electrodes, or a chip implanted in your head, that lets your brain tell your computer which key to press.
Already, scans have been used to identify brain signatures of disgust, drug cravings, unconscious racism, and suppressed sexual arousal, not to mention psychopathy and propensity to kill.
But where criminal justice is at stake, as in the case of lie detection, he’s for using the technology.

That’s why Haynes confined his participants to arithmetic, gave them only two options, and forbade them to change their minds. John-Dylan Haynes, a brilliant researcher at Germany’s Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, is leading the way. That’s too coarse to distinguish the configuration of cells that signifies addition from the configuration that signifies subtraction. Then, they were to perform the chosen calculation and punch a button corresponding to the correct answer. Why not design computers that, like a smart secretary, can discern and execute even abstract intentions? The brain is becoming just another accessible body part, searchable for threats and evidence. We can sift through your belongings, pat you down, study your nude form through your clothes, inspect your body cavities, and, if necessary, peer into your mind.

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