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In travelling across the country for more than 25 years now, I continue to see thousands of adults wasting away, disenfranchised with their jobs, and young students unable to decide on a career path. My mission is to inspire people to discover their true purpose, reach for their maximum potential, recognize their inherent self-worth, and become a shining beacon of positive energy in a negative society. Michael Monroe Kiefer (speaker, psychologist, master storyteller) has over 40 topics to choose from.

Many have simply given up and fallen into counterproductive, entitlement, self-destructive lifestyles.
My job seeker section includes a unique online natural talent and genetic skills testing service to give people proper career guidance based on genetic ability.
My daughter Ariel Monroe Kiefer is also assisting in this job seeker project, lending her talents as a college graduate in technical writing to help people with resumes.

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