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Participants’ neural activity was recorded by using sensors implanted in their brain, which were linked to a computer that translated electrical impulses into actions.
The researchers believe people will be able to perform increasingly complex tasks just by thinking them.
The subjects in the study moved from thinking about a task to automatically processing a task, in a similar way to how other motor movements are learnt – like playing the piano or learning to ride a bicycle.
This was shown by the areas of neurons that were active in the brain, which changed as subjects became more adept at a mental task. Scientists analysed the results of a mind control task on a brain-computer interface (BCI) of seven participants with epilepsy.

They were asked to play a computer game where they had to manipulate a ball to move across a screen – using only their mind.
He believes his research could help individuals master more advanced levels of mind control. Ian Daly from the University of Reading, UK, who works on non-invasive BCIs, said that the study would help other scientists build BCIs that are more useful for analysing the different interactive paths of the brain.
Mind Machine is basically a game that includes 10 minigames each very different from the other.
What is novel is studying the learning effect of subsequent trials in a BCI context,” Dr Daly told BBC News.

The PC game offers 4 playing modes including a multiplayer mode similar to snakes and ladders.

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