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The main point is that you actually start using your IMAGINATION and not just study the teachings from Neville.
Were it possible to carry conviction to another by means of reasoned arguments and detailed instances this book would be many times its size. It is seldom possible, however, to do so by means of written statements or arguments since to the suspended judgment it always seems plausible to say that the author was dishonest or deluded, and, therefore, his evidence was tainted.
Consequently, I have purposely omitted all arguments and testimonials, and simply challenge the open-minded reader to practice the law of consciousness as revealed in this book. When you study Neville Goddard ‘s own life path you will observe that he spent many decades proving the Law first. Personal success will prove far more convincing than all the books that could be written on the subject.
Michael, Barbados in the British West Indies.In his late teens he came to the USA to study drama and then pursued and active career, traveling the USA and Europe.
This was the book that started it all and from it he became one of the most famous metaphysical teachers of all time, lecturing all over the USA.

Neville went to hear him somewhat under protest to satisfy the constant urging of a friend, saying “I recall the first night I met Abdullah.
His father, a rumrunner in the days of prohibition, left him two million dollars, which he proceeded to lose on Wall Street the first year. The only wonderful thing he did was to take the last $15,000 and give it to a Catholic organization to care for his mother the rest of her earthly days. So, having no respect for his judgment, when he told me about Abdullah I postponed going to hear him until one day I could find no excuse. I have seen my friends change from moment to moment, but you remained changed during your entire lecture. Several years ago in a psychic experience, I was walking up a hill with other students to attend a class. Beckoning me to follow him, we approached a cave where I saw huge granite stone with a peak at the top. Removing the cocoon, the ancient Chinese broke it on the peak of the granite, and water, mixed with colorful oil, came out as life took on the sense of heat rising.
Then the ancient Chinese took my hand and led me back to the group, where they had not realized that I had been away.
When you have enough belief to put it to the test you will then prove it is true and strengthen your belief in your own powers of creation.

However I am sure there are some additional lectures out there in the hands of collectors or hidden away in some personal library. If you find any lectures out there in the ether, not on this list please email me a copy :-)FREE Original Neville Audio Lectures SelectionI have added a selection of original audio lectures to this site for FREE  download when you sign up. Even on a few of the older lectures the quality is very much better but obviously on the older lectures not up to current modern standards. These are simple things but the manifestation process is wonderful to experience when it happens so naturally.Counting Cash  (Taught to over 29,000 people)In this video I show you how to count cash in your mind and manifest it in your life. Over 100 Hours of Pure Neville To Download or Mailed To You On DVDThis link will take you to the  Neville Goddard Original Lectures Page where there are 128 full lectures containing over 100 hours of listeningI think you’re offering something really great by allowing people to access these incredible lectures for such a reasonable price.
I was taken down into Delta and was invited into the absolute and was asked to sit with God.

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