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Mindfulness, a concept at the heart of Buddhist meditation, is the basis of an eight-week course that's showing some success at helping people manage pain. Back in 1979, a biologist at the University of Massachusetts named Jon Kabat-Zinn had an idea. Trish Magyari teaches an eight-week-long Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, where students learn a range of meditations. At the end, participants decide which meditation, or combination of them, motivates and relaxes them the most. All comments must follow the Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium.

He asked them to refer their patients to his new clinic, which happened to be set up in a windowless, underground office in a medical building. After all, who wants to be "in the moment" when your joints are aching, your head's throbbing, or you're living with a scary diagnosis? The course is now offered in dozens of hospitals and medical centers around the country, and studies suggest it does help people cope with the psychological distress of diseases, such as arthritis, psoriasis and cancer.
Lying on mats and pillows wearing socks and comfy clothes, instructor Trish Magyari walked them through a sort of mental tour of the body. Let it go and then move up to the next body part: the ankle, the calf, the knee, the thigh.
Then cross over the lower torso, travel down the right leg and start again at the right foot, and repeat, traveling up the body, part by part, until you reach the head.

He found himself thinking, "I should be doing something more productive instead of paying attention to the sensations in my left leg." Quieting these thoughts is a challenge for people just starting out, says Magyari. After two months of mindfulness training, the patients' physical symptoms did not disappear, but they reported feeling better.
We're not thinking about what's right or wrong with us, our state of health, but just that sense of physical wholeness," Magyari says.
After two weeks of body scan training, the patient realized there were parts of her body that weren't in pain.

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