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The sort of movie that fans will quote to each other to affirm membership in a secret club. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common.
I have a friend who claims he only laughed real loud on five occasions during "Top Secret!" I laughed that much in the first ten minutes.
Daca te-ai intrebat vreodata daca cei care au facut posibile filme ca “Airplane!" si “Un politist cu actiune intarziata” sunt nebuni, raspunsul este “da!”.
Cred ca a fost printre primele parodii pe care le-am vazut.Ramane antologica faza cand pleaca gara si ramane trenul. O parodie destul de buna, mi-au placut in special reprizele de cantat si dansat ale lui Val Kilmer. For me, The Little Mermaid is the story of an Otherkin girl living in a world that is hostile to Otherkin. For me, The Little Mermaid is the story of a feminist girl living in a world that is hostile to feminist ideals. For me, The Little Mermaid is the story of a culture-conscious girl living in a world that mandates insularity.
We pan down under the sea to the King Triton’s Schmancy Music Hall and Combination Throne Room just in time to see Ariel completely fail to show up for a music gig that was intended largely to glorify her father while his daughters display themselves to the populace and use their vocal talents to praise his name. By giving Triton this characterization, Ariel is immediately given a rich and sympathetic background before she even swims onto the stage. Sebastian tumbles out and informs Ariel of what she already knows: her father would be furious if he found out about the museum.
We zip up to the surface for Ariel to see Prince Eric and for some character establishing shots. Triton calls Sebastian into his throne room and interrogates Sebastian while cheerily pointing his weaponized triton at the little crab. Ariel can either go home and be a good mermaid and play with her hair and go to voice rehearsal and marry a merman who will never share her interests or understand her and she can live and die frustrated and unfulfilled.
After the exciting showdown scene, Eric recovers slowly on the shore while Ariel watches from her rock.
As a final link, here is a picture of Disney Princesses dressed as the villains in their movies.
Tags: Ana Mardoll, Body Image, Disney, Disney Princess, Guest Writers, Musicals, Patriarchy, Racism, The Little Mermaid, Theme Month, Women and Gender in MusicalsBookmark the permalink. Ironically the strong woman points were not from the 80s movie, they’re from the original story. The Japanese animation of it (Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid), released in 1975, is much closer to the original.
The core story is great, and yes involves a lot of female strongness, and overcoming racism, but Disney turned it a bit trite, and lost much of the origional message. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie.
Te binedispune prin umorul de situa?ie, muzica a-la Elvis interpretata de Val Kilmer (ce tinerel ?i tras prin inel era!!) ?i presta?ia celorlal?i. It was created in 1989, and has been specially beloved by many children in general and by myself in particular since then. Ariel is a headstrong young woman who wants knowledge and growth and her own voice, but these things are being systematically denied to her. Ariel wants to learn about cultures and peoples and practices and histories different from her own, but she lives in a world that holds even third-hand study of such things to be utterly forbidden because the power structure believes that the populace is safer if they are steeped in fear and ignorance.
Well, there are three ships in the movie, and they all look pretty much the same to me, so I’m going to assume that Prince Eric has a fleet of all-purpose boats and this is one of them. I can’t imagine why a young woman might think she had better uses of her time than to be a public ornament to her father, nor why she might refuse to come to rehearsals (as Sebastian tells us).

In another movie, or in a book, there would be more time spent on just how incredibly subversive Ariel is being and has been, for literally years and years. On the one hand, she’s a fat woman and a villain in a movie that has problematic body portrayals. Ursula struts realistically around her cave and gods but those breasts and butt are there and they move.
Which makes so much sense, really, that his racial hatred of humans extends so far that he would deny his subjects the ability to even study them, if only to come up with more effective ways of avoiding the humans, because studying leads to understanding and understanding leads to compassion and compassion doesn’t mesh well with racial hatred.
They could have had Ariel and Eric catch a glimpse of one another and fall in love that way. Ariel washes up on Prince Eric’s beach and is taken for a traumatized survivor of a shipwreck, which seems plausible enough. I was going to say that this was one of the only animated feature film songs that features a foreign language, but then I remembered the Charo song in Thumbelina, which is also heavy on cultural stereotypes.
And then he lets her drive the carriage and she loves it and clears an oddly-placed death-defying jump and once the panic passes, Eric settles back like this is the good life and Ariel is clearly having a ball.
Triton and Sebastian watch from further out, with Triton realizing that she really does love him and that this hasn’t all been About Him and her special butterfly rebellion. And it’s a movie where a brave young woman defied the racist and xenophobic laws of her homeland in order to create a greater understanding between two cultures and almost single-handedly engineer a peace between both kingdoms. And contains more bareness, as in the mermaids don’t wear makeshift bras (because really, what sense does that make? My friend claims that I have a cornpone sense of humor, because of my origins deep in central Illinois. I must have watched the movie eighty squintillion times as a child; it was one of the few videos I loved enough to manage to convince my parents to buy, and I watched it until the video literally broke from use.
Oh, the fishermen are fishing, but this is really the only work you’re going to see in this movie outside of a quick shot of laundry-washing and some cooking.
And when her father realizes that Ariel has failed to show up for the concert, his eyes literally turn red with rage. He then tosses a tone argument at Ariel, which effectively cuts off not only what she was going to say but also punishes her for reacting realistically and legitimately to his bullying.
Ariel could have been singing in a quiet grotto and Eric could have been drawn to the sound and seen her for a split moment before she disappeared. And here is a big ol’ world-building mess because apparently the fish neither work nor eat, and they all live off of plankton delivered to their doorstep every morning by magic.
Sebastian breaks down and tells Triton about Ariel’s museum, and Triton shows up and brutally destroys it all while she weeps and begs him to stop. And while I’m not 100% sure I like Grim pressing Eric to woo the traumatized survivor of a shipwreck rather than, say, provide for her education and psychological care and place her in the best possible position to choose how she wants to live the rest of her life, I do love that Eric is shown as being highly reluctant to treat Ariel with anything less than courtesy and respect. And she did all this while she was sixteen, as a young woman in an abusive family where she was only valued for her ornamental status.
She blogs on a near daily basis from an undisclosed location in the wild, untamed, and astonishingly dusty Texas wilderness. But I like The Little Mermaid and I think it’s compatible with valuable feminist messages. A privileged man who doesn’t react to a pretty half-naked woman washing up on his beach like Christmas has come early? She held on to her inner essential self and managed to forge her own path without ever once beating herself up for the abusive things that others did to her.
Her photo-realistic avatars are a gift from best friend and invaluable writing buddy, J.D. Are you going to talk about it in terms of feminist and gender theory, or ALSO in terms of race and culture?
As a Gemini, however, I contain multitudes, and I also have a highly sophisticated, sharply intellectual sense of humor.

I think you can figure that out right away, in the opening sequence, which is devoted to the sport of "skeet surfin" and has beach boys on surfboards firing at clay targets. I have never been able to watch the movie without sobbing straight through from opening titles to end credits.
Certainly, it was my first introduction into a feminist narrative and I have always considered the problematic romance storyline to be camouflage for the real story.
When Triton is alone and when no one is looking, his face softens, his expression is sad, and he sighs and weeps for the decaying relationship he has with his daughter. She wants to understand the humans, and to study the things they do and the items they create.
And this is the moment where everything is unspoken, but for me it seems like they’re saying yeah, this whole Patriarchy thing is garbage and we were wrong. Instead of a plot, it has a funny young actor named Val Kilmer as the hero, a 1950s-style American rock 'n' roller who is sent on a concert tour behind the Iron Curtain, and manages to reduce East Germany to a shambles while never missing a word of "Tutti Frutti" (he never even stumbles during a wop-bop-a-loo-bop, a lop-bam-boom).The movie is physical humor, sight gags, puns, double meanings, satire, weird choreography, scatalogical outrages, and inanity. Este o cursa contra cronometru in care Nick se aliaza cu Hillary Flammond (Lucy Gutterridge) si pornesc impreuna in cautarea tatalui ei inainte ca el sa finalizeze cea mai periculoasa arma - Polaris Mine. Because nude fat stomachs are obscene and ugly, but thin fat stomachs are normalized and pretty! They had her proactively search the burning wreckage of a ship, and drag an unconscious man to safety on the shore.
The bit with Triton building himself into a rage — “One less human to worry about! I do not like the Mandatory Marriage at the ends of these movies, or the implication that it’s not a Happy Ending without one. So if Ursula takes off the stomach cover, all the mermaids have to take off the makeshift bras. That's why I liked "Top Secret!" This movie will cheerfully go for a laugh wherever one is even remotely likely to be found. One particular sequence, however, is such an original example of specifically cinematic humor that I'd like to discuss it at length. And I like the Mandatory Marriage even less when it happens to two teenagers (or one teenager and one guy in his early twenties) who’ve known each other only over the course of a few adrenaline-packed and hormone-driven days.
I think they were also trying to convey that she is selfish (and so eats more than her fair share?).
One, in 1989, being saved from death by a woman didn’t emasculate you forever in the eyes of the (probably) male screenwriters. It makes fun of two completely different Hollywood genres: the spy movie and the Elvis Presley musical. Two, in 1989, saving a handsome man from drowning was considered an acceptable female fantasy with all the strength, verve, and determination that accompanies that. It contains a political refugee who fled America by balloon during the Carter administration, a member of the French underground named Escargot, and Omar Sharif inside a compacted automobile. The scene depends for its inspiration on this observation: People who run tape recorders backward often say that English, played backward, sounds like Swedish (especially, of course, to people who do not speak Swedish).
What "Top Secret!" does is to film an entire scene and play it backward, so that the dialogue sounds Swedish, and then translate it into English subtitles. This is funny enough at the beginning, but it becomes inspired at the end, when the scene finally gives itself away.There are other wonderful moments. The dance sequence in the East Berlin nightclub develops into something Groucho Marx would have been proud of. And how the ballerina makes her exit in Swan Lake will, I feel confident, be discussed for years wherever codpieces are sold.

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