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Living Legacy Evolution for Creative Living and Giving includes developing products to bring insights, tools and collaborative experiences to support people on their journey.
In the first book we've created a fictional story that tells the tale of a family going through tough times, as many are today.
Part 2 details step by step how to use all 30 techniques in a variety of situations as you move up the Family Brain Gym Ladder of Developmental Success. Mindful Moves grew out of our recognition to include exercises for both physical and mental fitness. Plus, eduators and group leaders can join our Train-the-Tutor Training, which includes elements from both books within the wider context of successful learning for work, school and home.

Please get copies for yourself or people you know and love who want fun, easy ways to both put more in and get more out of their experiences at work, school and home. Donna Kim-Brand, Creative Energizer & Legacy StrategistIs Game Changer Thinking Shifty?Game Changer Thinking is all about shifting perspectives from which you take action to have the journey and claim the results you want. ErrorSorry!This page is currently unavailable while we undergo routine maintenance.We apologize for any inconvenience. A visit from Uncle Chip, a neuroscientist, introduces them to the tools and strategies of Family Brain Gym.
All are simple, yet bring mind-body stimulation for greater mental concentration, energizing or mindfulness and relaxation.

He also ably combines key elements of […]Martin Luther King- Greatness through ServiceMartin Luther King Day He continues to inspire us even today with his powerful words and living example of a life of greatness in the name of service to humanity.
You'd KNOW you possessed inherent value- that in fact you were a precious,  priceless treasure. From this foundation of self-belief, […]Focus on ConcentrationFocus on concentration?

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