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If you are seeking a marriage name change or divorce name change, and you already have a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or official name change court order, then you have completed step 1. If you are changing your name, or a minor’s name, for reasons other than marriage or divorce, and you do not already have an official name change document, you must start with step 1, Legal Name Change. Legal name change, as the phrase implies, is the process of actually changing one’s legal name. NewLastName provides the rules, information, and petitions for New York’s Legal Name Change process here. (the Site) is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund's Name Change Project provides legal name change services to transgender New York City residents through partnerships with some of New York City's most prestigious law firms. For many transgender people, a legal name change is an important step toward conforming their legal identities to their lived experience. But securing a legal name change can be a challenging experience, involving interaction with the court system and judges that is foreign to many people. In the three years since it was founded, the Name Change Project has helped almost 600 people.

In addition to an initial training, TLDEF provides ongoing support to all attorneys participating in the project. We position CHANGE as the cornerstone of transformation and a strategic element of your initiative. Direct Benefit: By enlisting the company’s executives as corporate sponsors, we build ownership for the initiative and effectively engage, transition, and commit the workforce to a changing work environment. In the case of a marriage or divorce, this is accomplished by obtaining a marriage license or divorce decree which clearly states the previous name and the new name. A person must then inform a number of important organizations and agencies of the name change in order to make it official. A lack of appropriate identity documents can deter people from applying for jobs, school, and public benefits, and can lead to discrimination. By providing people with adequate legal representation, we ensure that clients can successfully complete the process and move forward with their lives.
But we're only able to do it with the help of our committed law firm partners and the pro bono legal services they provide.
It's a great way to get client contact and courtroom experience while helping someone in need.

That is, a person must update his or her new name with the Social Security Agency, DMV, Passport Agency, etc., not to mention his or her employer, banks, insurance providers and other professional and personal affiliations.
Participating attorneys must be admitted to the bar or have a supervisor at the firm who is admitted. Thus people in these situations can typically jump to the second step of the name change process: Name Change Notification. This process can be tedious as it requires the filing of several forms and updating ones name with numerous organizations. However, for those people who change their names for reasons other than marriage and divorce, and there are many people who do so for a wide variety of reasons, they must first obtain a legal name change from the court. Typically, a person must petition a court in their state for a name change, and the court can then decide whether or not to grant it. The Site does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information displayed herein.

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