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I recently tried one of their recommended activities with my daughter, niece, and sister, and turned it into a craft and art activity. The most powerful part of the activity was learning how hard it was to easily compliment yourself, but how easy it was to compliment the other person. Try this or one of the other great activity suggestions from the Dove® Self-Esteem Toolkit today! If you liked this post and want more, you can subscribe to be on our mailing list and make sure to get your free Cupcake Toppers Printables for Every Occasion. The fundamental differences between boys and girls are never clearer than during the middle school years.
Girls, on the other hand, are more expert at the use of gossip and betrayal to lash out at someone they don’t like.
The two types of girls, experts say, that are most likely to use emotional violence are either the social outcasts who can’t relate with their classmates, or the clique leaders who are popular because they are controlling, not because they are well-liked.
Parents play a key role in preventing their daughter from becoming passive targets for emotional violence.
Begin focusing on guiding their daughter without overreacting, or even necessarily telling her what to do. Start listening closely to what their daughter is saying, and then give her advice as to how to best deal with the emotional violence she is experiencing.

Fathers, especially, can build into his adolescent girl a sense of internal beauty that will help her see herself as valuable and worthwhile. We are our own worst critics, and when we were all tasked with finding five things we love about ourselves, that was the list we all most struggled with.
It was also really powerful to do for yourself too, and to see how your daughter views her mother. It’s the time kids wield the weapon of emotional violence, and it can be very hurtful indeed, to both the aggressor and the victim. Boys, under the persistent influence of raging hormones, tend to use physical intimidation to establish their relational boundaries. Girls will often argue with each other for the attention of a particularly popular boy, and are not afraid to spread nasty rumors about the competition. In their girl’s younger years, parents are primarily the rule makers, setting standards for behavior, etiquette and dress, and teaching their daughter right from wrong. They can teach her the best way to express her feelings to another girl who is saying hurtful things. In a sexualized culture that overemphasizes outward appearance, a dad can be effective in teaching his daughter how lovely she is on the inside.
The interactive website helps you choose from a variety of activities based on age, your role (i.e.

This sounds like a great way to let them really examine themselves & come up with a sense of self-worth. Girls are also more vulnerable with each other, sharing secrets that, unfortunately, can be used against them if the relationship with their confidant turns sour. By the time their girl hits adolescence, however, the dynamic shifts away from the establishment of rules toward the nurturing of their relationship with their daughter. I know my daughter really fought her feelings of self-doubt when completing her poster about herself. I’m proud to be able to play a part in helping gain awareness for this thoughtful program.
Jess Weiner has always been one of my inspirational role models, and I would do anything to help my daughter have a strong sense of self as she navigates through the tween years.

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