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Plot hole: When Renee Russo was reviewing the tape showing the room with the painting to see who stole the painting, and the tape was blank because the heat generated from the suitcase hidden under the bench, why didn't she just back up the tape completely to see who put the suitcase there in the first place?
Continuity mistake: The Jeep and Cobra Mustang are shown covered in mud as they climb the hill to the house in Martinique, however when they arrive at the top, they are clean again. Continuity mistake: When the "thieves" are preparing the impressionist wing and inform Thomas Crown that the exhibit is closed, Crown responds with "It's only a quarter to five". Other mistake: When Thomas' keys are taken and copied, the name "Medeco" appears on the keys. Continuity mistake: When TC steals the Monet, he places the painting in the briefcase and closes the case breaking the frame in half and thus ripping the edges of the painting.
Revealing mistake: During the catamaran sailing scene, the boat jibes and Brosnan leaps across the trampoline and starts grinding on an empty winch, with no line in it.
Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence, when Crown decides to walk and has "Jimmy" meet him at the office, he is almost run down by a truck. Continuity mistake: When Crown's attempting to repeat his golf shot, he flattens the ball into the sand. Factual error: The helicopter that was supposed to be used for the theft at the beginning is a Sikorsky S-76 and they said it would be useless because it can hold only a payload of 300kg.
Revealing mistake: During the glider scene when they show the close up of Catherine's face with Thomas leaning over her from behind, waving his hands, if you look at her sunglasses you can see all the white screens, the camera crew, the reflection of his hands, etc. Factual error: When the thieves are coming out of the Trojan horse, during a shot a pile of sawdust in a cone formation on the ground.
Continuity mistake: In the glider scenes, the shots from the front show the sighting window in the canopy placed on the right side of the glider. Other mistake: When Catherine breaks into Crown's house, her assistants immediately get to work on the security panel. Continuity mistake: In the scene at the of the movie where Catherine is whispering in the ear of Thomas, you can see that the ear is not from Thomas. Other mistake: When Catherine breaks into TC's house and is searching for the Monet there is a scene where she admires The Mirror Of Venus, the footage of this scene has been flipped because the painting is a mirror image of it's actual composition. Factual error: The Trojan horse is transported into the vault area by a motorised pallet jack. Factual error: When Russo and Brosnan are talking at the meal when they first met it is said that he "went from Glasgow to Oxford on a boxing scholarship". Revealing mistake: In the opening scene, the outdoor setting is supposedly an unusually hot autumn day. The painting that is seen several times in the film depicting a man in a suit with an apple covering his face is "Son of Man", by Rene Magritte.
Another movie by Viva Films will be released topbill Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey this october, A SECRET AFFAIR. Now that star cinema is not involve with the production, (meaning promotion and distribution) will it hit the same record as No Other Woman reported. First of all I would love to reiterate a disclaimer, I am a huge fan of Anne Curtis, my tweets and some of my blog entries are about her heck even my top post of all time is about her: The Sensational Anne Curtis BUT please do not mistake this entry a biased one.

Now that I have had that out of the way and I truly hope that it had settled your thoughts let me give you 5 reasons why you should watch A Secret Affair this coming October 24, 2012 and the rest of the show dates in whichever cinema is close to you. I know I said 5 reasons why you should watch A Secret Affair but I will throw in one for the cinematography buffs out there.
So get off your butt on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 and watch A Secret Affair with your friends and love ones, tag along your boyfriend or girlfriend to seal the trust thing in your relationships. MANILA, Philippines - Anne Curtis isn?t letting the pressure of expectations get to her that her new film A Secret Affair will not just become a blockbuster, but also a bigger box-office hit than her No Other Woman. Subscribe to HanCinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime). The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up.
Shortly after when the surveillance footage from the time of the robbery is being reviewed, the time stamp on the monitor says 5:54.
When at home he opens the briefcase and the frame is obviously crooked but when he holds the painting up to place it above the fireplace it is perfectly intact and the painting is not damaged. First of all, the truck has to skid to a stop, yet there is a car no more than ten feet in front of it when they change camera angle.
This formation couldn't have formed since the thief was sawing a line in the horse, not drilling one hole. When the first assistant touches the panel, it falls off the wall and he has to quickly push it back into place. A few minutes later when he is sitting inside the gallery eating his breakfast croissant, if you look carefully at his watch, it shows 4:30. The pallet jack operator is behind the load and his forward vision is totally obstructed by the load.
Oxford have a firm policy throughout the colleges of only offering academic and music scholarships. However, outdoor shots show several people with jackets, long coats, and almost no short-sleeve tops or shorts.
His Blog is known for breaking news on new projects in TV, Movies and reviews of products, hotels and awesome travel tips.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Not just an eye-candy Derek Ramsay: I am sure all my ladies out there and yes that include the beckies, would agree on me on him being an eye-candy but Derek Ramsay the ultimate leading man he is would make you swoon and cry without even trying. The Ever Sensational Anne Curtis (yes my bias self my have something to do with whatever that may come next after this word) She would make you cry, make you laugh, and would take you in a different journey about trust, love and hurt in this movie heck she would even make you swear under your breath to rethink about your exercise regime (if ever there is one). The framing and the, well yes, cinematography of this movie is just beautiful; the beautiful people in it were made even more pleasurable to watch because of it. Sis sipag mo..excited much?Sarap magbasa ng mga positive comments tungkol sa A Secret Affair 'no?
As expected, there were so many fans outside the cinema waiting for their idols to walk on the red carpet.

Other than Anne, Andi and Derek, who were all gorgeous, I also spotted on this special screening was Vice Ganda who's wearing a beautiful black Dress. I'm wondering what's the opinion of Erwan while watching Anne and Derek who are doing a romantic scene inside the CR.
When I first sat down with Viva big boss Vic del Rosario to (talk) about this film, he told me whenever you do a film, you shouldn?t expect it to be a blockbuster film.
I doubt that the whole robbery took 1 hour 9 mins, when the time in the movie was around 3 minutes.
This young lady would definitely make you realize that she is worth your attention every frame and second she has in A Secret Affair. He brought forth to the table what was asked for a person who needed to handle two different strong willed and abled women that are Anne Curtis and Andi Eigenmann. There's a proper program was prepared by the Viva Entertainment, hosted by the YouTube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak and businessman-eventologist-host Tim Yap. Of course, you want it to be a blockbuster, but it doesn?t necessarily mean that that?s why you?re doing the film. Secondly, when Crown motions for the driver to pass, the same car is still stopped directly in front of the truck, yet the truck speeds off in a way that it should smash into the car in front of it. Also they must turn the load around in the narrow hall because later the operator is in the front.
I personally favor them as they are the so-called windows to the soul of movies kinda like that of the eyes are the windows to someone?s soul. I would put on a wager with anyone who wouldn?t laugh or even enjoy the best lines in this movie.
But please do not mistake the trailer of A Secret Affair to another ?mistress-driven-movie-plot? because it is not.
I will pay you back for your popcorn and water (healthy living, yes?) should you not enjoy the lines in after watching it. I also saw celebrities Raymond Gutierrez, Nina, Erwan Heussaff, James YoungHusband, Jacklyn Jose and lot more stars who are part of the cast of the movie.
If you will see the entire movie, every scene is just like doing photoshoot, which will focus on the subject and the background is blurred.
Yes you may have associated it with No Other Woman because Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay star in it but I would urge you to watch the movie and be a judge to the entire story not just watch you see in a minute and a half clip. Just tell me and I may even put you up to a 22oz Slurpee to give you a little brain freeze as well as to punish your brain cells for that. The scene where she's telling the story to Anne what happened to her and Derek, she' incredibly hot. The clothes of the stars are very fashionable and stylish especially on the scene of the launching of Pinnacle Publishing.

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