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When Mussolini is gone, the citizens of the small Italian wine-making village place the inept drunken coward, Italo Bombolini (Anthony Quinn) into the office of Mayor.
They manage to pull it off, and when the Germans arrive, they find only about a fifth of that, and are at a loss to provide the rest. Quinn is the only real shining star here, trying to make the best of a comedic role that I'm not sure really fits him. The intent I think was to deliver a cute comedy set in wartime Italy, with a bit of romance thrown in, on top of the overarching theme of the village not caving into the Nazis, and maintaining the identity in the face of crisis.
The bestseller from The Great Impostor's Robert Crichton inspired this leisurely serio-comedy, which takes up where Bernardo Bertolucci's The Conformist left off--with the death of Benito Mussolini. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy this movie as will those familiar with small town politics whether in the USA or abroad. I did laugh a few times, scratched my head a few more times, and rolled my eyes a few more than that. When they discover that the German army is occupying villages, soon to be including theirs, they devise a scheme to protect their *1.3 million* bottles of vino from the pillaging Nazis. The German officer-in-charge, Captain von Prum (Hardy Kruger), continues to the end to get Bombolini to reveal the cache of drink, but to no avail. Yeah, I guess you could say that "Bumble-ini" redeems himself in the end as well, but the final scene of him dancing and acting like the fool he starts off as sort of negates it all. The movie replaces the allied bomber crew member, who bailed out of his plane, with the Italian army deserter, a great improvement for the plot.

Kruger is equally fulfilling as the German Captain, but he's got a "good nature" about him that also doesn't seem to befit his character.
Being a third generation Italian who has seen the first generation who came to the US before 1920, I can say, the director must have gone to great lengths to find a village and extras to fit the story because I have seen them and they are priceless.PS. It falters only near the climax if the viewer cannot ignore the probability that real life Nazis would have been more ruthless in their pursuit of one million bottles of wine the villagers are attempting to hide. If the intent was to be "cute" about it, they could have found a better looking bunch of folks, as the whole lot of them is quite ugly! WheelerGEORGES DASTONGEROGERTEGHEDINIGIANMARIGILAGISGOSTA ABERGGRAFICASGRASIMOVITCHGRIELLOGRINSSONGRUAUGUELFIH. The whole time I felt like I was in a Weird Al version of West Side Story, only without the singing and dancing. The wine-loving town leader erases a pro-Mussolini slogan when he hears of the fascist being killed and hanged from a meathook.
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Add to the same pile of trash that includes the "Mermaids are real" mockumentary and " Devils Graveyards". Take Christmas, Ive lost track of the number of I have watched about delivering presents, single women finding love and of course the regular favourite of the gift giver. Get This Code A journalist intrigued by some unexplained events during Christmas time goes looking for Claus. The Thomsons - parents Thomas and Francie, and children Willa, Arthur, Beatrice (nicknamed Booky) and Jakey - are a loving working class family living in Depression era Toronto.
So "," a designed to resemble an investigative piece, provokes mixed feelings, serving up holiday schmaltz in a package that might actually trick someone who tunes in partway through into believing that theyre seeing some kind of expose proving the existence of Claus.
It was produced and directed by Stanley Kramer and co-produced by George Glass from a screenplay by Ben Maddow and William Rose. Booky and the is a 2007 Canadian family television starring Rachel Marcus and Megan Follows. Directed by Peter Moss from a book adapted by Joe Wiesenfeld and written by Bernice Thurman Hunter.

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