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All the important role players in the child custody system know how important it is for children to have their father’s involved in the lives. It is important to learn how to effectively co-parent because it will prevent children from being "Caught In The Middle" when parents get divorced.
In response to the question about how to get a name change in Texas, it is important to remember that it is a simple process if the correct procedure is followed and all requirements are met. In almost all other circumstances, a request for change of name must be made in a petition filed with the court and the court must sign an order granting the person a new name.
The first step in obtaining a name change is to file an Original Petition for Change of Name.
A legible and complete set of the petitioner’s fingerprints on a fingerprint card format acceptable to the Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
If you are requesting the name change of a child, Texas law requires that the Petition requesting the name change be served by a constable or process server on each parent of the child that has not had their parental rights terminated or any managing conservator or guardian of the child.
If the child is 10 years of age or older, the child’s written consent to the change of name must be attached to the petition.
After the Petition has been filed and properly served, if service is necessary, the Petitioner will have to schedule a time with the court’s coordinator to appear before the judge and have an Order signed by the judge.
After the Order for Change of Name has been signed by the court, several government agencies and organizations must be notified of the name change. Once the name change has been taking place, how do my attorney, and I, make sure that my social security benefits that would have been awarded to me under my old name be awarded to me under my new name? 603 North Goliad Street • Rockwall, Texas 75087 • 866-566-9529 • 972-772-6100 • Email UsSite managed by Databasil, Inc. A discussion on the political and economic correctness of naming the Houston soccer franchise Houston 1836 in honor of the founding of Houston on that date was discussed in a previous post on this forum.
No matter the final outcome of the naming of Houstons new soccer franchise, Houston 1836, at least the process has stimulated passion over Texas history regardless of ones view of it. The observation should be this: if YOU don't like the original Texans (read this Mexican-Americans), then YOU get YOUR little arse back to merry ole England, or whatever part of Europe you come from!
From Houston 1836 to Houston Dynamo?So they named the team after a generator consisting of a coil (the armature) that rotates between the poles of an electromagnet (the field magnet) causing a current to flow in the armature.But I would think that all the electrical enginners might be concerned of the possible misunderstanding of one of their fundamental terms! The street sign at the intersection of Texas and Louisiana does not include a "street" or "avenue" designation.

According to the city of Houston, Texas Avenue, one of the most traveled and historic streets in Houston, does not exist. While most name changes are completed in conjunction with a marriage or a divorce, this pamphlet will largely address obtaining a name change as a separate,  independent process. To permit a person to change their name, the court has certain requirements that must be met to insure that the  change is not sought to avoid legal trouble. The Petition must be filed with the district clerk of the county where the person requesting the name change, known as the Petitioner, resides.
Additionally, a Petition for the Change of Name of a Child requires different information than a Petition for an adult’s name change. Individual courts have differing policies on scheduling, so it is important to  contact the coordinator of the court where the case is assigned to determine when to appear in front of the judge. Among other offices, a person must notify the Social Security Agency and Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a new social security  card and driver’s license. Plus, how do my attorney, and I, make sure that they don’t overlap my information so someone will be able to see my new name? In a certain, sure way, Texas and the whole southwest is STILL a part of Mexico, rather you like it or not! When a name change is part of a marriage, the change is made when obtaining a marriage license.
If the name change is for a child, there are added requirements that the parents or conservators of the child must be served and the name change must be in the best interest of the child. Like the Petition, the Order for Change of Name that the judge will sign must contain certain information.
In addition to government agencies, credit card companies, banks, employers, insurance providers and other private organizations must be notified of the name change. According to Texas law, the Petition must be verified, meaning that the Petitioner must sign the Petition in the presence of a notary and swear that all of the information it contains is true.
The Order must not only contain the same information that is included in the Petition, but must also state that the name change is in the interest or to the benefit of the Petitioner and is in  the interest of the public. Each group has different requirements as to how this information will need to be updated, so it is important to contact the individual organization to determine how to proceed with recording the name change.
When the Petitioner presents the order to the court, he or she must also testify in open court as to each of the things listed in the order.

If proof of the name change is required, a name change certificate can be obtained from the district court clerk for a small fee.
The court must grant the name change if the Petitioner can show the court that he or she has not had a final felony conviction, is not required to register as a sex offender and that the change is in the interest or to the benefit of the Petitioner and in the interest of the public.
If a child’s name has been changed and the child has been the subject of a custody or child support order, the person that obtained the name change for the child must also send a copy of the Order for Change of Name to the Central Record File at the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Usually only sworn  testimony of the Petitioner in open court is required for the court to make these findings.
Finally, it is important to remember that a court ordered name change does not release a person or a child from liability incurred in that person’s previous name or  defeat any right the person or child had in the previous name. The Petitioner must also testify that the name change is not being requested for the purpose of evading creditors or liability. While a name change might be desired or necessary, the court will only allow a person to change his of her name for a legitimate reason.
If a Petitioner does have a final felony conviction, the court, at the judge’s discretion, may order the name change if the Petitioner has been pardoned, received a certificate of discharge by the pardons and paroles division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or has completed a period  of probation ordered by a court and not less than two years have passed from the date of the receipt of discharge or completion of probation.
Changing your legal name may not be a difficult process, but it is certainly a process that should be respected and carefully considered.
When the name change is requested for a child, the order must state and the Petitioner must show that the parents or other required persons have been served with the Petition for name change and that the required parties have agreed to the name change either by signing the order or  testifying in court.
If the matter is contested, the request for the name change must be set for a hearing with the court on a specific date and time and all necessary parties must be notified of the hearing.
In addition to proving to the court that the proper parties have been notified and agree to the order, the Petitioner must show to the court that the name change is in the best interest of the child.
The Order for Change of Name for a Child must include the same information as the Petition, a statement that the change is in the best interest of the child and signed agreement of the parents or other required persons if the name change is uncontested.
If the child is required to register as a  sex offender under Chapter 62, Code of Criminal Procedure, the person petitioning on behalf of the child must also show the court that the change is in the interest of the public and prove that the child has notified the appropriate local law enforcement authority of the proposed name change.

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