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Sailing Down the Moonbeam is the tale of a New York career woman who decided there was more to life than high finance and a million frequent flier miles she would never have time to use.
In what seemed like an outrageous risk at age 40, she and her investment banker husband left family, friends and careers behind in favor of seeing the world from the deck of a sailboat. When the sailing voyage came to an unexpected end, she found the winds had blown her to a better place than she ever hoped to go. Sailing Down the Moonbeam is a mid-life coming-of-age story, and speaks to positive benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone, even if you never leave your home or have never been on boat. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The Egyptian cobra, a very dangerous snake native to much of North Africa, is probably the "asp" of the Cleopatra legends. Young Basque witch, anointing herself in the manner described by Pierre de Lancre, illustration in the Witchcraft museum in Bayonne, France. De Lancre was one of the worst (or best, depending on one's viewpoint, I suppose) of the Witch-hunters of the Seventeenth Century; taking over from Zumarraga (who'd gone to Mexico to torment the fallen Aztecs), he decimated the female population in Labourd, the Basque area of France. Many of our most vivid descriptions of the ceremonies of the witches--particularly the overtly erotic aspects--come from De Lancre.
Now if those names sound like something out of the 1980s, they are far from the only thing ripped from the era in this show.
To give you an idea of the type of bizarre, twisted stories the show seeks to tell, the pilot finds Dazzle hunting a kingpin he accidentally allows to ascend to that stature.
Repeatedly it's stated--in Shakespeare and elsewhere--that the asp brings a painless death.

Much is made in Shakespeare about the location of the bite--"canst thou not see the child that sucks the mother to sleep?" Vipers, which can open their mouths almost 180o, can bite a person anywhere.
Since many of the young women he tortured and burned refused to deny their religion under such duress--while at the same time vigorously denying such mischief as storm-raising--it does seem possible that these were practitioners of some still-unidentified pagan faith. A good bit of the "information" he collected "confirmed" the "information" contained in the infamous Malleus Malficarium, written by Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer in the Fifteenth Century. Set in the metropolis named in the title, which has heavy Miami overtones to it, the show follows local cops as they struggle with the criminals who are ruining their beloved town.
The lead is Dazzle Novak (Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation), who is very reminiscent of FX’s Archer, inept and over-sexed, but the star of the police force because of blind luck and charm.
MOONBEAM CITY seems to be set in that decade, and the colors (neon), lighting (blinds), and music (synthetic) all reinforce the style, as does the clothing and overall design. It has already established the world and the format that it will likely be repeated in installment after installment as Dazzle tangles with many different villains. Archer thrives because it makes the viewer care about the characters, building a funny ensemble that make the show as much a workplace comedy as it is about spying.
There aren’t really any laugh-out-loud moments or quotable lines, but I enjoyed watching the half hour, and will probably tune in again.
Death by cobra bite, which paralyzes the breathing muscles, is often amazingly painless, as survivors attest--there is even some component of the venom that seems to remove the fear of death. Cobras have more rigid heads and shorter fangs, and they cannot open their mouths so widely.
De Lancre, an accomplished lute player, was fond of having the witches dance for him, immediately after which he personally escorted them to the stake.

But the cops aren’t the slightest bit competent, nor are the criminals, really, and the results are humorous. Dazzle is assisted by Chrysalis Tate (Kate Mara, House of Cards), who wants to stop getting coffee and start firing guns, which she already is much more skilled at than Dazzle. The faces are super white, and only a portion of the spectrum is used, but it’s all very consistent with the overall tone of the piece. I’m impressed by the overall production, if not many of the specifics, and it deserves a chance to find itself and grow into whatever it’s going to be.
Death from the bite of any local viper--the common saw-scaled viper in particular--is usually from shock, is nightmarishly painful and very prolonged.
Dazzle’s rival on the force is Red Cunningham (Will Forte, Last Man on Earth), who is jealous of the hero, but slightly less effective.
MOONBEAM CITY has the potential to do this, with the criminal sort of ignored in the pilot, and the four leads being fantastic in their own right, but shows no signs of committing to putting character above story, at least not yet. It’s clear it doesn’t know what that is from the get go, but it has the right ingredients to get there without having to add new elements, so that’s a good start. Additionally, when cobras bite they hang on and chew the venom in, which vipers do not typically do; the appearance of such a bite, the snake chewing venom into the nipple, would indeed be suggestive of the snake nursing. This motley crew is overseen by the put-upon Captain Pizzaz Miller (Elizabeth Banks, The Hunger Games), who has little patience for their antics, but seems hesitant to actually fire them.

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