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Anxiety can be hard to shake if you’re used to having it around, or if it seems like the problem is too big to take care of.
Like most people who suffer from anxiety your mind boils over with over-analyzing situations. If you’re going through a tough time it always helps a little if you cut out really sad or intense movies. This will not only be one less thing for you to worry about, but it will also help keep your head clear. If you want to keep it chill, listening to new age music, white noise and nature sounds works as a natural anxiety relief. But with guided meditation it helped my mind quiet, my body relax and get into the hang of the power of positive thinking. Hit the gym, anything from 30 minutes on a treadmill or taking a spinning class can help tire our body and mind out.
By drinking plenty of water it can help ease the physical side effects caused by anxiety such as migraines and hyperventilation. Plenty of people who suffer from anxiety believe that it is apart of their personality, they have been like this and always will be.

Anxiety doesn’t just happen when a bad situations arises, it can happen out of nowhere. What do you do in these situation? Breathe. Just take massive breathes in, until your lungs are filled. Cutting down on caffeine is one of those little, but extremely effective ways of overcoming anxiety. Just an hour of walking can benefit our minds greatly, giving us room to breathe and getting out of our routine.
They can give advice, assure you it’s not as bad as you think and most of all, they will be there for you. It’s time to get in the swing of the power of positive thinking and start benefiting your mind!
We here at Meditation Relax Club have put together ’15 Ways to Ease Your Anxiety’ so you can begin your road to inner peace and happiness today! Whenever I feel my head is overwhelmed with thoughts I like to chill out by getting my mindfulness colouring book and watercolours. You’re emotions are running high and being subjected to depressing topics may have an unconscious effect on your mood.

Listen to music which reminds you of great memories, makes you feel good and hopeful for the future. When I first began meditating my biggest struggle was keeping my thoughts quiet, which anyone suffering from anxiety can understand.
Put it this way our brain is working extra hard to keep up with out racing thoughts, so it needs a little boost.
On the commute home from work, during lunch with friends and even while watching TV at home.
We can forget to workout, or won’t make it a priority because in our minds we are preoccupied with our thoughts. But by building up your mental strength, acknowledging what makes you anxious and knowing the preventative measures which stop you from getting into a bad mindset you will overcome anxiety again and again.

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