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Mad ScrambleSeason 1 Episode 10Desperation drives Evelyn to solicit the help of a psychic in locating her daughter when attempts by the police fail. Sudden DeathSeason 1 Episode 9The Mustangs are held hostage in the locker room by the disturbed Donald. Reality CheckSeason 1 Episode 8The Mustangs' world is turned upside down when Damon seriously injures another player on the ice. The CodeSeason 1 Episode 7With the team on the road, all hell breaks loose when Trevor goes wild with the puckbunnies. Trades and RumorsSeason 1 Episode 6Connie fears she may lose Gabe when a new coach is hired and rumours of a trade run rampant.
Double OvertimeSeason 1 Episode 5Trevor's life gets complicated when his agent hires the groomers and stylists to give him a makeover and the scheming Molly strikes up a friendship with Trevor's girlfriend Tabbi.

Two for InterferenceSeason 1 Episode 4Damon sets up a rookie initiation with his Mustang teammates for Trevor. Cover Your ManSeason 1 Episode 3Tabbi comes into town and disrupts the relationship between Trevor and Molly. Trevor becomes acquainted with Molly McBride; Damon's rape charge impacts Connie and Gabe's relationship.
Game OnSeason 1 Episode 1The Mustangs' star centre suddenly dies they acquire the league's number one draft pick Trevor Lemonde.
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We are heartbroken that after just over seven glorious years it is time for us to hang up our TV guide hat. His ransom demand is to play for the Mustangs or Molly will die.The Mustangs are held hostage in the locker room by the disturbed Donald. We are eternally grateful to everyone who had supported the site over the years, from vendors, content editors and developers, to our fantastic users — you made our passion a reality.

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